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Bika swimmers in final qualifying round

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 18th March 2016 07:26 PM

Already 100 swimmers representing 25 clans have participated

Already 100 swimmers representing 25 clans have participated

Over 100 swimmers take to the Seeta High School pool to compete in the third and final preliminary round for 'Empaka z'okuwuga mu Bika' following two earlier qualifying rounds held at Kings College Buddo and Kampala Parents School.

Saturday's event presents an opportunity to swimmers from Seeta High and other schools that have swimmers to compete in the last qualifying round ahead of the finals at Kampala Parents School pool on April 19.

Already 100 swimmers representing 25 clans have participated in the two preliminaries held earlier.

The clans are Mutima, Musu, Njaza, Nkiima, Mpindi, Nyonyi, Fumbe, Mamba, Nyonyi Nyange, shoe hornbill, Nvuma, Ngabi, Nyonyi, Mbogo, Kobe, Mulangira, Ndiga, Nsenene, Mbwa, Nvubu, Ente, Lugave, Nkiima, Ngo, Bagema and Ngeye.

"We expect to have more schools bring swimmers to participate for clans and qualify for the finals as well," Rachael Kituuka one of the officials from the Seals Club who are providing technical support said.

Musu's Carlton Musenze, Nyonyi Nyange's Ahmed Kirimanyi and Ente's Shadrack Ayesiga have already qualified for the finals in the 8-10 year old's category alongside Trevor Kayemba (Balangira), John Kafumbe (Ndiga) and Christian Musenze in the 9-10 year olds.

In the 11-12 years category Ngabi's Ampaire Namanya, Ndiga's Jerome Nsiiro and Lugave's Ashton Kituuka together with Nkima's Ethan Masadde and Mpindi's Ahmed Bamweyana will also compete in the finals.

Lugave's Nuwa Senkebe is also waiting for challengers in the 15-16 years category that also has Melvin Ampaire (Muhesi), Joel Kalungi (Ngeye) and Nkima's Jonathan Lwanga waiting in the finals.

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