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Teso parents cautioned against polygamy

By Emmanuel Opio

Added 30th September 2016 02:22 PM

Polygamy has been linked to the increase of street children

Polygamy has been linked to the increase of street children

Increasing cases of polygamy in Teso sub region are a leading cause for the rise in the number of street children in Soroti Municipality, authorities there have revealed.

This follows claims that many of the street children in Soroti Municipality come from polygamous families.

Paul Omer, the Soroti municipal mayor said that many of the children when asked why they are on streets, they say they come from polygamous families where they face problems of torture and poor parental care.

Omer explained that street children on the streets of Soroti come from the neighbouring districts of Amuria, Katakwi, kaberamaido and the Karamoja sub region where their parents fail to take care of them as they are extended families.

"Why should someone own more than one wife or husband and produces the number of children which he cannot take care of, people have to reason to derail abuse of children's rights of protection and parental care by producing a planned number of children" Omer said.

He urged the people across districts of Teso and Karamoja to desist from indulging in polygamy in order to reduce the increasing number of street children.

Omer commends that parents embrace family planning methods to avert the problem.

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