Pastor Kiganda's fiancé is still a virgin

Mar 12, 2013

I am Cindy Karonga from Harere, Zimbabwe. I prefer to keep to myself. If there is need to talk about something, I do so because I hate holding grudges.

Cindy Karonga, is the lady set to marry pastor David Kiganda. She talked to Samuel Lutwama about her love life
Tell us about yourself
I am Cindy Karonga from Harere, Zimbabwe. I prefer to keep to myself. If there is need to talk about something, I do so because I hate holding grudges. I was taught by my late mother that holding grudges robs one of their joy. I draw a lot of inspiration from reading the Bible. I am passionate about winning souls. I went to Oriel Girls High School in Harare from S.1 to S.6 and pursued a degree in hotel management at the University of Zimbabwe.
How did your family shape you?
I was born and raised in the loving hands of Mr. and Mrs. Annah Karonga, in a family of one brother and four sisters. I am the fourth daughter. My mother was a staunch Catholic; she wanted me to be a nun, but I declined. I went to church just because she insisted that I go with my siblings. While growing up, my mother was the person I idolised. She taught me the virtues of being a true African woman; hard work and sexual purity for my husband. And for that reason, I have kept my purity for my husband to be and waiting to break my virginity on our wedding day.
How are you exercising no sex before marriage?
We both agreed that I would not live with him, until we were joined in holy matrimony. I live with the family of Samuel Mukasa of Biyinzika Enterprises. Perhaps, that is one of the ways we are holding on until our wedding day.
trueYou are getting married to a man whose previous marriage failed, and has five children. How prepared are you for the challenge?
The good thing about him is that he told me about his previous marriage and when we met, he started updating me about the divorce. So, I know I am not marrying a saint, but someone from a broken marriage. I intend to bring back the sparkle of love in his heart by doing what the Bible requires me to do as a wife. I will love his children like never before. Fortunately, we started on a good note with the children.
Tell us about the genesis of the David-Cindy love affair
We met three years ago at a leadership conference in South Africa. After the conference, he introduced himself to me and we became friends. He later left for Uganda, but we continued communicating on facebook and e-mail. It was during one of those correspondences that he expressed his interest in me. I was shocked because I did not see it coming. I prayed about it till our hearts clicked. 
What happened next?
I requested him to visit my parents in Zimbabwe. Fortunately, they approved of him and asked him to pay the bride price, which he did through his sister. In our culture, the ceremony takes place in the absence of the husband to-be. 
Had it ever crossed your mind that you would marry a man from Uganda?
It never crossed my mind. I hardly knew Uganda. When I met him, I got to know more about Uganda. I asked him to give me some time, during which I researched about his family and ministry on the Internet. With time I accepted that perhaps, my destiny was tied in Uganda.
What triggered your love for him?
He is a nice looking man, he loves to serve the Lord and that was the kind of person I was looking for. And for that reason, nationality and cultural background did not matter.

How are you going to add value to his already bruised life?
I intend to shower him with lots of love. In the church, I think my calling will largely centre on ministering to people with broken hearts.
How are you going to do that when you have never gone through similar emotional pain?
I think I was there when I lost my mother in 2007. Her death changed my life in a big dimension. It was then that I left for South Africa. While there, I got saved.
So, when are you tying the knot?
In April and I am looking forward to that day.
What massage to do you have for ladies out there?
Those who are not yet married should maintain their sexual purity. And those who are married should be committed and submissive to their husbands. In case of troubles, prayer to God. has no dust bit for prayer and answers all prayers.
Finally, how do you deal with issue in your life, do you use your head or your heart?
To be honest with you, I take long to respond until I feel convinced with the action to take.  But to a big extent I use my heart for more spiritual logic. Matters of the heart draw from the spiritual logic which directly influences someone’s faith and yet faith does follow head logic. So as a believer, I use my heart then connect it to the spiritual dimension through reading the word and then finally pray about that it.

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