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Chronology of events from his death todate

By Vision Reporter

Added 9th July 2010 03:00 AM

June 24 2009: Michael Jackson arrives for rehearsal at Staples Centre around 6:30pm.

June 24 2009: Michael Jackson arrives for rehearsal at Staples Centre around 6:30pm.

June 24 2009: Michael Jackson arrives for rehearsal at Staples Centre around 6:30pm.

He complains of laryngitis (inflammation of the vocal cords) and doesn’t sing until 9:00pm. He recovers, looks great and has great energy. Rehearsal went past midnight.

June 25 2009: Jackson does not come out of his bedroom. His personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, enters the room in the afternoon and finds him in bed and not breathing.

But he has a weak pulse and his body is still warm. Murray tries to revive Jackson for five to ten minutes. Paramedics arrive at 12:26pm but Jackson is no longer breathing.

They try to resuscitate him for 42 minutes before taking him to Ronald Reagan UNCLA Medical Centre. The ambulance arrives at the hospital at approximately 1:14pm. He is pronounced dead at 2:26pm.

June 26, 2009: The coroner rules there was no foul play.

June 30, 2009: Tabloids first report that Jackson’s friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, is actually the biological father of Jackson’s two older children, Prince Michael Jackson II, known as ‘Blanket’, born in 2002 and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, born in 1998.

July 7, 2009: Michael’s star-studded memorial service packs L.A.’s Staples Centre and draws millions of TV viewers; Paris Jackson’s tears steal the show.

July 13, 2009: La Toya Jackson, his sister, says Michael was murdered.

July 17, 2009: Tabloids report that Paris, Prince and Blanket want Michael’s sister to raise them and that Norway dancer Omer Bhatti is Michael’s ‘secret son’.

July 24, 2009: Investigators formally begin looking into whether Dr. Murray injected Michael with the powerful aesthetic Propofol.

August 1, 2009: Debbie Rowe, the mother of Paris and Prince, says she is the subject of so bogus rumours and files lawsuits.

August 9, 2009: Michael’s friend Mark Lester says he might be Paris’ dad.

August 24, 2009: Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson claims he is MJ’s son.

August 31, 2009: Blanket’s mother is rumoured to be an unnamed Mexican nurse, Helena and his father Macaulay Culkin.

September 2, 2009: DNA evidence collected to link MJ’s children to their biological parents.
September 4, 2009: Michael is buried in a place called the Holy Terrace in the Mausoleum.

October 22, 2009: Numerous parties, including Michael’s father Joe, question the legal validity of the singer’s will, which is nevertheless ruled valid.

October 28, 2009: Michael Jackson’s This Is It, a documentary of his rehearsal footage in preparation of the tour that never was, hits theatres.

November 18, 2009: Janet Jackson gives her first interview since her brother died, saying her family was not naive and tried to intervene many times.

December 22, 2009: Jackson’s FBI file is released.

February 1, 2010: The Grammy Awards honour MJ. His children receive the award on his behalf.

February 2, 2010: Jackson’s doctor, Murray is officially charged with involuntary manslaughter.

February 17, 2010: The trial begins and the timeline of Jackson’s death becomes a point of contention between the prosecution and Dr. Murray’s defence.

March 15, 2010: Omer Bhatti reportedly tells Michael’s kids that he is their father now; Other reports circulate that the kids are living in utter chaos.

April 4, 2010: Murray’s defence claims Jackson killed himself with Propofol when Murray had left the room to use the can.

May 3, 2010: Jason Pfeiffer alleges a gay affair with Michael Jackson; Arnold Klein backs him up; Both face death threats and widespread ridicule.

June 14, 2010: Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, blames Katherine for his son’s death and also sues MJ’s promoter AEG for pushing his son too hard.

June 21, 2010: Katherine, the children’s legal guardian, says they have no friends, but are going to a real school this winter, and are generally happy.

June 23, 2010: MJ’s father, Joe claims Dr Conrad Murray was drinking at a strip club before treating Michael on that fateful day. The doc calls this pure nonsense.

Chronology of events from his death todate

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