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Vision Group reveals yummy jubilee offers

By Vision Reporter

Added 22nd September 2012 02:01 PM

AS celebrations to mark the Golden jubilee come to a climax, Vision Group is unveiling special content in all its newspapers, radios, TVs and websites to enable Ugandans have a memorable experience.

AS celebrations to mark the Golden jubilee come to a climax, Vision Group is unveiling special content in all its newspapers, radios, TVs and websites to enable Ugandans have a memorable experience.

By John Masaba

AS celebrations to mark the Golden jubilee come to a climax, Vision Group is unveiling special content in all its newspapers, radios, TVs and websites to enable Ugandans have a memorable experience.

This is the final phase of the nine-month editorial campaign that was initiated by Vision Group, involving all its platforms to engage the public and inform them of what happened since Uganda attained independence on October 9, 1962.

Vision Group boasts of the multi-media platforms which include six radios, three TVs, four English newspapers, four local language papers, SMS, Digital, and four magazines.

The Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga, said in addition to special Independence packages in its English newspapers, New Vision, Saturday Vision, Sunday Vision and Kampala Sun as well as the local language papers, Bukedde, Rupiny, Orumuri, and Etop, Vision Group would launch a commemorative book.

The commemorative book
According to the CEO, the book, ‘Uganda: Building Of A Nation’ will feature the lives of over 148 personalities who have made significant contribution in building Uganda in different fields.

“This is a product people need to keep for their grandchildren,” Kabushenga advised. “We shall be producing a limited edition of the book. If you miss this one, you will have to wait for another 50 years before you can have this special moment again.”

With beautiful pictures and a simple magnetic style, the book tells stories of both Uganda’s heroes and villains alike. From them, both the good and bad is presented and offers lessons to learn from the story of Uganda.

Barbara Kaija, the editor-in-chief of New Vision, said the initiative was borne out of the need for Ugandans to understand the story of building Uganda as a nation.

“We chose to do this by profiling people who have over the centuries contributed to the formation of our nation. All Ugandans have contributed, but there are those who are outstanding and through them, the story of Uganda can be told,” she said.

“It is a book that should be kept in every sitting room, at every reception, in every library and in every classroom so that future generations do not lose track of our history,” she advised.

TV documentaries
Vision Group will also run special TV documentaries to make Ugandans understand Uganda’s history. The documentary, Building of a Nation, will start on October 4 on Urban TV, Bukedde TV and TV West.

The four series of the documentaries were assembled in English, Luganda and Runyakitara to meet the needs of our target audiences. It will trace Uganda from the coming of the Europeans, the independence, the political, social and economic transformations the country has undergone since independence.

James Serunkuma, the station manager of Urban TV, said viewers of the three stations also have the opportunity to enjoy short skits of people’s recollections of past times before and after the departure of the colonial rulers.

“Viewers will walk down the memory lane as they peer into the lives of personalities like Maj. Kanuti Akorimo, the officer who hoisted Uganda’s national flag for the first time on October 9 1962; Nasser Sebaggala, former Kampala Mayor who lived a colourful life in the 1970s; Abudallah Nasur, a former governor of central province in the 1970’s who forced people to eat slippers and former president Idi Amin, among others, who will feature in the documentary.

Vision Group’s TV stations will on October 6 and 7 also run various movies connected to Uganda including Last King of Scotland, Missippi Masala and Raid on Entebbe.

Kabushenga also promises that Vision Group will transmit the Independence Day celebration proceedings at Kololo live on all its TV platforms.

The Radio
The popular Bukedde FM has organized a Game of Five, an interactive programme testing listeners’ knowledge about Uganda’s history. Listeners will be given five questions to answer in five minutes to win sh50,000.

Also this year’s concert, Embuutu y’Embuutikizi at Namboole stadium on October 28 will mark the climax of the radio’s jubilee celebration where the best song praising Uganda will be unveiled.

The Group’s other radio stations, XFM, Radio West, Etop FM, Radio Rupiny and Arua One will feature talk shows, music from the 1960’s and other activity all geared to getting our listeners in a Jubilee celebration mood.


Kabushenga says Ugandans in the diaspora will be offered a chance to follow and participate in the jubilee cerebrations.

“There will be live online coverage,” Kabushenga said. “We have contacted Ugandans in the diaspora to send us plans on how they will celebrate so that we showcase them our online forum.”

Janat Namulindwa, the online manager, said when visitors log on, a special teaser will link them to an archive of all jubilee related articles published in Vision Group publications since January.

“The websites will offer visitors a chance to interact and share ideas, and comment on the events of the day,” she explained.

Free Stickers
In the past few weeks, Vision Group has been running a sticker campaign through Sunday Vision where everyone who bought a copy got a sticker.

Due to public demand, the campaign was extended to allow those who missed, to get a sticker at all Shell Fuel Stations in the city starting on Monday. Stickers will be handed to motorists who refill at the stations.

New Vision will run a big supplement with Jubilee congratulatory messages on October 9. Corporates, businesses and everybody should ensure that their messages are on record in this historical issue.

Dream for Uganda

David Mukholi, Vision Group’s Managing Editor who is also the coordinator of the Uganda at 50 project, said starting on Monday, readers would be given a chance to participate in the new promotion, I have a dream for Uganda, by sending their art pieces, music, articles and poems. These will be published or broadcast in the run up to October 9 on all our platforms, he said.

Vision Group was the first media house to celebrate Uganda’s Golden Jubilee with the launch of a series of historical articles in January. Focus was placed on one theme every month, to tell the story of Uganda since independence.

The group also produced a 200 page high quality magazine 50th Uganda: Past, Present, Future which reviewed and assessed Uganda’s past and cast a picture of what the country will be in the next 50 years.

Last week Vision Group started a jubilee quiz in the English newspapers. Every day three questions on Uganda’s political history are asked and there is up to sh100,000 to win every week. A grand draw is planned for October 9 with sh1m up for grabs. The Group’s newspapers, like Bukedde, Orumuri, Etop and Rupiny will give readers free paper flags and will continue to run the Uganda at 50 thematic stories whilst counting down the days to the climax celebrations on October 9th 2012.The quiz will also run on Vision Group’s Radios and TVs.

Vision Group reveals yummy jubilee offers

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