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She says...He says...

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I am no man eater!...Instead of making death threats, find out what is wrong with you and keeps me responding better to other girls’ signals!

I am no man eater!...Instead of making death threats, find out what is wrong with you and keeps me responding better to other girls’ signals!


She says...


I have immense respect for a couple’s relationship whether they are married, engaged, seriously dating, shacking up, out on a date, or whatever.

With that said, it is incredibly off  putting to encounter an insecure female who reacts in public as if another woman was trying to steal her man.

If an insecure female is out with her man and another woman happens to be anywhere in the vicinity, suddenly the said female will start hanging all over her man, kissing him, rubbing her boobies on him, or even attempting a full-on make out session.

Interestingly, most women, who get unwanted attention from taken men, DON’T run around in skimpy and tight T-shirts with the words ‘Man Eater’, while casting wanton come-hither looks at unavailable men.

Most of the time we are in our own little world, innocently trying to shop when suddenly, we hear gross noises behind us. When we turn around to investigate the source of the vulgarity, we catch some dude not-so-slyly checking us out, while his desperate girlfriend is ‘stabbing’ us with her eyes.

Surprisingly, this type of crap also happens when we are accompanied by a man. Once, on a rather unenjoyable dinner date, I was trying to politely nd a way to get home ASAP so I could watch Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, my attention was diverted from my escape plans by some creepy married guy at the next table, who kept staring at me.

His wife caught his wandering eye and responded in the trashiest of fashions by deep kissing him in the middle of the restaurant, prompting me to want to vomit on their butts.Taking this into account, the entire situation is pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

I am not interested in anyone else’s man and neither are any other women who fall victim to this sort of nonsense. And we are especially not keen on any guy who has to be kept on a leash because he cannot take his eyes o women other than his own.So, attention all you pathetic little insecure females:

The problem isn’t US. The problem is YOU and your lack of self-con dence, not to mention your very poor choice in men partners. Please go work on your self-esteem and stop acting like that every time you and your man are in the vicinity of another woman. It is incredibly disgusting and sad.

He says...


Any man can walk into a room lled with total strangers and know the woman he could go home with the next minute (read man eater); one who can kick his butt, the one who talks like a radio or the woman to marry.

That is because all women are like satellites, sending signals to men. And what do innocent men do? Well, we follow commands like mute robots.

So, if you are sending signals, why shouldn’t we respond?Many women do not care that you already have a half-frustrated woman on your arm, she will still atter her eyelids towards you, walk with a pronounced catwalk and try to seek your attention.

Have you ever seen a woman eating ice-cream? Man, it has some immense impact!But we men are just responding, reading signs and executing commands.It is not true that we just ogle girls and stare slack-jawed, with saliva dripping at their bosoms or behinds. We have to be invited. There has to be the “come hither”, before the curtains of our eyes wither!

Oh, we could go the whole 10 yards, too, but it is like a sick game of dangling the morsel above the mongrel’s reach. Women love that a lot; to be seen, but not to be had. And they do it a lot to other people’s men, only to turn around and mark territory when there seems to be a worthier belle on the scene.

Have you ever seen a dog peeing on almost every tree, anthill and post in your neighbourhood? Well, this is just its way of saying: “All the bitches on this street are mine, dog!” Well, it looked like a habit that would catch on with men, but surprisingly, was adopted fervently by the females.

Women mark territory way too much. Border disputes would be non-existent if partitioning of the world was up to them.And boy, we hate it when our women start acting mean or go combat on any women they think we are mildly interested in. Instead of making death threats to someone’s poor daughter, gure out what is wrong with you that keeps me responding better to the other girl’s signals.

Change your batteries. Before you pull o the kikazi’s fake hair, rst do something about your wacky hair. Before you o -load the world’s insults on her, ensure that none of the insults can be applicable to you. A moment of silence please, in loving memory of “bitch.”

But I agree, some women can ‘over-want’ your man. I like a woman who ghts for me.


She says...He says...

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