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Makerere outsources issuance of admission forms

By Agnes Nantambi

Added 2nd August 2016 04:37 PM

The non-teaching staffs started their sit-down strike on Monday, demanding payment of sh28.5bn arrears from government.

Makerere outsources issuance of admission forms

Incoming Makerere University students stranded at the Senate building. Photo by Tony Rujuta

The non-teaching staffs started their sit-down strike on Monday, demanding payment of sh28.5bn arrears from government.

Makerere University has hired outsiders to begin issuing admission letters to stranded students seeking for admission, the university vice chancellor Prof Ddumba Sentambu has revealed.

Currently several students are still stuck at the University's senate building awaiting admission letters and the final decision from the administrators on who is to issue them out, since the beginning of the semester is due for Saturday this week.

However Ddumba has assured the students that before the close of Tuesday, the admission letters will be issued to them from the main building and not the senate building.

"We have finalized preparations to make sure that the admissions are issued out to students. We have hired outsiders who are going to help us do this" he said.

He said that they are hoping to receive the final answer on Thursday from the ministry of education following the meeting which was held on Monday by all the vice chancellors of all the universities.

"We held a meeting of all vice chancellors yesterday and we agreed to write a letter to the minister of education seeking for implementation of the presidential pledge on non-teaching staffs and we are awaiting the final decision by Thursday this week, "said.

He however expressed fear that if this issue is not addressed before Saturday when the first semester begins, the university is headed for a catastrophe. 



"Many students are coming here from all other universities and we are now worried if the semester begins without clearing everything, we are likely to suffer a lot" he said.

But according to the secretary general of the National Union of Educational Institutions, John Okello, hiring of external people to issue out admission letters must be investigated saying the university cannot fail to pay the non-teaching staffs and get money to hire outsiders.

"Let them hire outsiders but let them know that in case of any mistake the non-teaching staffs are not responsible. Those people must be investigated and show where they are getting the money to pay the outsiders" he said.

Prof Tanga Odoi the chairman convocation called for immediate negotiation between the non-teaching staff and the university saying this not only affects the students but also affects the university at large.

akerere niversity vice chancellor ohn dumba sentamu pictured outside his office hoto by ony ujuta Makerere University vice chancellor John Ddumba Ssentamu pictured outside his office. Photo by Tony Rujuta


rof dumba sentamu and rof anga doi the chairman of the akerere niversity onvocation during a meeting hoto by ony ujuta Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu and Prof. Tanga Odoi the chairman of the Makerere University Convocation during a meeting. Photo by Tony Rujuta


"This business of changing the university calendar all the time must end; we need things to move systematically, these people have a concern and their issues must be listened to and addressed, "he said.

The non-teaching staffs started their sit-down strike on Monday, demanding payment of sh28.5bn arrears for the financial year 2015/16 from government on top of sh28.5bn enhancement for this financial year.

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