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MPs, public react to budget

By Vision Reporter

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MPs and members of the public have expressed mixed reactions on the budget.

MPs, public react to budget

MPs and members of the public have expressed mixed reactions on the budget.

By Vision reporters    
Joseph Mutyaba, Dentist

Health wise, I agree with the increase in taxes on spirits because then, people will consume less of it. When it comes to whisky for example, it disorganizes the whole entire body system which is very bad.

Asher Richman Kalungi, Doctor
Things like cosmetics and perfumes that this year's budget has tackled benefit individuals rather than a country. It would make much more sense to focus on vital issues that do matter to people rather than these luxurious items.

Rebecca Nabale, Personal assistant Print House No matter how much we increase on cosmetics, we ladies have no choice. We shall somehow manage the prices because when you are addicted to make up, you cannot avoid it.

Hassan Wasswa, Businessman
This year's budget should have focused on people's health. People die in hospitals every single day due to luck of medicine and other minor necessities. What don't we have? Is it the medicine or limited doctors?

Ali Green Nsubuga, Butcher
I want them to tell us exactly how much teachers are going to get. In fact teachers should earn more than most of these MP's who sleep in parliament. They are the ones who teach the leaders of today.

Joseph Lokuo, tours and travel.
I am excited about the decision by government to increase funding to the tourism sector and improving accessibility to tourist sites. More funds should be given to Uganda Tourism Board to market the country further.

Ahmed Mutimba, MD Apex petroleum

It is not really a common man's budget because it does not address the issues that affect the ordinary person. The statistics don't reflect the situation of the common man and I am wondering why we pay taxes because the government is not giving its citizens what is due to them.

Samuel Okurapa, banker

The money has of course been allocated to strategic areas of the economy but it will never be seen on ground. The same thing happened last year but it is difficult to see the impact our money has made on ground and sometimes budgets to some sectors is cut to fund the presidential expenditure.
Sam Kamara, a dealer in electronics
There's no relevance in reducing taxes on Tv sets which are luxury items. Taxes should have been removed or reduced on essential items like fuel and electricity'.

Immaculate Nuwagaba, vendor

I'm happy about the big budgetary allocations to the transport sector. We expect transport costs and prices at which we buy agricultural produce.

Ssozi Musisi, a butcher

The budget has completely lost relevance since it does not address the critical concerns of the people. Until key sectors like agriculture are substantially addressed, unemployment will persist.

Caroline Nanduga, accountant

The tax increment on cosmetics is unrealistic and uncalled for, don't
they want people especially ladies to look good and elegant?   This
tax should be reduced, in fact absolutely removed.

Anne Kajjumba, TV presenter

I am glad teachers' salaries are finally going to be being raised because they have complained for far too long and yet they offer a great service for the nation.

Lawrence Asaba, Construction manager

The increment in the budget for the roads sector is a clear manifestation that the government is serious about linking the countryside to the markets.

What MPs said onthe budget

Milton Muwuma, chairperson defence committee
I am happy that teachers and medical workers have been rewarded and I am also happy with increasing the PAYEE threshold. But I am disappointed that Ugandans are being asked to pay for national IDs. An ID should have been given free of charge. Now it will not serve its purpose. Many people will shun it. If we want it, government must foot the bill.

Kassiano Wadri, chairperson Public Accounts Committee.

I am disappointed by the issue of tax on water. We have a poor population and the target of government is to rid citizens of preventable diseases. Increasing VAT denies them the service the more. I welcome the idea of giving tax concessions to those who locate their factories far away from the capital. It will give poor people employment.

The roads mentioned are the same roads every year, except for a few. Construction of hydropower plants has delayed. I am not so sure that it will not be the same story of window dressing a budget.

Betty Amongi, chairperson Uganda Women Parliamentary Association
I oppose reinstatement of tax on water and increase of tax on cosmetics and excise duty on local products. The growth mentioned is not reflected in the actual lives of Ugandans. I welcome focus on roads, energy, water, education, but it has been a song for a long time.

Eddie Kwizera, vice chairperson, natural resources committee

We are very happy because investment in the energy sector has increased. The lower cadre staff have also been relieved from PAYEE for instance some policemen, drivers and messengers. However, I am not happy with introduction of tax on water. Water is life and the tax is not welcome. It is not also wise for government to borrow money from NSSF because it may not pay back the money when workers need it.

William Nzonghu, shadow minister for housing and urban development
The budget was not looking at issues that affect the common person. They are trying to re-instate VAT on water because for them they do not how much they pay for water bills. The minister and the technocrats have also refused to heed to our advice on how to handle the youth fund.

Kasule Sebunya, vice chairman finance committee
The PAYEE threshold is good. It is like an official minimum wage.

Godfrey Kiwanda, chairperson Buganda Caucus
It is a good budget. It talks about rural electrification, improving rural feeder roads, and provision of seeds to farmers is a good move.

 State minister ethics and integrity, Simon Lokodo

The budget has been strategic and has pointed to some key areas for promoting economic growth and GDP. I want strong emphasis on support to anti-corruption agencies. I am happy with the increase of teachers' salaries. It is the cooking pot of economic growth and development, but we need to build human resource in this country.

Chris Opoka, member East African Legislative Assembly
On the whole the budget is good. Focus on agriculture, roads, health is excellent. Rural electrification can spur development in rural areas. Raising threshold is good for the ordinary person. Creation of council of ministers on economy is excellent. It should be fully implemented.

Florence Kintu, chairperson public service and local government committee

I am happy that districts are going to get road equipment because now they will be able to work on their roads. I am happy with the increase of tax on cosmetics and gambling.

Stephen Mukitale, chairperson national economy committee

The budget is good if we can implement it. My only disappointment was on VAT on water. Targeting water is a mistake.

Mike Sebalu, member EALA
I am not happy with VAT on water. It should be reconsidered. The NRM manifesto talks about good service delivery and this does not mean increasing tax on water, which is a basic necessity of life. This water is going to be very expensive and we are going to have problems of hygiene.


MPs, public react to budget

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