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Kasiwukira: DPP obtains evidence to pin suspects

By Vision Reporter

Added 9th December 2014 02:43 PM

The State has gathered enough evidence to pin the suspects in the murder of Kasiwukira.

Kasiwukira: DPP obtains evidence to pin suspects

The State has gathered enough evidence to pin the suspects in the murder of Kasiwukira.

By Simon Masaba

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has gathered enough evidence to pin the suspects in the murder of Eria Sebunnya Bugembe alias Kasiwukira.

The directorate spokesperson, Jane Okuo Kajuga, has told New Vision there was sufficient evidence to implicate the three suspects.

On Monday, Sarah Nabikolo Ssebunnya, was charged with the murder of her deceased husband.

Nabikolo was charged before the Makindye court jointly with her sister, Sandra Nakungu, 34 and a Police officer Jaden Ashraf, 38. Prosecution alleges that the trio and others still at large murdered Kasiwukira at Muyenga Diplomate zone in Kampala.

Sandra Nakungu is a diary transporter businesswoman. It is alleged that the Police officer concealed information which could have averted the tragedy.

George Watyekere, the Makindye court grade one magistrate sent the three murder suspects on remand in Luzira Prison. All suspects are residents of Muyenga, a city suburb.

Kasiwukira was known for uplifting local music and a member of the Kwagalana group, a club of Kampala's affluent businessmen, was knocked dead in the morning of October 17 this year as he set off on an early morning jog. He was allegedly knocked dead by a hit and run car that had been sighted outside his home on the fateful day. This prompted police to launch investigations into a possible murder.

The Kwagalana group placed a sh15m bounty for anyone who could volunteer information leading to the arrest of the person who knocked dead one of their members.

Godfrey Kirumira and Gaster Lule commonly known as Ntake, who are prominent members of the Kwagalana group, attended the court proceedings.   

After reading the charges to the three suspects, Watyekere told them that they cannot take plea at this stage because a magistrate court has no such powers to hear capital offences like murder.  Watyekere remanded the suspects to Luzira prison until December 22.

Hitherto Police have been guarded with details of their investigations into the death of Kasiwukira.

Detectives attached to the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) on Monday apprehended Nabikolo from her palatial home in Muyenga after the DPP sanctioned her prosecution on murder charges. She was whisked to Makindye court.   Both Sandra Nakungu and Jaden Ashraf have been in Police custody for weeks.

Sources said detectives have also interviewed Herman Kalungi, one of Kasiwukira's children.

Godfrey Musana, the deputy director CIID who is spearheading the investigations confirmed the development, but downplayed the matter.

"Yes, but we have talked to many other close relatives and family members in regard to that matter," Musana said when asked about the matter.

New Vision wasn’t able to get comment from Kalungi who is said to have volunteered to talk to the police so as to shed some light on the matter which, according to sources has created rifts in the family.

 Police are also still holding another suspect only identified as Awiyo. He was allegedly arrested in connection to an earlier murder plot against Kasiwukira through witchcraft. Awiyo was arrested from the Northern district of Alebtong, last week.

Kasiwukira and Sarah Nabikolo had five children. But he also had other women, Joyce Nalwanga, the mother of his first born (Herman Kalungi) and another wife Nulu  Namakula  with whom they had a two-year-old daughter.  There have been reports that Kasiwukira had children with his sister in law Sandra Nakungu.

During thanksgiving prayers for Kasiwukira, Sarah Nabikolo stated: "From what I am going through, I have decided to give my life to Christ. I would also like to tell my co-wife (Namakula), who is fit to be my daughter and her mother-in-law, that we should forgive each other and be one. In case of anything, my home is open."

Kasiwukira was deputy treasurer of the Kwagalana Group.  He was also a real estate mogul with several properties in and around Kampala. His properties include Nalubwama Arcade on Ben Kiwanuka Street and Temuseo Mpoza on Luwum Street. He also owned SEB Industries which manufactures tiles and pavers.   


Kasiwukira: DPP obtains evidence to pin suspects

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