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NRM Caucus discusses cohesion

By Vision Reporter

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Publicity Secretary Evelyn Anite says President Museveni presented a paper on party cohesion.

NRM Caucus discusses cohesion

Publicity Secretary Evelyn Anite says President Museveni presented a paper on party cohesion.

By Joyce Namutebi and Cyprian Musoke

NRM MPs on Monday converged at State House Entebbe “to chart the way forward regarding the recent resolution crafted at the National Leadership institute, Kyankwanzi Party retreat that endorsed President Museveni as their sole flag bearer for 2016 general elections.

Publicity Secretary Evelyn Anite said that President Museveni presented a paper on party cohesion but did not elaborate the details.

However, a source in the caucus said the meeting would resume today (Tuesday) to discuss Museveni’s paper, hinted on allegations of a senior party member who has been undermining him using party structures.

“We told the President to come clean and elaborate the allegations in the papers,” the MP said.

Sources pointed a finger at the Secretary General Amama Mbabazi who has at two press conferences come out to explain that he will not stand against President Youwer Museveni, and that “as a disciplined cadre” he will take on any assignment given to him by the party.

“The President gave us a paper regarding party cohesion and discipline and what has been going on in the countryside. There are people moving around mobilising party members to rise against the Kyankwanzi resolution and coming up with their own candidates and it is almost bringing failure to implement the manifesto,” said the source.

The source said that the President said he had written to Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to discuss with them those issues.

The source added they could not discuss the presentation because Mbabazi left prematurely for another engagement and members though it should not be discussed in his absence.

When contacted, Government chief whip Kasule Lumumba told New Vision that they were discussing current political issues, party cohesion and way forward for the party.

Recently, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) endorsed the NRM Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct at the Kyankwanzi retreat, where a total of 22 resolutions were signed.

The Rules are intended to, among others, strengthen internal cohesion amongst caucus members and facilitating a fair and transparent process by the caucus for considering, generating and adopting a common position on any parliamentary business before any the matter is tabled for debate in the house.

Uganda Media Centre boss Ofwono Opondo confirmed that the caucus was handling the resolutions from Kyankwanzi to see how to implement of each one of them.

He said the MPs want to create a committee system, and group the resolutions according to sectors and ensure that there is committee of caucus following up each of the issues

Reliable sources said the NRM is considering, among other things, amending the party constitution to have the secretary general appointed by the party chairman and approved by the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

Deputy Chair of the caucus David Bahati said; “the meeting is intended for us to find a way forward on the politics of the country, and see ways of rejuvenating party projects country-wide”.

Over 240 NRM MPs including the Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, who doubles as the Secretary General, appended their signatures to the Kyankwanzi resolution.

While at Kyankwanzi, a group of MPs formed a pressure group dubbed Club 9 with the purpose of ensuring victory for the party in the 2016 elections. The group consists of ministers and backbenchers.

“It is strategically formed to win 2016 elections and to make sure that the party has got cohesion so as to further its competitive advantage come 2016 and beyond,” Anite explained

Anite, added; “one of the emphasis will be on how to galvanise internal party elections, and how to enhance cohesion around the flag bearer for the Presidency.

“It is only those who signed the motion in Kyankwanzi that are attending who are about 240 people who already signed the motion that are meeting for us to discuss ways of spreading and speaking for it in all fora.”

“We are supposed to speak for it in all fora like radio stations, churches, public meetings and all gatherings in order to popularise our candidate,” she said.


NRM Caucus discusses cohesion

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