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'Women offer me money just to sleep with me'

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Derrick Katongole is a songwriter behind Desire Luzinda''s latest song Equation. Some women stalk him, but how does he deal with them?

'Women offer me money just to sleep with me'

Derrick Katongole is a songwriter behind Desire Luzinda''s latest song Equation. Some women stalk him, but how does he deal with them?

Derrick Katongole, also known as Lyto Boss, is the man who put pen to paper Desire Luzinda’s latest song Equation. He is also the songwriter behind Rema Namakula’s two songs Kukaliba and Atuuse. Glorias Musiime had a chat with him.

Who inspired you to write love songs?

I was inspired by Maddox Sematimba and Semboga Kabuye right from my childhood. I loved Maddox’s style and so right away took it on through practice I where I am today.

How do you convince them to buy the demo before they know what they are taking?

I think of what will please my clients. I do the demo first, do the recording the way I want my client to sing it, and then give it out after listening to it carefully. Then he or she pays me. During the audio recording, I am with the client to make sure the beat is the same as mine because it’s me to take the client through how I want it to be.

What has your writing experience been like so far?

In the beginning, I had no clients because no one knew me. I was instead looking for them. But now they are the ones looking for me because of my good products.

Do you songwriters beef (be drawn into aggressive competition) the way musicians do?

Yes. Because I sometimes first listen to what others have written, then I release mine and from this, I make sure I do it better than my competition did theirs. If it’s not good, then we have to talk about it.


How is she?

Who? I don’t get you? You mean my girlfriend. I am not married yet.

You mean you are still single?

I just have a girlfriend.

Audiences praise musicians and their songs, but little or no attention is ever drawn to the songwriters, who in essence, do the magic. What do you think you can do to be known, or be appreciated, by the public?

We need to come together and at least make a songwriters group so that our work becomes easier. I know we are not as many as musicians but if we put our hands together, then we can do something.

Would you marry a celebrity?

If I really have love for her, then I would.

Don’t you get tempted by your female clients?

Yes, it happens. Even some women offer me money just to sleep with me but I have goals. I know what I want that money can never drive me.

How do you handle temptations?

When I had just started writing and singing, I had set goals that whoever tries to divert my minds from my work, that person will be my enemy. Yes I see many ladies but the fact is I can never love my client because if that happens, then it will spoil my reputation.

Will you manage competing with other songwriters in the industry?

I am so far competing because it’s not about age. It’s about what I can do for my clients to appreciate my work. I have so far written songs for some top musicians which have turned out to be hits.


Do they pay you before or after the work?

They pay me first before I start working for them. I have to get all my money because I invest a lot of effort into the songs I write.

Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

I want to be the best – to be on top of others.

Do you have your own producer or you record from just about anywhere?

No. I have specific producers like Crouch and Paddy man.

Any advice to the youth who would want to join this profession?

They should focus and set goals of what they want, because if one knows what she wants then everything will be easy on one’s side.

What are challenges you have gone through in doing your work?

Some women disturb me on phone. I don’t know where they get my number from. Imagine someone telling me to just sleep with her only once. Some promise to give me money but I have tried to cope.

Which car do you drive?

I drive a Toyota Noah but hope to own a Range Rover one day.

‘Some women offer me money to sleep with me’

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