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'Ugandan men are broke and dramatic'

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Prossie Patra, a radio presenter, in an interview with Carol Kasujja, says she would never date Ugandan men because they are "broke and dramatic".

'Ugandan men are broke and dramatic'

Prossie Patra, a radio presenter, in an interview with Carol Kasujja, says she would never date Ugandan men because they are "broke and dramatic".

Prossie Patra, a radio presenter, talked to Carol Kasujja about her love life.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: I am sexy cool.

Complete this sentence. If I was not a presenter I would be..

An air hostess. I just gave up on my dream the moment I realised I was not growing any younger. I admire the way those chics dress and present themselves.

You have a son. When are you getting married?

What is good in marriage? I am very comfortable as a single person. The good thing is I have a son who gives me company. These days most people are getting married because of wealth and promotions at work.

But for me, I am still waiting for that one man who will want to marry me for who I am, not because of my status.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

If I knew you were going to interview me about love, I would have turned you down. I am not romantic. I do the usual things everyone does, even if I buy a gift for him, I do not wrap it. I just give it to him the way it is. What is more important is the gift, not the wrapper.

Name one thing people would be surprised to know about you.

I am a responsible mother. I work hard to make my son happy. I am a chatter box; I talk to everyone, even bodaboda men, whom everyone despises. If you throw me out at night, I cannot fail to get a place to sleep because I am very social.

I heard that you once dated Peter Miles. Is it true?

What! Peter Miles! I can never date an artiste. More so, I hate Ugandan men. Even my current boyfriend was just lucky to get me. But I do not like Ugandan men. They are broke and dramatic.

Would you cheat on your boyfriend if he went broke?

I do not date broke men. And I am old school. I date one man at ago. If he goes, that is when I get another one. If one man can stress, what about when you have more than one? I do not cheat.

What do you think of the Marriage and Divorce Bill?

It should be passed immediately. For long, men have been using women and dumping them, but with that Bill, we will date for two years and then share everything.

Would you kneel for a man?

Kneel! Me! What are hugs for? May be when I am introducing him to my parents. But kneeling when we are in the house together, I would not do it. I only kneel for my parents, not men.

I understand your boyfriend lives abroad. How do you handle a long distance relationship?

Distance is not a problem. We trust each other and we also communicate everyday. We chat on Facebook, Whatsapp, e-mail and we Skype. With that, it does not feel like he is far.

''Ugandan men are broke and dramatic''

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