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Why you should dance

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A regular dance will help to keep your mind active as well as your body.

Why you should dance

A regular dance will help to keep your mind active as well as your body.

A Burundian dancing cultural group at KCCA's World Aids Day commemoration. Courtesy Photo

Dancing is a great way to build physical & mental activity into our lives; evidence shows that having an inactive lifestyle has a negative impact on our health.

Dancing and health

Moving to music stimulates the senses - sight, sound and touch - it's great fun and it's good for our bodies and minds.  Dancing will improve the condition of the heart and lungs, as well as test our balance.

Good for every body

The British Heart Foundation agrees that dancing is a great way to stay in shape.  Regular dancing will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cancer. And you'll enjoy yourself so much you'll forget you're exercising!

Dance away the fat

Regular dancing will also help keep you trim.  As you shimmy across the floor, you'll be burning calories: in just a half-hour dance lesson, an average 60kg person will burn at least 99 calories.


Good for your bones and joints

Dancing helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis because the steps put a strain on your bones, helping them to stay strong and dense. The denser your bones are, the longer your bones will remain strong.

Keeps you moving

Other skills you'll develop as you learn to glide across the dance floor - poise and grace - encourage coordination, balance and muscle strength.

Good for your mind

A regular dance will help to keep your mind active as well as your body. Exercise improves circulation and helps prevent oxygen starvation to the brain, and remembering complex steps stimulates the working memory. 

Social dancing helps improve Alzheimer's

A study published in the New England Journal showed that regularly engaging in social dancing lowered the risk of dementia by a staggering 76% - Dancing showed the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied.

Builds friendship

There's another good reason why dance benefits the brain - social life.

Lifts your mood

Many dance forms are wonderfully relaxing. You can let your mind wander as you trip the light fantastic. Depending on the style you choose, a dance class can be a pleasant trip down memory lane, or a stimulating voyage into new musical realms.

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