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Man discovers wife is married to another man

By Vision Reporter

Added 19th March 2013 01:36 PM

A man is still recovering from shock after learning that his wife was to married another man.

Man discovers wife is married to another man

A man is still recovering from shock after learning that his wife was to married another man.

By Kizito Musoke, Margaret Ziribaggwa and Shamim Nabunya

KAMPALA - A man is still recovering from shock after learning that his wife is married to another man.

On Sunday a story run in the Bukedde newspaper [a sister publication to New Vision] of a woman, Annet Nakato, who had been arrested after her husband mysteriously disappeared from their marital home in  Kikumbi–Zzana, Makindye Division.

Livingstone Kiyingi Musisi, 40, a resident of Old Kampala narrates that he met Nakato in 1999 and they had two children who are now in  primary school. He says Nakato was someone who liked having fun which always caused friction between them.

"Often times she would  come home at midnight even though she was jobless. Every time I asked her where she had been she said she  had been visting friends in Lungujja.

Kiyingi says one day he found a document which indicated that his wife was receiving money from someone living abroad called Fred Semugera.

He says in September 2010 he returned home and found Nakato had packed household property and left. The watchman, Issa Katushabe, told him his wife had left with property and their two children, but had told him they were shifting to another house, and he (Kiyingi) would be joining them soon.

Kiyingi says he contacted Nakato's brother called Anthony who managed to locate her and organised a meeting between them.

However the talks did not yield much as Nakato refused to go back to the marital home. She however agreed to leave the children in Kiyingi's care.

Nakato and her new husband Semugera

Nakato lives double life

Kiyingi says much as they were seperated, Nakato sometimes spent the weekend at his  place and even took the kids out but he did not know that she was married to another man.

"When I read Bukedde, I was very shocked! Nakato said she had spent three years in marriage yet during that period she always came to my place meaning she got married when we were still together!" Kiyingi narrates.

I was also shocked when she said she had never given birth yet she is the mother of my two children! It appears Semugera is the one who wooed my wife and she even took property  to his place. I want him to return my property," Kiyingi told Bukedde.

When Nakato was contacted on phone to comment on Kiyingi' accusations, she denied ever knowing him and insisted that she had never given birth. "I don't know the Kiyingi you are talking about and I have never given birth.

If he knows me tell him to call me personally but I don't know him," she said.

However, events were only getting more dramatic. Kiyingi called Nakato while this reporter was listening in. Nakato turned round and assured Kiyingi that she was also shocked by the story.

She said that the picture of her and Semugera that appeared in the paper was taken while she was at a friend's wedding. She also denied having been arrested and even denied any knowledge of Semugera.

Semugera was arrested after 'vanishing' for a couple of days

The story of Nakato and Semugera

In the Bukedde story, Nakato narrated that she got married to Semugera three years back. Soon after the wedding her husband went  abroad for kyeyo but he called her often and everything seemed fine.

She said Semugera's attitude started changing when his relatives started spreading rumours that she was seeing another man. She said her husband returned after three years and acted like everything was okay between them. 

She said on the fourth day, while they were home Semugera walked of the house to smoke as was his habit. However, after a long while she noticed he was not anywhere in the compound.true

The next morning her in-laws came knocking at the gate and accused her of being responsible for her husband's disappearance.

Nakato said she was very shocked because she had not even communicated to them about his disappearance. She said her in-laws told her to pack and leave since she did not even have a child with Semugera.

As things spiralled fast out of hand, Nakato was dragged to police where she spent a number of days being grilled by Hebert Wanyoto, the CID boss, Katwe police station. Police then deployed plain-clothed personnel at Semugera's home.

Indeed on Saturday afternoon,  Semugera who had supposedly vanished went home to change clothes and was arrested. When he was taken to police he denied faking his disappearance and said he had only secluded himself to clear his thoughts about the rumours of his wife cheating on him.

Nakato was released while Semugera remained in police custody. Nakato returned home to find their house bore a sign reading 'TO LET'. She accused her in-laws of causing her arrest so that they could sell of the home.

Man discovers wife is married to another man

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