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Humble beginnings can push you to greatness

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 Humble beginnings can push you to greatness

Women selling food stuff on the roadside. One does not need a tonne of money to create a business


 By Ruth Nakandi

When the excitement of graduation dies down, one realises that the real struggle has begun. The search of jobs for many times do not materialise, lofty expectations deflate and the general frustration setting in.

However, this is the time when one should be more innovative in thought and to realise that they can start slowly, advises John Boitnott, a business journalist and consultant.Humble beginnings, he says, can take one far. One, he says, does not need to have millions to start a business to reach where they want to.

Boitnott, says almost every business today began as a startup, Apple, Starbucks, you name it. In the beginning, most of them had little invest interest. He adds that Apple was started in the garage by a school dropout. You do not need a tonne of money to necessarily create your first product.

You do, however, need to fill a gap in the market and if possible offer something that they have never seen before.

Boitnott says Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was 62 years when he begun the move towards profiting on his chicken recipe. He had already had numerous careers including working as an insurance sales man and a gas station employee.

He started selling chicken from alongside Utah during the great depression and began to find success. It was a welcome breakthrough for Humburges and became one of the first chains to go international. However, in the beginning, Sanders simply traded his services for a free rent at the filling station.

Boitnott also adds that in 1995, a couple of college kids met when one was giving the other a campus tour. They thought deeper and they eventually started the first invention of what eventually became google Back

 Rub. One year later, within the next five years, the students who initially worked out of garages found numerous successes.Boitnott also says that one does not necessarily need a lot of money in order to start their small business, some people find success in their business because they see needs that were not addressed and had a skill to provide the right solution and this one thing pushes them to the path of success.

John Johnson, an American business man and the founder of Johnson Publishing company, says young people should start with what they have because the secret of a big success is starting with small success.

He says failure is the word he cannot accept. Johnson also says if you make goals and accomplish them, it gives one confidence.

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