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How can we keep Ugandans united?

By Vision Reporter

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As Uganda prepares to celebrate the Golden Jubilee this year, most Ugandans think the Government and the people have a lot more to do to in order to achieve unity and peace.

As Uganda prepares to celebrate the Golden Jubilee this year, most Ugandans think the Government and the people have a lot more to do to in order to achieve unity and peace.

By  Ali Mambule, Andrew Ssenyonjo, Juliet Kasirye, Gerald Tenywa,Norman Katende

Jessica Eriyo, former environment minister
We should avoid hatred and corruption. Corruption benefits a few people. We should pick a leaf from the EU and US by working together to build the East African Community. We should protect the environment.

Herbert Zake, Banker

We can have something in the area of sports that will bring people together like the national team. We should also think of a way of involving top musicians to compose a song about Uganda and its achievements that will stand the test of time.

Resty Nambooze,Supervisor Posta Uganda
When we have peace in the country, we will be united. Ugandans should also turn to God. The country is going through a lot of challenges. The President should respect the people he is leading.

James Thembo, journalist
We have to find solutions to the issues that divide us. Some people think that dialogue is not a solution to the country’s problems, but if we push for dialogue in everything we do then Ugandans will be together. I advise people to practise what they preach.

Bishop Godfrey Makumbi, West Buganda Diocese
Leaders must learn to listen to those below them. Collective ideas are good at creating unity. We must advocate for dialogue if harmony is to be sustained in our country.

Sarah Nadunga,cashier at Bata Uganda
Ugandans should be availed with jobs so that they can live better lives. The Government has not done much to tackle unemployment among the youth.
If everyone has a job, the country will be at peace.

William Tumwine,former Kampala Town Clerk
We should put in place systems that are extremely transparent so that everyone can understand whatever is taking place, the achievements and challenges.

Linda Nabusaayi, deputy presidential press secretary
Ugandans should be taught to love and do something good for their country. This should be in terms of family,
community and national values.

Miria Matembe,former minister
It is all about good leadership in our country. Political leaders have divided people for political gain. People should stop fighting against each other and work for unity.

Baswale Kezaala,Mayor Jinja municipality
We need to put interests of the country above self irrespective of political or social interests. I have known political parties in Europe that support others on national issues.

Tony Omoding,shop attendant
Most Ugandans are unemployed because of tribalism. This has led to divisions among Ugandans. Let us avoid tribalism.

Haji Bbuulu Katale,Kabaka’s deputy representative in Buddu
In Buganda, we welcome people from different parts of the world. All Ugandans should copy our example.

Joseph Kalungi,Masaka district chairperson

We must educate our people on the importance of hardwork and respect for one another. If all Ugandans keep that in mind, there will be peace.

Gorretti Namuddu Nazziwa, businesswoman

The Government needs to strengthen laws against violation of rights of women and support the education of women.

Timothy Ssemakula, official National Council of Sports
The only way to create a good Uganda is by federating the state. Each region will be contented with its resources. We also need to prioritise sports.

Ibrahim Kaweesi
Leaders should wish for others what they wish for themselves. No person would hate another if we confirm that we are all equal. 

How can we keep Ugandans united?

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