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KCCA to setup traffic control Centre

By Andrew Ssenyonga

Added 19th January 2017 08:00 PM

This Centre will integrate the new traffic-light network at the 33 junctions proposed for reconstruction

KCCA to setup traffic control Centre

This Centre will integrate the new traffic-light network at the 33 junctions proposed for reconstruction

To improve traffic flow in the city, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has started the construction of a traffic control Centre at the authority.

The Centre will feature the most advanced urban-traffic ICT systems.

This was revealed by the KCCA, Ag. Director Engineering and Technical service Justus Akankwasa in an interview on the status of infrastructural development in the city, at his office in Kampala.

Akankwasa disclosed that the move would enable the traffic flow in the city and the suburbs to be evaluated.

"This Centre will integrate the new traffic-light network at the 33 junctions proposed for reconstruction so as we can have a smooth traffic flow in the city," he explained.

He added that the junctions would have video cameras, optical sensors, electronic metering and a traffic meter that sends and receives information to and from the control Centre.

"This information allows the vehicle-density level to be monitored, determining the peaks and troughs in the day's traffic in order to regulate the traffic lights' green waves," he said.

Akankwasa said that the Centre will be manned by the KCCA traffic officials and the Uganda traffic police.

"The move will help reduce on the number of traffic officers on the roads who have been facing challenges on the roads including accidents," he said.

He noted that the works are part of the second phase Kampala Institutional and Infrastructural Development Project II (KIIDP II) that seeks to enhance the infrastructural and institutional capacity of the city.
raffic jamTraffic jam

According to the project coordinator KIIDP II, Charles Tumwebaze, said installation of upgraded traffic signals has begun and KCCA expects to complete it within two years.

"Upgrading of the traffic signal-controlled junctions will start with Fairway, Nakawa- Ntinda, Wandegeya and Nateete," he explained.

Peter Kaujju, the authority's spokesperson, in a statement, said the junction improvement/upgrade process is intended to provide modern traffic control equipment which will ensure safety of pedestrians as they cross the road.

 As KCCA is upgrading the traffic signal controlled junctions, it is also removing the old traffic lights.

Kaujju said they are planning to install modern traffic signals at 33 junctions.

"We have started with four roads because they do not need rehabilitation. The Fairway junction is part of them. Before we install the traffic signals on others roads, we shall have to first renovate them," he explained.

He noted that the new equipment will provide enough time for the vehicle movements. 

"Vehicles coming to the city Centre will get more time in the morning and those leaving the city in the evening will get more time through the junctions. This will help reduce traffic jams," Kaujju added.  

Part of the money from the World Bank is used to run the project. Recently, World Bank injected $175m in the second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project, (KIIDPII).

KIIDPII, the five-year World Bank project, aims at improving urban mobility for inclusive economic growth, by supporting activities aimed at improving the provision of critical services to the city in the five priority areas, which were critical for public confidence.

The project contributes to the economic and commercial development of the city, including drainage system improvement, road maintenance and upgrading, traffic management and solid waste management.

KCCA, in partnership with the Uganda Police are directly managing traffic by use of traffic wardens at these junctions during this upgrade phase.

"Once KCCA installs modernized traffic signal controlled junctions, Government shall stop deploying Policemen at these junctions," a source said.

Kaujju said, it was important that both vehicular traffic and pedestrians cross the affected junctions with extreme caution.

"When completed, these junctions will be safer for all road users .We ask you to bear with this short-lived inconvenience as we continue to transform the city," Kaujju said.
The 33 junctions include;

Nsambya Rd / Hanlon Rd Junction
Namasoole Rd / Busabaala Rd / Salaama Rd / Mobutu Rd Junctions
Bombo Road/ Tula Road (Kawempe Junction)
Bombo Road/ Kawala Road (Kawempe Junction)
Lugogo Bypass/ Upper Kololo Terrace
Gaba Road/ Muyenga Road Junction
Gaba Road/ Nsambya Estate Road Junction
Albert Cook Road/ Kisingiri Road Junction
Canon Apollo Kivebulaya Road/ Albert Cook Road Junction
Canon Apollo Kivebulaya Road/ Rubaga Road/ Nabunya Road Junction
Ndeeba Junction (Masaka Road/ Weraga Road)
Kabuusu Junction (Masaka Road/ Wankulukuku Road Junction)
Naguru Road/ Lugogo Bypass Junction
Kabega Road/ Hanlon Road Junction
Gogonya Road/ Kabega Road Junction
Gogonya Road/ Nsambya Estate Road Junction

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