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Lukwago takes Kampala mayor seat again

By Joseph Kizza

Added 24th February 2016 06:40 AM

Erias Lukwago convincingly beats Ragga Dee and Issa Kikungwe to the Kampala Mayor seat.

Lukwago takes Kampala mayor seat again

Erias Lukwago, way ahead in the lead, was declared winner with 18% of the results to spare. (Photo by Miriam Namutebi)

Erias Lukwago convincingly beats Ragga Dee and Issa Kikungwe to the Kampala Mayor seat.


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  • Erias Lukwago bounces back as Kampala Lord Mayor
  • Generally low voter turnout in many parts of the country
  • Some 377 candidates vied for various positions
  • 193 of these participants were independents




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4.00am:     'Another historic moment for me'


 Lukwago, addressing the press after being declared winner at UMA:

"It is yet another historic moment for me. I am quite honoured, I am really excited. It is a moment I will live to treasure for a lifetime. I have endured with a lot of challenges, and many would imagine I would never live to see this moment. It was not really foreseeable given the challenges which appeared almost insurmountable.

"I am honoured again to once again gain another tenure - or to renew my mandate - as the Lord Mayor. It is a very sweet victory. Why? Because it has been a tough journey. Five years ago, I stood in this hall to make a statement upon being declared the Lord Mayor of Kampala. At that time I did not defeat Peter Ssematimba, I defeated President Yoweri Museveni , and he did not take it lightly. He took offence.

I have nothing personal against the person of the President, I have nothing personal against President Museveni, and I have nothing personal to whoever subscribes to the NRM party.

I maintain my firm position: with this new mandate, I will not succumb to any form of intimidation and I will not succumb to any form of manipulation.

I maintain that we need to transform Kampala into a modern city based on a shared vision. My call to the new team is: let's cooperate, let's build rapport, for the good of our city.

I have a list of priorities, because this is very important. What we need to do is to rebuild the structures in the city. We want to restore to rule of law and good governance. It is only a robust and vibrant authority that will deliver the kind of city you want. I am amenable to criticism; I am amenable to checks and balances. I am neither alpha nor omega.

As soon as I enter City Hall, one thing I will do is to work on the main drainage channel. We must come up with a new structural plan realigning key issues like coming up with a programme for neighbourhoood planning, there must be a clearly demarcated industrial area. We must plan for our transport system, we must plan for our infrastructure.

On accountability: there is no compromise on issues of accountability because this is the hallmark of accountable governance. Right now it is a taboo to talk about accountability in this city.





3.30am:   Lord Mayor: Lukwago declared winner



Erias Lukwago has been declared winner of the 2016 Kampala mayoral election with 176,637 votes from 82% of results from 1,101 polling stations.

Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) polled 49,366 votes while Issa Kikungwe finished last with 7,759 votes.




2.45am:    Fatuma Nsereko shines

Independent candidate Fatuma Nsereko has been declared elected as district woman councilor for Kampala Central, thanks to the 9,341 votes she got.

Much earlier, FDC's Nyanjura Doreen was declared elected district woman councilor for Makerere University electoral area. She received 607 votes on a day characterized by a general low voter turnout.




2.25am:     Police explains continued Besigye detention


This Police statement is to make clarifications, and inform the general public about the circumstances surrounding the continuing regulation, and close monitoring of the movements and activities of Rtd Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, by the Police, since Monday, 15th February 2016 to-date.  This is because there is continued campaign of distorted information, speculations, biased, and unfounded, as well as unfair criticism of Police actions, as well as outright lies regarding the handling of        Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye by the Uganda Police.

First of all, we wish to state, at the very beginning that the responsibility for the actions that Police has taken involving Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye during, and after the campaigns lies squarely on his shoulders and that of his unruly and indisciplined supporters.  Indeed, contrary to propaganda in the media, in all our actions, Police have acted lawfully, professionally, conducted ourselves with utmost restraint in the face of incredible provocation. A case in point is the violent assault by two foreign journalists on the DPC, Kasangati, who, in spite of the attacks, kept cool, and a calm demenour, and by his conduct actually disproved the unacceptable insults they were hurling at him.  We are reviewing the video footage of that incident, after which appropriate action will be taken.

Let us begin with the incidents of Monday, 15th February2016, in the City, when, in the morning, at Punjani roundabout, Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye, then a Presidential candidate with a rowdy group of supporters, attempted to force his way, into the City centre, in an illegal procession, moreover on a busy business day with very heavy traffic.  Since he had no scheduled programme in the City centre, traffic police redirected him and the crowd to use alternative routes to Makerere university where he had a scheduled campaign rally.  He refused the guidance of the officers, and, instead, together with the rowdy crowd, (who we, later, got to learn were the infamous Power 10 (P 10) group), illegally occupied the Punjani junction, and blocked the heavy traffic on Jinja-Kampala road.  The rowdy group pelted police officers, and members of the general public with stones forcing the Police to disperse them, and, after, engaging Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye, in vain, including offering to escort him to Makerere university, the Police escorted him to his home.  Later in the day, he returned to the City from Kasangati, gathering rowdy crowds along the way, especially the youth, who must have been the P10 group, occupied Wandegeya traffic lights junction, after failing to force their way into the City centre claiming that they were headed for Nasser road!!  The Police had cleared the passage to Makerere university under the mistaken belief that      Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye was headed for a rally.  After the Police dispersed the rowdy crowd, allowing traffic to flow, and business life to continue, Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye was escorted back to his home in Kasangati by the Police.

Secondly, so as to prevent further confrontation with Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye, who was scheduled to campaign in Nakawa Division, the Police, on the night of 15th February 2016, met and agreed with the organizers on a detailed programme of  his campaign in the Division.  However, even then, although, generally, the movements of  Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye through Nakawa division, the next day, Tuesday, 16th February 2016,  was peaceful and smooth, in the evening hooligans who were part of his convoy attacked NRM supporters, who were returning to their homes from the NRM rally at Kololo, tore their party t-shirts, stole their properties, and stoned vehicles in Kinawata and in the Bugolobi area.  Police arrested over 50 thugs.

Thirdly, again, on Thursday, 18th February2016, Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye and a group of his supporters stormed and trespassed on security premises in Naguru, and under the supervision of Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye, a senior Police Officer was assaulted and tortured by mob action.  Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye demanded to enter and search the security premises together with the violent people he had gone with. He, falsely, alleged that it was a place where "rigging" was taking place.  Obviously, this was a pretext, as he clearly knew where and how voting, counting, and tallying had taken place or was taking place, transparently, in the open, and in the presence of agents of all candidates under the management and supervision of the Electoral Commission.   The false claims by Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye were clearly meant to discredit the electoral process, cause confusion, and incite and enrage the public into violence.  After that incident, Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye was escorted by the Police to his house in Kasangati.

Fourthly, on Friday, 19th February 2016, we received information that                    Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye and other leaders of FDC intended to declare and announce results of the Presidential elections.  Obviously, since this was in violation of the Constitution and the law, and would cause confusion, the Police quickly acted and prevented it from happening.  It should be noted that, under Section 57 of the Presidential Election Act, it is only the Electoral Commission that has the mandate to declare results.  Section 83 of the Presidential Election Act prohibits interference with any duty under the Act (including declaring results). Indeed, to confirm our information, we found Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye and other leaders at the FDC Headquarters at Najjanankumbi, with journalists, preparing a Press Conference.  Morever, through social media platforms and sms messages, the FDC had made their intentions known publicly. The Police officers I sent attempted to engage with the FDC leadership in vain.  They were defiant.  Their supporters attempted to block Entebbe highway prompting the Police to intervene and restore public order.  Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye and other FDC leaders were then arrested, briefly held, and later released.  Rtd Col Kizza Besigye was, then escorted back to his home in Kasangati.

Fifthly, on Saturday, 20th February, 2016, the Electoral Commission pursuant to its constitutional and lawful mandate, declared the results of the Presidential election, and the winner of the elections.  Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye's agents absented themselves and therefore did not collect their copy of the results.  Subsequently, on 21st February, 2016 Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye released two statements and addressed the press at his Kasangati  home. The first statement was to the youths, inciting them and calling on them to "take over their country". The second statement was an announcement calling all his supporters to accompany him to offices of the Electoral Commission along Jinja road, ostensibly to pick his copy of the results and to "claim their future back".  This procession was to occur on Monday, 22th February 2016.  It is now, common knowledge that any procession, like any public meeting, must be carried out in accordance with the Constitution and the law, in particular the Public Order Management Act (POMA).  He had not bothered to notify the Police as required by the law.  Moreover, it should be noted that on that day, schools were beginning and parents would be taking children to school, meaning there would be more traffic in the City. The Police released a public statement calling on Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye to respect the law as well as the rights of parents and their school going children, as well as the business community, and not go ahead with his planned unlawful procession that had the potential for violence, given our earlier experiences with rowdy youth accompanying his convoy. 

Nevertheless, on 22rd February 2016, Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye attempted to leave his home and lead that procession prompting the Police to hold him under preventive arrest.  Again, yesterday, Tuesday, 23rd February 2016, he attempted to go ahead with his plans, but Police stopped him.

Clearly, therefore, the Police actions regarding Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye are justifiable both in law and in fact.  We have a duty to protect the people and their property, and ensure there is law and order in this country.  Moreover, the Constitution is clear that individual rights and freedoms are not absolute.        Article 43 states that in enjoyment of freedoms and rights, no one should prejudice the rights and freedoms of others and public interest, (in this case, public order).

Accordingly, therefore, the regulation, and close monitoring of the movements and actions of Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye is within the constitutional and legal mandate of the Uganda Police, and is a consequence of his utterances and activities that amount to incitement to violence and defiance of the law.

But even then, and contrary to propaganda in the media, we wish to make the following clarifications:

  • Rtd Col Kizza Besigye is not under house arrest.  He is allowed unlimited access to his lawyers, family and party officials, among others, and is not in any way hindered from preparing to legally challenge the results of the Presidential Elections if he so chooses to do so.
  • FDC offices have not been closed, and their activities relating to elections are ongoing.  Police has not, as is claimed in the media, confiscated         FDC declaration forms or done anything to interfere with the legitimate activities of FDC.

In conclusion, since Rtd Col Kizza Besigye has not retracted his statements of defiance and incitement to violence, Police shall continue to regulate and closely monitor his movements so that he does not pose danger to public peace and national security.  Moreover, we have information that his planned procession is not just a procession, but rather beginning of a planned and generalized campaign of violence in the City and select municipalities across the country.  Clearly, this is supported by the public utterances of Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye. As much as possible, we shall continue to constructively engage him and other FDC leaders urging them to cooperate with us to ensure that peace, law and order are maintained in our country, and advise them to seek legal redress rather than resorting to violence in addressing whatever grievances they may have. 


General Kale Kayihura

Inspector General of Police

24 February, 2016





2.11am:    Mayoral race: Update four


Erias Lukwago still strong ahead with 136,726 votes. Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) is still in second with 40,337 votes while Issa Kikungwe is trailing with 5,814 votes. This is from 873 polling stations so far.

Meanwhile, let me remind you that Kalangala LC5 Willy Lugolobi passed through unopposed.





12.15am:     Egunyu wins Soroti district

NRM's George William Egunyu has retained his seat after getting 25,257 votes against his rival FDC's Daniel Ewadu who got 18,240 votes.

Egunyu is now running for his second term as the LC5 of Soroti district.

"This is the victory of the people of Soroti district and I want to promise them that I will continue being their voice," he said.

He was declared winner by the returning officer of Soroti John Paul Osinde at shortly before midnight, says New Vision's Godfrey Ojore.





12.10am:    Update on Kampala Mayor race

 lectoral commission officials checking declaration forms for councillors and mayors at the tally centre at  conference hall ugogo Electoral commission officials checking declaration forms for councillors and mayors at the tally centre at UMA conference hall, Lugogo


According to provisional results from 346 polling stations so far, Erias Lukwago has stretched his lead even further, with now 50,239 votes against Daniel Kazibwe's (Ragga Dee) 16, 549 and Issa Kikungwe's lowly 2,101 votes. New Vision's Miriam Namutebi, who is at UMA, reports that 751 votes are invalid while 113 are spoilt.

In Kasese, the FDC LC5 candidate Geoffrey Sibendire Bigogo is so far ahead of incumbent Lt. Col. (rtd) Mawa Dula Muhindo (NRM) and Elphaz Muhindi Bukombi. And in Mukono district, NRM's Andrew Senyonga is leading in the district LC5 race.

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11.09pm:    Soroti: Egunyu leading

The incumbent LC5 chairman of Soroti district, George Micheal Egunyu, was on the lead in the six sub-counties, according to New Vision's Godfrey Ojore.

And his only opponent, Daniel Ewadu (FDC), was trailing, according to the provisional results announced by the returning officer John Paul Osinde.

Egunyu (NRM) scored 12,742 votes against Ewadu's 7,455 votes.

10.30pm:    Lukwago cruising


Erias Lukwago and Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala are pictured here at the UMA tally centre . . .


KAMPALA MAYORAL RACE: Second reading from 135 polling stations;

Erias Lukwago - 18, 785

Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) - 7,736

Issa Kikungwe - 737


 olling assistants and police deliver ballot boxes for councillors and mayors at the tally centre at Polling assistants and police deliver ballot boxes for councillors and mayors at the tally centre at UMA

9.30pm:    Developments so far . . .

First reading as at 9.13pm from 51 polling stations;

Erias Lukwago - 6,717

Daniel Kazibwe - 2,775

Issa Kikungwe - 284


Meanwhile, UPC's Nelson Adea is leading in Oyam district while incumbent Alex Oremo (also of UPC) is also in the lead in Lira, reports Hudson Apunyo.

In Dokolo, NRM's Frederick Odongo is said to be leading with a wide margin, Betty Nam (NRM) was in the lead in Kole, as is incumbent Simon Ongom (NRM) on Amolatar. Also incumbent Ogwang Ogoo of the NRM is leading in Otuke and in Alebtong, Johnson Okello (independent) is said to be having the edge.

In Kanungu district, New Vision's Patson Bareire says incumbent Josephine Kasya of NRM is in a steady lead ahead of her sole challenger Goddie Willy Bakiga.




8.20pm:     Lumumba convoy car in accident


A vehicle in a convoy of NRM secretary general Justine Lumumba Kasule was involved in an accident at Kitodha trading centre, Bulesa sub-county, Bugiri district, reports Rose Nsaigu.

No one died, but two occupants including the driver survived with minor injuries. the district police commander Bugiri, Edirisa Kyeyune, said the driver of the vehicle lost control after hitting an anthill along the roadside. police later sealed off the area, effectively keeping off locals who had wanted to loot items from the ill-fated vehicle. Lumumba was not in the convoy at the time of the crash.




8.00pm:    Developments

Nebbi district:
NRM candidate Ezrom William Alenyo is leading in provisional results of the local council elections, according to New Vision reporter Benedict Okethwengu.

Pallisa district: At dairy station in Pallisa town council, voters who came to vote disclosed that they came because they were given salt and so couldn't disappoint the candidates who had provided. However, those who played popular ludo (a board game) nearby said they couldn't  waste time in taking part in the election, says New Vision's Lawrence Okwakol.

In Sheema district, Canon David Kabigumira has convincingly beaten Pastori Mugisha, as by provisional results.

7.50pm:    PROVISIONAL RESULTS: Lukwago leading

Provisional results from the Kampala Lord Mayor elections show that 45-year-old Erias Lukwago is leading his two challengers: Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) and Issa Kikungwe.

Results from some of the areas are as follows (remember these make up PROVISIONAL, and not final, results):

Molly and Paul polling station, Makindye

Erias Lukwago: 948

Daniel Kazibwe: 114

Issa Kikungwe: 25

Muluka chief, Makindye

Erias Lukwago: 465

Daniel Kazibwe: 96

Issa Kikungwe: 13

Makindye barracks - under the tree

Erias Lukwago: 260

Daniel Kazibwe: 102

Issa Kikungwe: 08

Barracks zone, Makindye 3

Erias Lukwago: 578

Daniel Kazibwe: 108

Issa Kikungwe: 22

Imen Primary School

Erias Lukwago: 531

Daniel Kazibwe: 120

Issa Kikungwe: 27

Muwonge Zone, Katwe

Erias Lukwago: 627

Daniel Kazibwe: 90

Issa Kikungwe: 13

Katwe ku kasaawe

Erias Lukwago: 472

Daniel Kazibwe: 105

Issa Kikungwe: 23


7.00pm:    Kaija in Kyenjojo lead

NRM's William Kaija is leading in the Kyenjojo district LC5 race. Others in contention are Rogers Kasami and Stephen Nguhirwa, both independents, says New Vision's Geoffrey Mutegeki.

Meanwhile at the tally centre at UMA, Lugogo in Kampala, the candidates' agents are seen here earlier arriving and the tally clerks receiving results.




6.00pm:    One by one . . .


A polling assistant counting LC5 women representative votes at Katimbo polling station, Lukuli in Makindye





4.40pm:    Low turnout in Masaka: 'Blame NRM defeat'



Masaka district LC5 candidate Matia Mulindwa Kagugube (Independent) has   attributed the turnout of voters in the district to the defeat of President Museveni and NRM parliamentary flagbearers, reports New Vision's Dismus Buregyeya.

"Our NRM voters in Masaka have lost interest in voting the district chairpersons and councilors. The defeat of the national party flagbearer, President Museveni and the party parliamentary flagbearers demoralized many party supporters," he said.

"They do not have guts to participate in the other elections."

FDC's presidential candidate Kizza Besigye defeated President Museveni with a difference of 5,800 votes in the district while the Democratic Party (DP) swept the district parliamentary elections save for the Bukoto Central constituency where NRM's Edward Kiwakuna Ssekandi (VP) defeated DP's Andrew Batemyeto.

Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuga (DP) defeated Herman Ssentongo (NRM); Babirye Kabanda (DP) defeated the outgoing district woman MP, Frida Mubanda (NRM) while Bukoto East MP Florence Namayanja floored Dr. Abudallah Nkoyoyo (NRM).

Nkoyoyo told New Vision that he went on a mobilization tour of the voters in Bukoto East constituency encouraging them to go and vote.   The rest of the parliamentary candidates who won in Masaka were forced to move to the villages to mobilize the locals to go and vote, especially in Kyanamukaka, Kabonela, Buwunga and Mukungwe.

Nkoyoyo said the majority of NRM supporters in the constituency had refused to participate in the elections on grounds that their victory at parliamentary race was cheated. However, the Masaka district LC5 DP flag bearer, Jude Mbabali said that the victory of President Museveni at the nation level also demoralized DP supporters.  

"The voters in Masaka lost hope in the election exercise. They felt cheated, all hopes were on Besigye."




4.00pm:   Polling ends, vote counting on








3.50pm:    Non-operational biometric machines in Ebb

By Juliet Waiswa
Despite the early delivery of voting material at most of the polling stations in Entebbe, the biometric machines to verify voters were non-operation, reports New Vision's Juliet Waiswa.

At Survey Training School in Entebbe, the voters waited for close to 30 minutes to allow polling assistants synchronize the codes which they said had mismatched the voters' serial numbers.

"At some of the polling stations polling assistants have decided to use the voters register to allow voters cast their vote. The Electoral Commission officials have failed to use the equipment," Entebbe Mayor, De Paul Kayanja told the New Vision after casting his vote at St Joseph's Primary School Katabi.

At Bugonga, voters were allowed to vote without their voters cards or identity cards, as polling agents used the voters register. "For as long as your name is on the voters register, we are not stopping anybody from voting," said one of the polling assistants.

Meanwhile, at some of the polling stations in the area, voters were not aware of the candidates they were voting. "I thought we are also voting for our Mayor. I don't even know the people I have voted for," one voter said.

 herry alyebara  a candidate for oman ouncillor 5 ntebbe unipality casts her vote at iwafu slamic chool in ntebbe Sherry Kalyebara (NRM), a candidate for Woman Councillor LC5 Entebbe Munipality, casts her vote at Kiwafu Islamic School in Entebbe


 olling officials and agents of candidates sit idly at t ude atholic subparish amulanda  waiting for voters Polling officials and agents of candidates sit idly at St Jude Catholic sub-parish Namulanda B waiting for voters



 ere a voter is assisted by polling officials at t ude atholic subparish at amulanda Here, a voter is assisted by polling officials at St Jude Catholic sub-parish at Namulanda B






3.20pm:   'I come with mature politics'


By Paul Kiwuuwa  

Former Kyaddondo South MP Issa Kukungwe has pledged to work with President Yoweri Museveni and KCCA Executive director Jennifer Musisi to develop the city.

"If elected into the Kampala mayoral seat, I am ready to abide by the presidential directives, and the Kampala Capital Authority Executive director Jennifer Musisi because they hold the financial power and authority to develop the city," he said after voting.

Kikungwe told the press after casting his vote at St. Francis Junior School Nyanama polling station in Kampala district that he contested for the Kampala mayoral seat to bring unity and define different managerial roles through teamwork with developmental ideas.

"I cannot fight President Museveni because he is the route that brings money to fight poverty and create employment and development," said the politician who is on the DP ticket.
In November 2013, a special KCCA meeting chaired by the minister for presidency and Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze, with city councilors impeached mayor Erias Lukwago, who is also contesting this time.

Kikungwe explained that he is ready to define different roles in KCCA, instead of engaging in street battles.

"If elected I will not fight useless battles like the impeached Lukwago, I have come with mature politics and development in KCCA.  I will not be overzealous and curious to fight government projects. I am ready to enrich development but not to support political intrigue."

Asked what significant role he performed for his constituency in the 9th Parliament, Kikungwe said he personal health problems hindered his performance.

He also explained that he is not on bad terms with Lukwago, but that the DP party had backed him to stand for the mayoral seat.

"The Democratic party approached Lukwago to become the party flagbearer. When he refused, the party could not kneel or force him to become the flagbearer."

Kikungwe has been the Kyaddondo South MP since 2011, after replacing deputy chief Justice Steven Kavuma.



2.50pm:   UPC calls for peace

Uganda's oldest political party, the UPC, has urged Ugandans to "keep calm" post-election. Here is the full statement by the party's spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach released on Wednesday.





  1. Uganda People's Congress would like to congratulate all her candidates who participated in the just concluded Parliamentary elections, both those who made it and those who did not .The Party appreciates their spirited efforts even with limited resources. The Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) who rejected funding the official Party flag bearers and funded independent candidates linked to the Go Forward campaign, will be tasked to account to members why it was that their money was used to fight the very Party that gave birth to it.
  2. Uganda People's Congress calls upon all Ugandans to keep calm after these elections and urges reconciliation and unity. UPC shall promote reconciliation in order to promote unity. That is the Party's policy for building a new Uganda.
  3. Uganda People's Congress reminds her members to concentrate on implementation of the National Council Resolution of re-building the Party from the grassroots. Our aim is to re-build the Party into a strong political vehicle through which the aspirations of our people can be fully realized. The strengthening of the Party involves hard work on the part of all Party workers/members and the highest degree of discipline. UPC shall continue to articulate the fight against Poverty, Ignorance & Disease.
  4. Uganda People's Congress reminds her members to go and vote for the Party Flag bearers for Special Interest groups' MPs, LC5 Chairpersonship and all the remaining elective offices whose elections are still to be held.
  5. Today's Observer carries a story headlined "Opposition parties decline as Besigye gains" which quotes Ishaa Otto and describes him as UPC's Mobilization Secretary. UPC would like to point out that Mr. Otto served in Otunnu's administration which expired on the 13th March 2015. Mr. Otunnu declined to step aside and tried via the courts to hang onto the Office of the Presidency. The Courts have since ruled that Hon. James Akena's victory in the UPC elections stands and that HE IS THE UPC PARTY PRESIDENT. Olara Otunnu withdrew his case seeking an injunction against Hon. Akena on 5th February 2016. Ishaa Otto was an appointee, and therefore since his employer has withdrawn his claim, it follows that all those he appointed to office also no longer occupy any office he appointed them to. Olara Otunnu and those he employed offered their services to Hon. Mbabazi's Go Forward without any Organ of the Party sanctioning their adventure.

The Party would also like to remind the media that the Party's Constitution is very clear about "independents". Article 3 is clear:

3.6            Loss of Membership.
A member who commits any of the following abuses of the Party's Constitution and regulations shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings of the Party and if found at fault shall lose membership of the Party, that is to say:
       (1) Standing for an election or acting as an agent or financing,        supporting or campaigning for a person who is standing for such election in opposition to a duly elected or nominated Party candidate.
       (2) Standing for election or acting as agent or campaigning for or financing an independent candidate.






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2.40pm:    'What's your name again?'



The Gulu district LC5 chairman, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi has blamed the low turnout of voters for election of chairman of the district and their councilors on voter frustration.

 "I interacted with so many people who show their disappointment and believed that the presidential election was not handled in the way it was expected," Ojora told New Vision's Jackson Kitara.

"Many people think the presidential election was not free and fair, the results were doctored and people were demoralized."

But he hoped that more would show up to elect a leader that can lead them well and develop their district.




In perspective: By Lawrence Mulondo

Unlike last week's presidential and parliamentary elections where Kampala dwellers closed their businesses and stood in long queues to vote, the same cannot be said about today's local government elections, which have so far registered a low voter turn-out in most parts.

At one polling station in Rubaga Division, polling officials there were found laid back with no voters to attend to. Erick Mukwaya, an agent of Kampala Lord Mayor candidate Erias Lukwago found at Kyengooge polling station, said different candidates are likely not to reach their target votes due to the decline in voter response.

He said that at his polling station, they are expecting 300 voters but they have not reached even 100 - with three hours left. The situation is the same at Younger Playground as an attendant there said they are expecting 1,000 voters but they had not received even half that number by midday.

At V-Cross (also in Rubaga), a polling assistant said they have 785 voters registered the station had received a lowly 160 voters. Edward Kizza, a voter in Rubaga, said most of the people are not actively participating in today's elections because they are working - despite it being a public holiday - to compensate for the time they spend taking part in the just concluded presidential elections.




12.40pm:    Mbarara . . . same story

It's the same script again: A below-the-belt voter turnout is for the LC5 chairperson and municipal councillors is reported in Mbarara Municipality by New Vision correspondent Aloysius Byamukama.

By midday, very few people had voted at different polling stations in the municipality, leaving the stations only manned by polling officials and a few agents of the candidates.

Shallon Asaasira, a presiding officer at Booma Golf Course A-L polling station, says very few people had showed up by 11.00am and only 10 of the 356 registered voters had cast their votes by that time.





12.30pm:    Polling turns chaotic

A candidate for the post of LC5 Councillor, a one Kazibwe (wearing a black cap) was given three or more ballot papers at School view Zone, Nakivubo Blue polling Station. There was a scuffle as he hurriedly pushed the papers into the box before the intervention of Police and other officers in charge of the polling Station. New Vision's Mpalanyi Ssentongo captured the chaotic scenes . . .
























12.15pm:    Poor voter turn-out ubiquitous


There is generally low voter turnout in the district of Kabarole as electorate cast their vote for local council leaders, reports New Vision's Sunday Rogers. In this area, the electorate is Konly voting for district councilors after the district chairperson Richard Rwabuhinga passed through unopposed.

In Fort Portal, the tight race is between Abigaba Chris and Jorum Bintamanya who are contesting for district councillorship for South Division in Fort Portal municipality.
Valley Kanzira, the Kabarole district returning officer, says his office will declare winners in a period of 24 hours.


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11.45am:    Short lines, forlorn stations

Just to illustrate the kind of sharp contrast we are seeing at the various polling stations: Let's take Kasese for instance. This is, by today's standards, a long queue here at Kanyageya Ward, Kasese Municipality . . .




. . .  but it's a whole different dimension at M-Z polling station at Kamuliwizi (note that this was pictured around 8.00am).


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11.20am:   Lukwago votes


Erias Lukwago, vying for Kampala Lord Mayor, has cast his ballot, accompanied by his family.




 After voting, Lukwago tells the press that the Lord Mayor should be in charge of the city, more like the president of Kampala. On the ubiquitous issue of low voter turnout, he says "people believe it's just a mere piece of paper."

Lukwago is in the race against Daniel Kazibwe (aka Ragga Dee) and DP's Issa Kikungwe.




11.10am:    Verification system problem?


Rukungiri Municipality MP-elect Roland Mugume Kaginda has cast his ballot at Rukungiri Town Council Primary School polling station at 10.45am local time, says New Vision's Caleb Bahikaho.

But he says in most areas, polling officials have failed to use the voter verification system, saying they were different from what they used during presidential and parliamentary elections on Thursday last week.


Meanwhile back in Kampala, a polling station looks for a name of a voter who is here to cast her ballot at Lufuka-Zzana playgrounds in Makindye division.

On average, two people walk into the polling statioon every 30 minutes, says New Vision reporter Juliet Kasirye, who adds that only a handful of people have voted so far.


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10.50am:    On patrol

In his message on the eve of today's election, President Museveni said that he had received "numerous reports of threats and intimidation of supporters, election officials and candidates aimed at discouraging them from participating in the local council elections". But the Ugandan leader make it clear that "your security is guaranteed as you exercise your right."

Here, these police officers are seen monitoring a polling station at Luwafu Kikomera polling station in Makindye.


10.40am:    Former PM Nsibambi votes

Former Ugandan Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi and his wife Esther arrive at St. Rachael Bulange Church of Uganda polling station to cast their vote.

"Kampala should have a mayor who is accountable to the people, responsible and ensure that services are given to the people," he said after casting his ballot.

But generally at that polling centre, voter numbers remain low, especially going by New Vision's Cecilia Okoth's picture . . .



At Busingiri polling station in Bunamwaya, Wakiso district, these polling assistants (below) are pictured waiting for voters. Same story. By 10.00am, only 17 people had voted at this place, with presiding officer Martha Nabukonde saying voting started at 8.00am.



10.15am:     Lukwago yet to vote

It is understood Erias Lukwago will vote in Lungujja a little later today. He is contesting with Ragga Dee (who has already cast his ballot) and Issa Kikungwe for the Kampala Lord Mayor position.


10.10am:     Where's everyone?

The government declared today (Wednesday) a public holiday to allow Ugandans vote their district leaders. But so far, the general theme at many polling stations around the country appears to be low turnout. At Lufuka-Zzana playgrounds in Makindye division, it is the same story. Same can also be said of this polling station is Kamuli district earlier this morning.

Where did everyone go to? Slept a little too much?


9.40am:     One by one

At Mengo Hospital, there is a general low turnup but voting is going on on an already hot Wednesday, says New Vision's Norman Katende.

It's a much better situation (from the polling officials' point of view) at Lule's home polling station Kabuusu, Rubaga South. New Vision's Godiver Asege took this shot a couple of minutes ago . . .


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9.20am:     'Kampala not only for rich'

After casting his ballot, Kampala Lord Mayor candidate Daniel Kazibwe (Ragge Dee) says he wants to unite the people of Kampala and pledges to bring back all the aggrieved and marginalized without discrimination.


Ragga Dee (pictured above with his wife) says he wants the poor, vendors and bodabodas to earn a decent living. Kampala, he adds, is for the rich people only and so he wants to improve the conditions of ordinary city dwellers.

He stresses that he a governor, not an activist.

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9.00am:   Ragga Dee votes


The Kampala Lord Mayor contestant casts his ballot at LC1  Meeting Place in Kizungu Zone, Makindye division.




8.50am:     Whatever it takes

In Iganga town in the eastern part of the country, some polling items, like these pictured here, were delivered to Kasokoso Centre by means of a bicycle.


Elsewhere in the same town, voters are seen here starting to line up lining up at St. Peter's Church Centre in Iganga Town . . .


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8.40am:     Confident of win

Ragga Dee has told reporters that he is confident of victory. He will cast his ballot at LC1 Meeting Place in Kizungu Zone, Makindye division where polling officials are seen here earlier setting up.

Voting has since kicked off, but according to New Vision reporter Abbey Ramadhan who is there, the turnout is still low.

Give it time Abbey . . .


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8.30am:     Ragga Dee eyes Lord Mayorship

He is mostly known for his voice, but veteran Ugandan musician Ragga Dee (real name Daniel Kazibwe) felt the desire to step off the musical stage and storm the political arena. He is vying for the position of Lord Mayor (on the NRM ticket) and has the likes of opposition politicians Erias Lukwago and Issa Kikungwe of DP to muscle off if he is to become Kampala's next top man.



8.10am:     Kumi LC5 polls postponed

he Electoral Commission of Kumi has postponed the district chairperson elections until further notice, reports New Vision's Charles Achoda.

This was confirmed by the Kumi district election returning officer, Monicah Ngobi, after receiving communication from the Electoral Commission Kampla.

According to Ngobi, the Kumi district elections for LC5 chairperson was postponed due to the death of one of the candidates, Charles Otaok, who was killed in an accident that occurred two weeks ago along the Kumi-Soroti highway.

Otaok was contesting on the Go Forward ticket at the time of his death.
However, Ngobi says that all other elections will go on as scheduled apart from the district LC5 chairperson.

Charles Otaok, 49, a resident of Aligoi village, Ngero sub-county in Kumi county was travelling to Amuria for burial of another member of the Go Forward political outfit when the vehicle he was traveling in lost control before rolling several times off the road.

8.00am:     Smooth sail-through

LC5 chairmen for Kamwenge, Kabarole and Kamwenge districts in the Rwenzori region went through unopposed. They are all of the ruling NRM party. The region is made up of seven districts.

Kibaale district chairman Peter Amara, also of the NRM, sailed through unopposed.

Meanwhile in Kyenjonjo district, polling is under way, according to New Vision reporter Geoffrey Mutegeki.



7.50am:     Voting under way in Apac

Voting in some parts of Apac town, in Apac town council, had started by 7.20am local time, says New Vision's Daniel Okwir.

One of the presiding officers said the Electoral Commission had given them materials around 6.30am. It is a sluggish start so far at the various polling stations.

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7.30am:     'Go and vote'

"I want to assure every Ugandan across the country, especially those in Kampala, that nobody has the capacity to intimidate you or deny you your right to vote."


Those, up there, are the words of President-elect Yoweri Museveni, as he called on Ugandans to go and vote in the local government elections. This was contained in a missive released on Tuesday. Read full message HERE.

Museveni, the NRM chairman, was re-elected into power after winning an eight-strong presidential race with 60.62%, once again beating his closest challenger FDC's Kizza Besigye (35.61%). While some of the presidential candidates have since conceded defeat, Museveni's political opponent Besigye has contested the final results announced by Electoral Commission chairman Eng. Badru Kiggundu on Saturday.

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7.10am:     The early bird, votes first



Pader district has 650 villages, 54 parishes, 12 sub counties, 159 polling stations and 70,112 voters. And today, one of the people who will cast a ballot is 30-year-old Awor Korina who was keen to rise early and march to her polling station located at Paipir Primary School - about a kilometer away from her home.

Meanwhile, in Pader town council, there is stiff competition between Komakech Okumu of UPC and Okello Walter Rally who are vying for Pader LC5 councilor.

6.40am:     Flying start

As the sun takes the rise in the east, up north in Pader district, voting materials were released for distribution to 12 sub-counties as early as 6.00am local time.


In the picture,  Joseph Omona (front-left), the Pader district returning officer, releases election materials from Pader Central Police Station that were to be transported and distributed to the twelve sub-counties of Acholibur, Awere, Atanga, Angagura, Latanya, Lapul, Laguti, Pajule, Puranga, Pader T.C, Ogom and Pader sub-county.

The voting materials were escorted by the police, elections observers and polling officials to the respective areas, says New Vision reporter Patrick Okidi.

While releasing the materials, Omona warned electoral officials not to delay or tamper with electoral results.

If you are planning to vote in Pader, you will see four LC5 candidates on the ballot paper: Okot Obutu Vincent (DP), Oringa Largo Godfrey (NRM), Otema John Richard (Independent) and Ocan Justine (FDC).

6.30am:     Good morning

Hello and good morning. It's 6.30am in Kampala and we are yet to see daylight, but that should come in a short while. Welcome along to live text commentary of yet another round of elections on the 2016 election calender. With the presidential and parliamentary elections done and dusted, we are shifting our focus lens on district leadership (local government) today.

We will bring you updates from around the country as Ugandans elect yet another important group of leaders to take them through the coming five years.

Stick with us good people!



In persepective: By Lawrence Mulondo

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