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Soroti lock-up developers threaten to replace their chairman

By Alexander Okori

Added 21st September 2016 06:23 PM

Stephen Ikodet is accused of preferring street meetings to normal meetings

Stephen Ikodet is accused of preferring street meetings to normal meetings

Members Soroti Bus Park Locks-Up Developers Association have threatened to replace their executive committee chairperson Stephen Ikodet for dodging meetings.

Ikodet was elected committee chair in 2012 when Soroti Municipal Council came up with the initiative of giving bus park locks to serious developers.

It all started after he and seven of his committee members yesterday failed to show up in a meeting between the developers and municipal officials.

Out of the nine committee members, only Angela Odeke the vice chairperson attended the meeting. 

The meeting held at Municipal Hall and by the municipal town clerk Emmanuel Banya Natal was meant to discuss the way forward on how to develop the lock-ups.

They accused Ikodet of incompetence and alleged failure to conduct business as laid out in their work plan.

Beatrice Okot Oder who couldn't hide her disappointment said it was odd for the chairperson to abscond such a very important meeting.

"It's not the first time the chairperson is absent from the meeting" she added.

Julius Elwelu accused Ikodet of preferring a street meeting with a few members of the association to normal meetings.

Another complainant John Oringo claimed that Ikodet favours some members on the committee, which she said was unfair.

Angela Odeke the committee vice chairperson's attempt to defend her boss fell flat as the members shifted their anger on him.

She claimed that the committee was moving as per the work plan saying that what has delayed the development of locks by the owners is failure by the municipal council to unveil the structural design and pegging the lock ups.

The members suggested an internal committee meeting where the fate of the chairperson is to be decided on.

Banya Natal the municipal town clerk accepted the advice of developers and agreed to suspend the meeting to 27th September but insisted they have to ensure that the chairperson and his committee members attend the meeting.

However, Ikodet told New Vision on phone after the meeting that he did not receive any communication from the municipal council about the meeting.

He said the issue of changing members of the executive won't help expedite the development of lock ups but the municipal authorities have to sort out pending issues such as clearing the park, and pegging the lock ups.

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