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Muloni grateful to Museveni for re-appointment

By Paul Watala

Added 7th June 2016 11:35 PM

Muloni apologized on behalf of government for having delayed to tarmac Bulambuli roads

Muloni grateful to Museveni for re-appointment

Muloni apologized on behalf of government for having delayed to tarmac Bulambuli roads

Minister for Energy Irene Muloni has hailed President Museveni for reappointing her into office and pledged to people of Bulambuli that her next task is to see construction of the road from Muyembe, Simu Corner to Buginyanya commences by 2017.

"I am very happy and thank president Museveni for giving me chance to serve Ugandans again. All praise goes back to God and I will never fail to praise God. I may not rule out that my hard work is behind my success," Muloni said.

Muloni told New Vision that the 50km circular road from Simu Corner to Bulago, Mbale-Nalugugu Road in Sironko and Mbale-Lwakhakha boarder roads  are among the over 4000 kilometers roads across the country to be tarmacked.

The circular road and starts from Simu Corner connects hard to reach sub counties of Kamu, Bumasobo, Masira, Bulago, Buwakadala and Buginyanya.

She also pledged to work with different authorities to see that electricity is circulated in many parts of the country in the coming five years.

She said that last year UNRA executive director Allen Kagina and her team of engineers on orders of President Museveni toured the region to access the situation.

She also revealed that unfortunately Kagina met resistance in Sironko after residents attempted to stop her team from touring the roads accusing them delaying the works.

She said that the road designs, procurement and survey process are under way, adding that by 2017 the compensation of affected residents will have started.

However during Kagina's tour she also noted that the restructuring exercise at the ministry and the roads authority was responsible for the delay in process, adding that the mentioned roads have been included in the budget.

She said that government has invited companies that are ready to take over the task to tender in their bids.

"My pledge for the next five year is to make sure that the circular road through Kamu to Buginyanya to Kenya is tarmacked," Kagina said.

"I am here on President Museveni's directive to access the status of the road and he has agreed the road be tarmacked and mapping is underway" she added.

"The President assured me and people of Bulambuli that funds have been allocated and bush clearing will kick off," Kagina said.

Muloni apologized on behalf of government for having delayed to tarmac the road in the last 5 years she has been in parliament.

"We all had to respect the NRM manifesto which focused at reducing household poverty levels, improve education, improve health standards, increase electricity and bring unity," Muloni said.

She said that people of Bulambuli have suffered with slippery, muddy and rocky roads since time immemorial, adding that bad roads have affected transportation of goods from hills to markets.

"Bulambuli is one of food basket districts in the country but with bad road network our farmers lose perishable crops during rainy seasons because roads cannot allow them access market easily," Muloni said.

"When you get lazy and idle, selfish people take advantage of you. You can diversify your source of income through youth livelihood funds and wealth creation opportunities," Muloni said.

Muloni appealed to people in Bulambuli to continue supporting President Museveni and other National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates, adding that she was also still strong and ready to serve them effectively.

She also expressed her disappointment over continued poor performance in the education sector despite the fact that government had constructed schools and availed relatively conducive conditions.

"Poor performance is now an embarrassment to Bulambuli district and we need concerted efforts from both teachers, parents and government to improve," Muloni said.

"We are still comfortable with President Yoweri Museveni because he has vision for this country. Our only challenge is with some few people around him who are frustrating service delivery,"Annet Nambozo a resident said.

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