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Killing of Muslim clerics a planned campaign - Mufti

By Vision Reporter

Added 6th June 2015 07:15 PM

The Mufti says the killings are a planned campaign to cause hatred among Muslims in Uganda.

Killing of Muslim clerics a planned campaign - Mufti

The Mufti says the killings are a planned campaign to cause hatred among Muslims in Uganda.

By Farooq Kasule                            

KAMPALA - The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has said that a series of recent killings of Muslim clerics is a planned campaign to cause hatred among Muslims in Uganda.

Without mentioning names, he said there is a group of people who want to destabilize the Muslims.

He said what started as “a joke” has turned into something very serious.

“It is unfortunate that we have lost over five sheikhs. It started as a joke but it has reached the extreme. We should be careful and objective as Muslims. Muslim critics are using top security officers to execute their plan in the company of fellow Muslims.”

Mubajje was leading the sixth Muslim unity Juma prayers at SPIDQA headquarters in Kisenyi, Kampala.

The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje led the Juma prayers. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)  

The latest victim of these brutal killings was Sheikh Abdul Rashid Wafula (pictured below), who was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Nakalole Town, Mbale late last month.

He was reportedly shot dead five times in the chest and died on the way to hospital.


Another victim was Sheikh Mustafa Bahiiga was shot dead in December last year while at Bwebajja Mosque on Entebbe road where he had gone for prayers.

Sheikh Abdul Kadir Muwaya, who suffered similar fate, was gunned down at his home in Mayuge district.

In 2012 two other prominent Muslim leaders, Sheikh Abdul Karim Ssentamu and Hajj Abubaker Kiweewa were gunned down in similar manner.

The police has previously linked the killing of Muslim leaders to rebel group the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) led by Jamil Mukulu who was recently arrested in Tanzania. 

On Friday, Mubajje, who was flanked by acting Amir Yahaya Mwanje and Sulaiman Kakeeto , donned a light gray robe over a white tunic and a Muslim cap.

He showed up at the SPIDQA headquarters in Kisenyi amid tight security and was welcomed by the SPIDQA leader Mubarak Mugerwa before he signed in the visitor’s book and later taking his seat.

Sheikh Mubajje (centre) arrives for the unity Juma prayers. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)  


Security was tight at the entrance of the mosque. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)  


Mubajje signed in the visitor’s book upon his arrival. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)  


‘Problem of Islam’

The Mufti was also critical of Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura, saying he (Kayihura) declined to meet him to discuss issues concerning Muslim cleric murders.         

Mubajje also asked the judiciary to quicken the trial of individuals arrested in connection with the murder of Muslim leaders, including the Tabliq leader Muhamad Yunus Kamoga, so that they know if or not they had a hand in the murders.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Mubajje used the same platform to rap Prince Kassim Nakibinge, saying that he (Nakibinge) should know that he has no status in the leadership of Muslims in Uganda.

The Mufti told Nakibinge to stop taking himself as a Muslim leader because he was not elected and his role is no different from other Muslims.         

“I Mubajje, I will never be a prince and I can’t do so and Nakibinge should also play his role as a follower. He is the problem of Islam in Uganda” he said.        

He termed the Kibuli Muslim group as “sounding tins” that do not bother him at all – a statement that caused animated excitement amongst his followers who chanted: “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!”

Mubajje also used the function to launch the construction of “the second biggest” mosque at the SPIDQA headquarters that will cost over sh6.5b. It is understood that it will have apartments and shopping malls.

Engineers displaying the plan of the new mosque. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)


The Mufti breaking the ground on the site of the construction of the new mosque. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)

He said one of the Arab countries, which he did not name, will construct the mosque.

On his part, the acting Tabliq leader, Amir Ummah Yahaya Mwanje warned police over the continued arrest of Muslims especially Tabliq’s in Kyazanga by one civilian.

“We have been quiet since the arrest of Amir Kamoga though we had all the necessity to cause chaos in Kampala. If police does not respond immediately, Kyazanga issues will make us lose temper and do so [cause chaos],” warned Mwanje, pointing out that Muslim unity is real.

Acting Tabliq leader, Amir Ummah Yahaya Mwanje addresses Muslims. (Credit: Ramadhan Abbey)

Meanwhile, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto asked Muslims to respect Mufti Mubajje as the only elected mufti in Uganda – and only advise him whenever he goes wrong.      

The head of SPIDQA Muslim group in Kisenyi, Sheikh Mubarak Mugerwa said that in Islam one only needs to do what his or her creator wants. He urged Muslims to forget the past mistakes and move forward.      

The function was also attended by Father Expedito from Kisenyi Catholic Parish. Notably, the Kibuli faction was not represented. Food was served at the end of the function.



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