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Raghwani known for Quality construction

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Given the construction fray in the country, authorities are challenged to control substandard structures that result in fatal accidents and huge losses of resources

Given the construction fray in the country, authorities are challenged to control substandard structures that result in fatal accidents and huge losses of resources

By Titus Kakembo

Given the construction fray in the country, authorities are challenged to control substandard structures that result in fatal accidents and huge losses of resources. With Raghwani Construction which was jointly founded in 1982 by Mavji Jeshani and Harji Raghwani, property developers can rest assured of well done jobs.

Later incorporated, in 1989 and chaired by Harji Raghwani on a on a small scale, it has over the years has grown, evolved and diversified becoming one of the leading contractors known for providing a wide range of services.

“We are best known for quality,” says CEO Ramji Jeshani. “Raghwani Construction also operates in Kenya under the corporate names of Structural Construction. Raghwani Construction forms the main subsidiary of Raghwani group of companies.”

This time round, Raghwani Construction and Uganda Joinery and Steel fabrications take this opportunity to congratulate their business partner, Symbion International on its 30th anniversary.

With its headquarters at the elegant Studio House on Plot 5 along Bandali Drive in Bugolobi,  Raghwani boasts having the capacity to handle such interior decoration, furnishing and fabricating the steel to suit any client’s needs.

Ragwani has handled structures across the country and added to the glitter of the entire landscape and ambience. Their products are visibly, architecturally superb pieces of work.

“To mention but a few, we have to date worked on Golf Course Apartment, ISS Clinic Mulago Hospital, KKT Plaza in Arua, Tropical Bank among many others,” reveals Jeshani. “Following Symbion footsteps we also intend to widen our area of operation to include South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and DR of Congo.”

Jeshani asserts that neat jobs take the creative manipulation and coordination of material, technology, light and shadow. The services Raghwani Construction offers comprise; architectural aspects of; designing, scheduling, cost estimating and construction administration. The documentation produced by seasoned architects are typical drawings, plans and technical specifications.

They define the structure of a building or any other kind of system that is to be put in place.
Today Symbion boasts employing a team of more than 200 staff working in various branches spread across the African continent. Just name a country, right from the Indian Ocean shores of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania to the interior section comprising; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and down south to Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. The expansion stretches all the way to South Africa, Gabon, Seychelles and Mauritius.

“Symbion are a leading architectural service providers in Sub Saharan Africa,” asserts Jeshani. “We are proud to be associated with Symbion which boasts having a dedicated team and a good work record history of a good jobs. With Symbion we have worked on world class hotels, a national hospital, offices and business units across the continent."

"Raghwan supplies interior designs, architecture, technicians, support staff and specialist consultants to undertake any endevour.”

According to the record book, the clients range from individual first home developers, complex commercial complex and residential apartments.

“We tailor a piece to suite a client’s desire,” says Symbion Architect Steven Kijjambu. “We can elicit the service of architects, interior design, project management and urban design. We look at every nitty gritty piece of the job as it is being done. This is the only way property developers can overcome tragedy on construction sites.”

The supervision includes monitoring of the quality of raw materials being used and the ratio of mixing being done from ground breaking to completion. In relation to the modern buildings, architecture in Uganda currently demands planning and designing.

“The interiors these days have cantilever stairs are based on a reinforced concrete beam, that shapes a distinctive xv sign with the double pillar,” says the manager Jay Jeshani. “Architects these days create the stunning contemporary residence as a response to the carefully chosen site and surrounding views.”

Since modern architecture hit the construction industry, Ugandan are adopting philosophical and intricate designs. Informed property developers are rejecting archaic and space wasting architectural practice and replacing them with academic refinement of historical styles which served the rapidly declining aristocratic order


Raghwani known for Quality construction

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