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Police shuffle: Mugenyi, Yiga, Isabirye transferred

By Simon Masaba

Added 29th June 2016 05:41 PM

Yiga is tasked with ensuring that the culture of professionalism takes root in the police force.

Police shuffle: Mugenyi, Yiga, Isabirye transferred

Yiga is tasked with ensuring that the culture of professionalism takes root in the police force.

PIC:  AIGP Fred Yiga (right) pictured here talking to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura at a police ratification campaign launch recently, is one of the three that have been transferred. (Credit: Meddie Musisi)

Hardly a week after 13 detectives were shuffled, the Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura on Wednesday moved three Assistant Inspector Generals of Police (AIGPs) in a new shake-up.

AIGP Asuman Mugenyi, who was the Police Chief Political Commissar, has been moved to head operations in the force. He is charged with integrating all operational units in the police force and posts, among other duties.

AIGP Fred Yiga, who had recently returned from UN missions in South Sudan and Liberia, replaced Mugenyi as the new political commissar. He is tasked with ensuring that the culture of professionalism takes root in the force, and to fight indiscipline.

On Monday, Yiga admitted before the press that some police officers collude with criminal gangs such as the notorious Kifesi to carry out criminal activities in Kampala and other parts of the country.

He pledged Police's commitment to fight such indiscipline, saying over 100 officers were already under investigation.

AIGP Haruna Isabirye, who was the head of operations, has been transferred to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU). He becomes the first AIGP to head ASTU, which was recently made an independent unit.

Police deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye, said: "Transfers are normal and they take immediate effect from the time of their signing".

She said the latest transfers were aimed at ensuring that the rectification campaign which Kayihura launched at the police headquarters a fortnight ago is fulfilled.

The rectification campaign will ensure that cops are held accountable, efficient and professional.

Last Thursday, Kayihura shuffled 13 Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) detectives in Kampala.

They were transferred to the homicide and the Anti- terrorism departments at the CID headquarters in Kibuli, a city suburb.

The officers are; detective Commissioner of Police(D/CP) Venus Tumuhimbise, D/Senior Superintendent of Police(D/SSP), Stephen Asimwe, Patrick Wacha(D/SP), Jackson Tweheyo(D/SP) and  Hillary Nuwahereza (D/ASP).

Others are; Patrick Okello Lumumba(D/ASP), Jackob Kiyengo( D/IP), Lawrence Ogenmungu(D/IP), David Kitongo(D/AIP) , Alex Afemia (D/AIP), Moses Okello(D/AIP) Nelson Natumanya(D/AIP) and Dick Magara(D/SGT).

In the past two months, Kayihura has been on a tour in several regions amid allegations of poor case management by police detectives (officers) and to establish the cause of the increasing theft of firearms from police stations around the country.

So far, the Police's Flying Squad Unit has recovered six firearms recently stolen from police posts/ stations in Kasese, Bundibugyo, Kapchorwa and Namayingo districts.

Reports from senior ranking officers who asked not to be named indicated that Kayihura was disappointed with the rate at which his officers were losing firearms to criminals.

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