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Institutionalisation of the Kyabazinga should better the Basoga

By Vision Reporter

Added 24th September 2014 05:02 PM

The wars that the chiefs in Busoga were causing, now seem to be over, with the successful election and coronation of the Kyabazinga

Institutionalisation of the Kyabazinga should better the Basoga

The wars that the chiefs in Busoga were causing, now seem to be over, with the successful election and coronation of the Kyabazinga

trueBy Jimmy Mawerere

The wars that the chiefs in Busoga were causing, now seem to be over, with the successful election and coronation of the Kyabazinga, with 10 out of the 11 chiefs and dramatic aftermath of the speaker handing over power to the son of the late, Zibondo Columbus Waako of Bulamogi counting it as past now.

Since the demise of the then Kyabazinga, Henry Wako Muloki, Busoga and Basoga had become a laughing stock. Anyone would came out and presented himself as the rightful Kyabazinga, this speaks multitude about the absence of leadership in society.

Busoga and Basoga have gone a step back and the Kyabazinga elect should have an agenda to rebuild not only the Kingdom structures and cultural sites, but also the trust and the institution as Bwa Busoga and Uganda at large. The Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope IV needs to work at winning all the chiefs’ trust. There might also be need for the constitutional amendment….

As seen by many from afar, the eventual agreement on the Kyabazinga should come with many good things.
How the kingdom will cultivate Peace and unity. The Kyabazinga has a task of seeing that he attains support from all the chiefs. This will help in the promotion of the kingship from the grassroots level.

There has been disputes among the chiefs and if those disputes continue, the popularity of the Kyabazinga won’t become a reality. It is now more imperative that the chiefs support him, especially those that were against his election and enthronement.

Only this way shall we see Busoga region raise to a force to reckon with. The chiefs are so resourceful in mobilising people at the grassroots level for development and kingdom’s programmes. The king has to start programmes, which will be avenues of peace and unity to an area. We have seen kingdoms bringing peace. Let the Kyabazinga use his popularity to bring oneness and improve the relations of the Basoga. 

Poverty eradication. On his enthronement, the late Muloki introduced the A.E.I.O.U agenda that he used during his reign, which was a good agenda for development and unity. Busoga right now is one of the poorest regions in the country. The local people can’t afford basic education and are just languishing in poverty. Some share their homes with animals. Some Busoga youth seem to have lost meaning to life. They are in despair with no vision.

The Kyabazinga should initiate a campaign to sensitise people about farming opportunities to improve their livelihood and health. It is so heartbreaking to see a whole MP devote her breath to explain that jiggers are a curse from God, can you imagine?! Could such a person be that blind to know that they are not a curse, but as a result of poor hygiene?

This shows you some of the kind of leaders we have. It is so pathetic that such a misguided leader has time to write a whole page in the national paper about such falsehoods instead of how to better their electorate with transformational and sustainable agriculture skills or health style skills.

Promote health and positive living. The kingdom should have life transforming programmes for all the people, jigger infested areas should be sensitised about basic hygiene. By the way, those communities don’t know the causes and prevention of jiggers.

The natives are ignorant about the fact that jiggers thrive in unhealthy environments. They have surrendered fighting the mystery, but now tried to accommodate them. There is power in the transformation and empowerment of the youth. The kingdom should start with youth, because many of them are left reached exploited.

The Kingdom should now mobilise the community and sensitise about health and eradicate the phenomenal jiggers song. It takes visionary leadership to transform the jiggers song from the communities affected. I do believe this is very possible, it does not need prayers but hygiene change and a leader like the Kyabazinga. 

Furthermore, this is a time for development. The Bwa Busoga and Busoga has for long lagged behind, partly because of the unpresentable leadership. The MPs from the Busoga region didn’t have one whom they pay a legacy to, they were not united in the development of the region.

Now that the region has got a king, the MPs should unite to improve the livelihood of their people. The Busoga constitution should be amended so as to have a peaceful transition of power next time. In the present age and era, you cannot afford to waste what you have.

The completion of the palace awaits, reviving of the cultural sites like Budhumbara in Kamuli lay forgotten.  Busoga kingdom also has values and a rich Kisoga culture that should be preserved. I believe there is a long path to walk as Bwa Busoga kingdom.

The Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope IV needs to borrow a leaf from Buganda and Toro kingdoms in claiming what belongs to the Kingdom from the government. Also importantly, the king needs to safely keep the land in Busoga’s custody against the ever increasing and cunning land grabbers.


The king should have high on his agenda, economic projects that will help the kingdom be self-sufficient. Busoga kingdom should strongly embark on a campaign to preserve the Lusoga language.


As a kingdom, we need to start teaching Lusoga language, write a dictionary and other books to document Kisoga culture. Busoga should be remembered for great exploits.

In this way, the Kingdom will have transformed the lives of people, the community and Uganda at large. After all, this was the major role of the Kingdoms in the earlier days; to transform its own people through mobilization, education and peaceful living. I believe this should be the agenda of our current King. Kyabazinga ne Obwa Bwa Busoga buwangale!!

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Institutionalisation of the Kyabazinga should better the Basoga

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