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Companies tipped on partnerships to boost digital impact

By Samuel Sanya

Added 1st September 2016 01:55 PM

"We need to create new things and a make a difference in Uganda and Africa."

Companies tipped on partnerships to boost digital impact

A cross-section of award winners pose for a group photo. (Credit: Samuel Sanya)

"We need to create new things and a make a difference in Uganda and Africa."

Digitization is fundamentally altering the way companies operate by placing fresh demands on organizational strategy due to increased customer expectations.

Last week, 43 companies and individuals in Africa and Uganda were awarded for their use of digital methods to positively impact society and improve their company's fortunes as the Digital Impact Awards were held at the Serena Hotel.   

Data by Nielsen Online shows that the number of people shopping online across the globe has skyrocketed from 10% to 85% in two years to 2012.

A team from MTN receives 1 of the 3 digital impact awards the company received on the night. (Credit: Samuel Sanya)

Innocent Kawooya, the Digital Impact Awards CEO, noted in his speech that the digital environment makes it possible for companies to create new products quickly and to reach a wide range of customers.
"Today, everyone is online using mobile money. We need to create new things and a make a difference in Uganda and Africa. There is need for more digital publishers. Let us think of highly secure forms of financial services," Kawooya said.
Dr. Nick Hughes, one of the Pioneers of the world's most successful financial services, M-PESA said via video link that companies that are digital winners are those that are thinking broadly about whom to collaborate with.
"Partnerships are key to making the most of digital innovations.  In some cases, that may include collaborating with firms that would have been considered competitors," he said.  
Standard Chartered Bank is the Best Digital Bank for Africa , Centenary Bank is the best on social media and Stanbic bank is the best corporate website. DSTV is the best pay Tv service for Africa while Airtel Weza is the Best Financial Inclusion Initiative and KCCA is the best government agency on social media.
MTN Uganda scooped three Awards as the Best Mobile Financial Service, MyMTN was recognized as the Best Mobile App of the Year while MTN was itself named the Digital Brand of the year.

A team from National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) receives their digital impact award for best digital customer service. (Credit: Samuel Sanya)

Medal of Honor
Africa's Financial Inclusion Medal of Honor
1.    Mr. Michael Joseph
2.    Dr. Nick Hughes
3.    Ms. Susie Lonie
Africa's Digital Inclusion Medal of Honor: Mr. Ren Zhengfei

AWARD of Excellence
1.    Digital Brand of the year - MTN
2.    Best Digital Bank for Africa - Standard Chartered Bank
3.    Best Mobile Financial Service for Africa - Safaricom/Vodafone M-Pesa
4.    Best Mobile Financial Service Platform for Africa - Mahindra Comviva Mobiquity
5.    Best Digital Remittances Service for Africa - Money Gram
6.    Best Digital Payments Service For Africa - Payway
7.    Best Cybersecurity Practice by Bank in Africa - First National Bank
8.    Best Smartphone Brand for Africa - Huawei
9.    Best Mobile App Innovation for Africa - My Vodacom App
10. Best E-Commerce Service for Africa - Jumia
11. Best Connectivity Initiative for Africa - Google Project Link (Wi-Fi with Roke Telecom)
12. Best Pay TV Service for Africa - DSTV
13. Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Africa - Coke Studio Africa

1.    Transformative Mobile Banking Platform for Africa - RedCloud One Platform
2.    Interoperable Digital Payment Enablement for Africa - InterSwitch

AWARD of Excellence
1.    Best Brand on Social Media - Centenary Bank
2.    Best Corporate Website - Stanbic Bank - Uganda
3.    Best Cybersecurity Practice by Corporate - Standard Chartered Bank
4.    Best Digital Customer Service - NWSC
5.    Best E-Service - Umeme (E-Pay Yaka and Mobile App)
6.    Best Financial Inclusion Initiative - Airtel Weza
7.    Best Government Agency on Social Media - KCCA
8.    Best Mobile App - MyMTN App
9.    Best Mobile Banking - Centenary Bank
10. Best Mobile Financial Service - MTN Mobile Money
11. Best Online Banking - Standard Chartered Bank
12. Most Promising Social Media Embrace - Stanbic Bank

Certificate of Commendation
1.    Use of Digital for Travel - Modern Coast Express
2.    Use of Digital for Engineering & Manufacturing - Movit Products Limited
3.    Use of Digital for Foods & Beverage - Hariss International (Riham, Rockboom)
4.    Use of Digital for Energy - Total Uganda Limited
5.    Use of Digital for Agriculture & Agro Processing - Jesa Farm Dairy Limited
6.    Use of Digital for Insurance - UAP
7.    Use of Digital for Healthcare - Vine Pharmaceuticals Ltd
8.    Use of Digital for Real Estate & Construction - National Housing and Construction Company
9.    Use of Digital for Retail & Distribution - Footsteps Furniture
10. Use of Digital for Hospitality - Kampala Serena Hotel
11. Use of Digital for Technology - Yo Dime
12. Use of Digital for Education - UTAMU
13. Use of Digital for Tourism - Great Lakes Safari Limited
14. Use of Digital for Finance and Credit - Mercantile Credit Bank
15. Cybersecurity Practice by Government Institution - Bank of Uganda
16. Championing Digital in Creative Arts Industry - Mr. Moses Ssali

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