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The roaring subaru impreza wrx

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NOWADAYS, a stroll on the streets of Kampala or its quiet suburbs, will bring you to the sound of a roaring engine. Looking around, it is a flashy Subaru WRX you will see.

NOWADAYS, a stroll on the streets of Kampala or its quiet suburbs, will bring you to the sound of a roaring engine. Looking around, it is a flashy Subaru WRX you will see.

By Michael Kanaabi

NOWADAYS, a stroll on the streets of Kampala or its quiet suburbs, will bring you to the sound of a roaring engine. Looking around, it is a flashy Subaru WRX you will see.

The WRX, which comes in different colours, has become trendy that many people in Kampala have found it handy to use, especially over the weekend to go to bars, clubs or beaches.

The first Subaru Impreza WRX hit the market in Japan in November 1992. Later, it spread out to other markets and gradually gained popularity.

“The commonest on our roads is the 1996-2000 model. The 2001-2004 model is also gaing popularity with the increasing number of direct car importers from Japan,” says Tom Isabirye, a vehicle importer. The car’s engines vary from 1.8litres to 2.5 litres. The 2.0 litre engine is also available depending on the year and model specifications.

The Subaru Impreza WRX has a turbo charged drive train, large brakes, wide low profile tyres and firm high quality suspensions compared to other Impreza models. In 1993, the machine was upgraded with drum brakes.

They substituted solid disk brakes and an automatic version was created.

In 1994, the wheel diameters of the Subaru Impreza WRX were increased to 16 inches and the solid brake rotors replaced with ventilated ones, making it more stable on the road and with greater braking ability.

In 1996, the car was restyled to appear curvier. The 1999 version got new features such as newly designed alloy wheels, colour coded mirrors and door handles, a new remote central locking system and map lights.

Special championship editions
In June 1995 after Collin McRae’s World Rally Championship(WRC) win with a Subaru Impreza WRX, a limited edition of the Subaru WRX was manufactured to celebrate his victory.

About 200 cars with numbers 1-201 were released. They spotted gold speed line alloy wheels and an electronic tilt sunroof.

In March 1997, another limited edition with similar features came after Subaru had won another WRC manufacturer’s title in Spain.

To celebrate their third WRC victory, Subaru released another limited edition known as the Turbo Terzo in April 1998 and this time they released 333 limited edition cars. The choice of the number produced reflected their third victory. The car was named Terzo after the Italian word for third.

Another 444 cars, which were also limited edition versions of the Impreza WRX, were brought onto the market and named the ‘RB5’ to celebrate the return of Richard Burns into championship racing by driving a Subaru number five.

It had a pro-drive suspension pack and the WR sport performance pack as its outstanding features.

The WRX second generation
The second generations, especially the 2001, 2002 and 2003 models have started to filter into Uganda.

The second generation hit the market in 2001 and featured a number of changes from the first generation.

The torsional stiffness of the chassis was increased and the front eyes called ‘crocodile eyes’ or blob eyes replaced the bug eyes that were on the first generation.

Further changes to the car were made in 2005 bringing on board the controversial jet intake and wings grille alongside the new headlights referred to as hawk eyes.

In 2006, the front part of the car received a redesign getting new bold styled headlights, a three section mesh grille and new tail light clusters.

The third generation, released in 2008 received a complete makeover since it was based on the shortened Subaru Legacy platform.

The 2011 model, which is still in the factory, will have a wider body for both the sedan and hatchback.

Who drives this car?
It is mostly loved by the outgoing and adventurous people. They flood the Entebbe’s beaches every weekend, do not miss sports, especially motor racing and entertainment events.

Geoffrey, a 30 year old business man, says he cherishes his WRX. “I love turning the ignition key and pressing the accelerator just to feel my car’s engine roar, it just gets me excited and fired up.”

The WRX is also attractive to out going and fun loving ladies, especially those interested in powerful and tough cars.

Apart from its spaciousness, it has a high ability for speed. With its Turbo, it delivers beyond expectation on speed. The car can pick from 0 to 60km/hr within 5.5 seconds and from 0 to 100 km/hr in 14 seconds.

It is a great fuel guzzler. Since it is a turbo, it needs extra energy. Its maintenance costs are also high, especially replacing its tyres common with the recent models. Its lights and other parts are rare on the market and costly.

In addition, the engine of the earlier models often heats up easily. Some people find fault with the interior saying it is comfy.

Despite its strength and weaknesses, the Subaru Impreza WRX will continue roaring on our roads.

The roaring subaru impreza wrx

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