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Kampala meat unsafe, says KCCA

By Moses Walubiri

Added 15th December 2016 01:59 PM

“It's not possible that meat from a dirty place is fit for human consumption."

Kampala meat unsafe, says KCCA

“It's not possible that meat from a dirty place is fit for human consumption."

The effects of raging wrangles over the management of City Abattoir, the biggest animal slaughter house in Kampala, might be felt by consumers of beef in the city and its environs after revelations earlier today that the abattoir is operating in "very unhygienic conditions."

The wrangles, lawmakers sitting on the presidential affairs committee of parliament heard, have made it impossible for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) health inspectors to inspect and impose minimum hygiene standards for an abattoir.

"'The abattoir operates in grossly unhygienic state, due to the non-supervision by our public health/sanitation officers," Benny Bugembe, the state minister for KKCA told MPs.

Bugembe who is also the Mubende district woman MP was at parliament together with a section of KCCA's top brass to answer queries pertaining to the wrangles at City Abattoir which have seen city authorities fail to collect taxes from the slaughter house since 2011.

Attempts by KCCA chief veterinarian, Dr. Emiliano Ahimbisibwe to convice lawmakers that despite the place being unhygienic, the beef from City Abattoir is fit for human consumption came to naught as riled MPs accused him of taking them for granted.

"It's not possible that meat from a dirty place is fit for human consumption simply because your inspectors have certified it. It's contaminated already," committee chairperson and Amuria district woman MP, Susan Ameru said.

Ahimbisibwe had earlier told MPs that the butchers at City Abbatoir allow KCCA inspectors to certify their beef because without doing so, their beef will not be allowed into the market.

But the same butchers and traders at City Abattoir, MPS heard; do not allow health inspectors at the premises to impose minimum hygienic standards because, according to Bugembe, "they are regarded as intruders."

The abattoir has since 2001  been at the center of management wrangle pitting butchers under their umbrella body - City Traders Development Association (CATDA) and property mogul, Hassan Basajjabalaba.

This followed a decision by KCCA's predecessor - Kampala City Council (KCC) to issue a 49-year lease to Basajjabalaba which has since resulted into court battles after the latter subleased the abattoir to a private developer.

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