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Donald Trump: A good lesson

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Donald Trump, the US Conservative Party’s presidential aspirant is an agent of the US imperialism. Imperialism is a lower phase of colonialism. All these are anti – people economic systems.

Donald Trump: A good lesson

Kajabago – Ka – Rusoke is a lecturer at the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

Donald Trump, the US Conservative Party’s presidential aspirant is an agent of the US imperialism. Imperialism is a lower phase of colonialism. All these are anti – people economic systems.

By Kajabago - Ka - Rusoke

Donald Trump, the US Conservative Party's presidential aspirant is an agent of the US imperialism. Imperialism is a lower phase of colonialism. All these are anti - people economic systems.

They are run by people who are not educated but who are highly developed in science and technology. Because they are not educated, they can use the art of science and technology to conquer other people. They are very poor and backward in Ethics.

They are very rich in terms of money part of which they lend to other countries in terms of loans. They do not have permanent friends but permanent economic and anti - people ideological interests

The most important thing for them in life is money. They can kill any other people who are weaker than them in any part of the world for the sake of money. Compared to the population of the world as a whole, they are a minority but more powerful because of their military and economic superior powers.

Their level of science and technology make some people feel that they are the leaders of the whole world, when they are inferior in Ethics. But then other countries which have science and technology which can compete with theirs like, Russia and China, do balance the world order in a way that the imperialists just cannot play about with the globe with a complete open hand.

They are made to think twice. It is not, therefore, correct to think and surrender that imperialism is undefeatable. Because what matters in the world are not problems but how to solve them. So it is not imperialism which matters but how to confront it globally and push it to the wall.

Imperialism has nuclear power. But other anti - imperialist countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, have nuclear technology also. There is need for democracy in the whole world.

This has been with particular reference to political operations. But it should be related to military democracy also in the sense that where nuclear power is monopolized by a minority, there should be global democratization of the same.
Socialist countries, Soviet Union, China, Cuba, supported the National Liberation Movement in all colonies which brought senses to colonialists. In the same way now, Imperialism will be brought to their proper senses only if all those in possession of nuclear knowledge can spread the same to all those anti - imperialist forces in a variety of countries.

This is the only way the negative imperialist manner of contempt can be properly tamed so that they shall know where to put their tails.

How do we confront imperialism?

1.    First, we must have an elite which is academically and ideologically fully aware of what the system really entails.
2.    This elite must be an amalgamation of elites from various countries of the world in order to put in place an inter - nationally formidable front against a counter vulgar front of dedicated monsters also from different countries.

3.    Each labor Organization of each country must be aware of the economic intentions of every capitalist class on the globe. There must be an inter - national Anti - imperialist Labor Movement globally.

4.    There must   then be an International Anti - Imperialist Woman Movement which economically and ideologically is anti - woman exploitation at a global level.

5.    All anti - imperialist men and in each country should collectivize their young ones and create an international Anti - imperialist Youth Movement.

6.    It is important to note here that this kind of arrangement is horizontal contrary to what has always been common whereby only Heads of state meet to discuss problems of their countries. That vertical approach does not effectively touch the socio - economic ground for real transformation.

7.    There is need for masses themselves to play a fundamental role leading to a real transformation but nevertheless in link with the leadership which is vertical. The vertical and the horizontal should combine by all means.

8.     It is very vital to note that all masses in urban and rural areas should be nationally conscious militarily. This is because imperialists will not only exercise embargoes on a territory whose leadership they hate, but will also make arrangements for military attacks. This will be done through either (i) attacking directly using a pretext that should justify them as they did in Iraq for such an attack or (ii) Organize part of the population militarily to attack the national state they hate.

9.    All these put together should be consolidated into an international Anti - imperialist Movement in the struggle for global peace and friendship. It can establish a Headquarter where regular meetings can be conducted or, leave it open to rotate from one anti - imperialist country to another annually or whenever convenient. The ideological and spiritual principle should be: "Alnyattack on one by imperialism is an attack on all"

10.    There should be mutual military exercises as well as regular mutual ideological and spiritual seminars for international oneness and solidarity.  That is how imperialism can be checked both militarily and ideologically.

This is the only method by which we can stop attacking people like Goddaffi and Saddum or as they are now arranging to attack Museveni and Mugabe. There should be an international anti - imperialist deterrent by all means. Let us arrange now and be ready for them. All those being pushed by Ocampo, Kofi Anan and Cameron must be made to urinate blood in their pro - imperialist pants
The writer is a lecturer at the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi

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