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Bunyoro still needs Museveni, NRM

By Vision Reporter

Added 7th August 2013 12:43 PM

Political debates are raging in the media on the possible successor to President Yoweri Museveni come 2016 and a number of names have been suggested.

Political debates are raging in the media on the possible successor to President Yoweri Museveni come 2016 and a number of names have been suggested.

By Yunus Mugabe

Political debates are raging in the media on the possible successor to President Yoweri Museveni come 2016. A number of personalities have been suggested as possible contenders in the NRM party.

But media houses have also continuously reported that Museveni will go for the fifth term in 2016, if he is endorsed by the NRM Delegates Conference.

In Bunyoro where NRM is 99% dominant, voters are watching these developments with keen interest as they evaluate reports by civil society organisations in Bunyoro like BULOGA, OLGA, NAPE that are critical of NRM policies on oil, environment, governance and compensations. These CSO’s publish biased reports against NRM to appease their anti NRM donors who fund their budgets.

However, reactions from these debates/workshops clearly show that the Banyoro still have trust and confidence in Museveni and NRM, where all local councils are 100% NRM dominated and 17 MPs are NRM except one.

In 1986, when Museveni took over power, the Banyoro were part of the NRA revolution. They included Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza, Late Zak Kaheeru, Matiya Kasaija and many others who were part of the NRA/M revolution and many battles to liberate this country were also fought in Bunyoro in areas like Biiso, Buhimba, Kinyara, Birembo, Ibanda and our gallant sons also died in this war they include; Maj. Emmy Kyaruhanga, Capt. Cyprian Baguma, Col. Bunihizi Edward, Maj. Rwagira and others who died in the jungles of Luwero Triangle

Banyoro feel they are part of NRM revolution because they participated in this war and Banyoro are serving in this regime both in the military and political offices like Gen. Kyaligonza, Kajura Muganwa, Brig. Leopold Kyanda Akiiki, Gen. Ali Kiiza Air force, Brig. Yosamu Kiiza and many others. Banyoro provided food, medicine and support to the NRA/M revolution.

Banyoro have a gentleman’s contract with NRM and Museveni to fasttrack development in Bunyoro and it is only NRM that laid the first tarmac road in Bunyoro that links to Kampala through Hoima - Busunju (200km) and to Gulu Highway through Masindi – Kafu. Other roads that have been tarmacked by NRM in Bunyoro are Kaiso - Tonya (92kms).

Banyoro cannot abandon Museveni and NRM at this critical time because the contract with the Banyoro is still valid. NRM still has other obligations which it has to fulfill and these include tarmacking of Kigumba – Kyenjojo, upgrading of Hoima – Butiaba roads and others, which need more 15 years for Museveni to sort out.

Also the operalisation of Bunyoro University of science and technology, construction of an oil refinery, an air field in the Albertine Zone and extension of power to rural Bunyoro are still on his shoulders.

Banyoro are still in honey moon with NRM and have no doubt that NRM will deliver on her promise and from what has so far been delivered, Banyoro still trust that it is NRM and Museveni not any other person that will fulfill these obligations.

Banyoro have a saying that”Omukazi acumba obunura tibamunoba” meaning that a housewife who cooks delicious food is always loved, and to the Banyoro, Museveni’s food is still delicious.

Banyoro are also aware that NRM has caused developments in this region like power Dam at Buseruka, restored Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, provided piped water and approved two municipalities from Bunyoro, Masindi and Hoima and new districts like Kibaale, Buliisa, Kiryandongo.

As for Bunyoro, Museveni should be available come 2016 because he is still a good cook.

The writer is the general secretary of the NRM, Hoima

Bunyoro still needs Museveni, NRM

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