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Mbale golf course on the mend

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 23rd June 2016 01:15 PM

The course last hosted a tournament in 1993

Mbale golf course on the mend

Ongoing works on a bunker on one of the holes at Mbale Golf Club.

The course last hosted a tournament in 1993

Mbale Golf Club is set to host its first major tournament in over twenty years when the Mbale Open tees off next month.

According to Uganda Golf Union president Johnson Omolo who is also a member of the club, the members are determined to revive the club by all means available.

A new board of trustees led by Justices John Wangutusi and Masalu Musene, who are now in charge of club assets, is also in place alongside new club captain Paul Okiring.

"We have to ensure we reactivate this courses there has been a deliberate plan to kill Mbale. Previously the club has been rented and proceeds kept in the committee members' pockets with no bank account and we have to change that," Omolo said.

"We want all prominent people who are lost in other parts of the country to contribute even if it is sh20,000 each a month that can buy 100 liters of fuel monthly.

An open was last played in 1993 but the course is now playable; 9 holes have been reopened. We are looking at correcting wrongs committed like parceling out 4 acres of club land for a second hand tractor valued at sh7m," he added.

"We have appealed to the ministry of lands to help the club renew its lease of the golf course that has been delayed for over 5 years. We are wondering why a district land board can ignore an application to renew a lease offer for over 5 years," Omolo stated.

ganda olf nion president ohnson molo hoto by ichael subuga Uganda Golf Union president Johnson Omolo. Photo by Michael Nsubuga


"The trustees are reviewing all club assets to ensure there is accountability and transparency in managing the club affairs. Uganda Golf Union is closely monitoring these developments and has supported the club with finances to develop the course

We appeal to likeminded golfers to support Mbale both financially and morally otherwise golf will be no more and this could be the wish of some locals so that they acquire the club land," he added.

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