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My first celebration of love...

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Everyone has views, plans and memories of the day.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Everyone has views, plans and memories of the day.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Everyone has views, plans and memories of the day. HALIMA SHABAN asked readers how they spent their first Valentine’s Day.

i bought her flowers and a card
I have celebrated Valentine’s Day once. I do not remember which year it was but I had just finished university. I bought her flowers with a card and later took her to Blue Africa where we spent the evening.
Erias Lukwago,
Kampala Central MP

i celebrate valentines everyday
I do not remember what I did for her on that first Valentine’s but I do not have to wait for a particular day to show her love. I celebrate Valentine’s every day. 
Ssebaana Kizito,
the Democratic Party President

we had dinner at home
We were newlyweds. My hubby and I agreed that everyday should be Valentine’s Day. This was of course dripping with sarcasm because it is such a cheesy thing to say! We did have a nice dinner at home and later in the evening, he took me out.
Rosette Mukasa,
married mother of two

We bought each other flowers, exchanged cards
I first heard of Valentine’s when I was 19 years at King’s College Budo. I got a surprise card from a friend, who was studying at Makerere University. Later, when I got married, my husband, and I continued to celebrate Valentine’s Day. On my first Valentine’s with my late husband, we bought each other flowers and exchanged cards. Later, we went out for dinner. Actually, Valentine’s Day always brings back memories of my husband.
Beti Kamya,
Member of Parliament for Rubaga North

i took her to Zanzibar
My first Valentine’s was in 1982. I took her to Zanzibar to a hotel, where we had our dinner and later we went out to the theatre and watched a romantic movie. Valentine’s Day should be made memorable with new innovations. A trip to explore a foreign city, was a big surprise to her. She remembered it long after Valentine’s Day.
Masta Robbo,
Presenter at Super FM

i spent it with my spouse
It was in 2001 and I had a show that day so we were together with my spouse.  I bought her a card and flowers, which I gave to her in the morning before going to Entebbe Resort Beach, where we had lunch. From Entebbe, we went to Lugogo, where I was going to perform and after the show, we went to Club Silk.
Mesach Ssemakula,

We celebrate love everyday
I don’t remember celebrating Valentine’s. My sweetheart and I usually take it as an ordinary day. We celebrate love almost everyday. We cherish the most important things that mean the most to each of us; our love and children.
Nabilah Ssempala,
Kampala Woman MP

he made dinner for me
My sweetheart and I have a tradition of making Valentine’s Day dinner for each other. On our first Valentine’s, we set the table with roses and candles. We did not have children. He made me a two course meal. It was a pleasant surprise. We also exchanged gifts; small but thoughtful. In the evening, he took me to watch my favourite band, Afrigo.
Fatuma Kagoya,
a married business woman

I first celebrated Valentine’s in America. What I remember was that I was so broke, I could not afford to take her out for dinner. But I tried my best to make her happy. I had to buy cooked food and later invited her to my place for dinner. I bought her flowers and a card, which I gave her when she came over to my place.
Peter Ssematimba,
LC5 chairperson of Rubaga division

My first celebration of love...

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