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National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda

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The National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) joins the Women in Uganda and all over the world to celebrate the International women’s day.

The National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) joins the Women in Uganda and all over the world to celebrate the International women’s day.


The National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) joins the Women in Uganda and all over the world to celebrate the International women’s day.

This year’s theme is: “The gender Agenda: Connecting grass root women in development”.

On this day, NUWODU promotes and mobilises support for disability and gender mainstreaming, prevention of sexual and gender based violence and understanding of reproductive health issues of Girls and Women with Disabilities (GWWDs); and also seeks to increase awareness of gains that can be derived from the inclusion of GWWDs in every aspect of life.

According to a research report by NUWODU ( “Knowledge, attitudes and use of rights for girls and women with disabilities in sexual and reproductive health” 2012) Discrimination against women and girls with disabilities is still ongoing which leads to sexual and gender-based violence.

It describes frequent abuse and discrimination by strangers, neighbours, and even family members against women and girls with disabilities. Another challenge is, cases of sexual violence to women with disabilities are rarely reported to police or the local authorities.

This is due to inability in movement which restrains women from reaching police or to the local authorities.

More so communication difficulties between deaf women with Police and other authorities, ignorance, interference by the families and sometimes the community feeling that they can decide for them makes it difficult for WWDs to enjoy their reproductive health rights.

There is therefore a need to create awareness of the fact that women with disabilities have the same sexual and reproductive health needs as other women.

This will be a good starting point in their full participation in development activities through being understood in their special needs and provided with space for their participation in the development agenda.

NUWODU believes in a society where all women and girls regardless of their disabilities are free to play a recognizable role in the development and improvement of themselves.

Girls with disabilities face insurmountable obstacles in the fight for inclusion in the national development processes.

It’s therefore every body’s duty to see that together we make conditions that can inspire and encourage them to fully participate in development and ensure their bright futures.

NUWODU’s call to government is therefore:

i) Promote and provide formal and informal sexual and reproductive health education to Girls and Women with Disabilities, paying necessary attention to communication needs of the deaf, blind and deaf blind and women with intellectual disabilities through the use of sign language , tactile and easy read communication modes.

ii) Improve the physical accessibility of health facilities most especially the maternity wards and procurement of adjustable beds for mothers with disabilities.

iii) Government should implement all the different laws enacted that concern people with disabilities and domesticate the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities especially article 6 which emphasizes empowerment of WWDs.

iv) Government should increase the involvement of women with disabilities in the poverty eradication programmes like NAADS and SACCOs to promote empowerment and independent living for WWDs hence connecting them to development well aware that most of WWDs live in the rural areas hence in line with this year’s theme.

v) Government should ensure that the implementation of the road map for Reproductive Health is disability sensitive to benefit all.

vi) Call upon government to implement the Health Strategic plan developed by Ministry of Health.

The National Union of women with disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) is an indigenous umbrella organization composed of women with various categories of disability.

It was formed in November 1999 with the mission to “Promote social, cultural, economic and political advancement of girls and women with disabilities through advocacy for their effective participation in development.” NUWODU’s vision is “A society where girls and women with disabilities live dignified lives.”


Plot 62, Ntinda Road

P.O Box 24891, Kampala, Uganda

Tel. +256- 414- 285 240

Email: nuwodu@gmail .com

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda

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