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Uganda vs Kenya player ratings

By James Bakama

Added 31st August 2016 09:07 AM

Khalid Aucho matched midfield powerhouse Victor Wanyama

Uganda vs Kenya player ratings

Khalid Aucho matched midfield powerhouse Victor Wanyama

Uganda played to a goalless draw with Kenya in a build-up friendly to Sunday's encounter against Comoros. Below are ratings of the respective Cranes players in Tuesday's match. 

Salim Jamal 6

He showed some good instinct. This was evident with a late save. But organizationally, he still has a lot to do. On many occasions in the second half his backline was in disarray. Denis Onyango wouldn't have allowed that.

Nicholas Wadada 6

He was stable in defence. His signature overlaps were however missing. Kenya would have definitely been in trouble if the Vipers fullback had deployed

Godfrey Walusimbi 5

He did fulfil some of his defensive roles. More was however expected from him. His forward play was particularly lacking.

Joseph Ochaya 7

He came on for Walusimbi and did a good job. He not only kept witty Danson Kago at bay, but was also very effective in attack. His passes and crosses had the visitors on the back foot for most of the second half.

Murshid Juuko 5

He was stable in the first half but seemed to lose concentration in the second period. This seemed largely a result of his new partnership with Hassan Wasswa. He definitely needs Isaac Isinde if the heart of that backline is to stabilize.

Hassan Wasswa 5

He was at ease at defensive midfield. Trouble however started the moment he was switched to the heart of the defensive. He had game reading lapses and was on many occasions unnecessarily too physical. Had come up against more serious strikers, Uganda would have been severely punished.

Isaac Isinde 8

He is the brain that holds Uganda's back four together. No wonder there was stability when he was at the heart of the defense. His game reading, timing and organizational abilities were well above average.

Moses Oloya 6

There were flashes of his dribbles. More is however expected from him as a seasoned attacker.

Edrisa Lubega 7

His second half runs deep into the opponents half definitely tensed up Harambee Stars. But as a striker, he definitely has to learn how to follow up these runs with more shots at goal.

Khalid Aucho 8

He had a good day. For starters, he put up a good fight against Tottenhan Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama in the first half. He did this while not only also blocking opponents' attacks but also initiating raids.

Geoffrey Massa 6

He certainly wasn't at his best in the 45 minutes he was captain. It probably had a lot to do with the general mood in the first half as both sides approached the game in a true friendly mood.

Geoffrey Sserunkuma 5

He was supposed to light up the attack but failed. It was hard to tell that this was one of Azam Premier League's top strikers.

Yunus Ssentamu 5

He is yet to regain the strikers' instincts that once had him as a hot cake.

Emma Okwi 5

He was a shadow of the striker who was once rated as one of East Africa's best. He lacked killer instinct in front of goal and on some occasions even resorted to fouling.

Tony Mawejje 7

He came on in the second half and added a punch in Cranes attack. His midfield play still stands out with a good work rate. He not only won balls but also initiated attacks in a midfield where he also had to keep Wanyama in check.

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