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Which course do you recommend?
I am 26 years old of Kenyan origin and a diploma holder in business administration from a private institution in Kampala. Which degree course do you recommend considering I will go back and look for a job in Kenya?
You can enroll for a bachelor’s degree in education in Uganda through the diploma holders’ scheme only if you got at least a second class or credit diploma.
However, career expert, Fagil Mandy, says it would be prudent if you continued with your profession — business administration since you had already picked interest in it.
Alternatively, you can try related courses like commerce, international business, economics, procurement and supplies management, and microfinance among others. The choice should depend on your capability.

What is the cut-off point for electrical engineering?
I am pursuing a diploma in electrical engineering. What are the minimum points for entry on government sponsorship at Makerere?
Nelson R

Electrical engineering is one of the most competitive courses at Makerere. It has had an average cut-off point of 51 in the last four years, according to information from the university’s admissions statistics booklet. However, this cut-off only applies to A’level leavers who apply through the direct entry scheme. Since you are pursuing a diploma, you should wait until you graduate so that you can apply through the diploma holders’ programme. The minimum entry requirement is a second class or credit diploma in a related field of study.

Which course can I do?
I scored 56 in 8 at O’ level: English(4), CRE(7), history(8), geography(7), mathematics(9), agriculture(9), physics (7), chemistry(9), biology(7), fine art(5). What courses can I take at university?
Andrew Agaba

According to the National Council for Higher Education guidelines, you cannot join university on just the O’level certificate. Vincent Ekwang, a member of the joint admissions board, says you have to apply through the mature age entry scheme where your academic qualifications do not matter a lot. However, to be eligible under this scheme, you must be above 25 years.
Your O’level performance indicates that you have a weakness in sciences. Therefore, if you passed the public university mature age exams, you could do arts courses like industrial and fine arts and social sciences.

Which business course is best for job makers?
I am in S.4 intending to study business. In this 21st Century, which business course can be useful for both self employment and job seekers?

Becoming self-employed takes more than studying business at university. It calls for creativity and having entrepreneurial skills. Peter Odoki, the spokesperson of Makerere University Business School, says any business course including business administration, commerce, economics and marketing can enable you to achieve your goals.
However, for self-employment, the bachelor of entrepreneurship and small business management can do better.

Am I eligible to join a tertiary institution?
I sat for my A’level in 2005 and scored 4 points, in biology(f), agriculture(E), geography(E), GP(7). Since then I have not joined any institution. Am I still eligible to join any tertiary institution? Which diploma programme is suitable for me?

Ann Mugerwa, a registrar Kyambogo University, says you are eligible for admission, but not on government sponsorship.
Since you got principal passes in agriculture and geography, you can apply for secondary teaching at the national teachers colleges.
Please enquire with tertiary institutions to find out other courses you can pursue.

How are diploma scores weighed?
I am a diploma holder in agro forestry from Nyabyeya Forestry College. I got a CGPA of 4.08. If I apply for a bachelor’s degree on government sponsorship at Makerere University, how do they weigh diploma scores?
Sam K

Makerere University’s spokesperson, Ritah Namisango, says diploma holders’ are selected depending on the number of slots available on a particular course.
If the number of applicants surpasses the available slots and all have second-class diplomas, the admissions board considers the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), whereby those with higher CGPAs are taken.

When is one admitted to university?
Apart from getting five passes in O’level and two principal passes in A’level, is there another way of joining university?

According to the National Council for Higher Education guidelines, students can be admitted to universities through three avenues.
The direct entry scheme is the main avenue, which targets A’level leavers only. The other is the diploma holders’ entry programme through which students holding at least credit diplomas are admitted. The third is the mature age entry scheme where at least 25 years of age is the minimum entry requirement. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Can I apply for commerce?
I did history, economics, geography and entrepreneurship. I scored BEBE and one point in GP respectively. Can I apply for the bachelor of commerce and be admitted at Makerere University?

Mathematics and economics are the essential subjects for Makerere’s bachelor of commerce. Since you did not take mathematics and your score in economics is not very good, you may find it hard getting admitted for bachelor of commerce.
The university’s academic registrar, Alfred Namoah, says you can try other courses like social work and social administration, mass communication, education and library and information science.
However, if you missed out applying this year, you can apply next year or look for a private university.

Where can I get employment?
I am doing a bachelor of commercial industrial art and design student. Can I be employed in non-governmental organisations?
Elias Begumisa

Commercial and industrial designers combine the fields of art, business, and engineering to design the products people use.
Dr. George Kyeyune, a former dean at Makerere University’s Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, says graduates can create their own employment as freelance artists/designers. But they can also be employed in advertising companies, printing firms, museums, galleries and schools as art teachers.
Kyeyune also says some NGOs employ designers to publish materials with illustrations. However, you need to be creative.

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