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When her mood swings to hatred

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A man who has not lived with a pregnant wife has yet to prove his manhood. Women’s moods make a complete u-turn when they get pregnant.

A man who has not lived with a pregnant wife has yet to prove his manhood. Women’s moods make a complete u-turn when they get pregnant.

By Titus Serunjogi

A man who has not lived with a pregnant wife has yet to prove his manhood. Women’s moods make a complete u-turn when they get pregnant.

Many men have been baffled when their once meek and caring wives turn into haters when they conceive. There are also several real life stories of pregnant women yelling at their husbands, spitting at them, battering them, chasing them out of bed, denying them sex or divorcing them.

Jonah, an employee of a breweries company, had always desired a baby, but his wife delayed to conceive. So, whenever he would get tipsy, Jonah would scold his wife for not giving him a child.

Once, after she had conceived, Jonah came back home and went tiptoeing towards. He wanted to surprise her with a kiss on the nape. But she responded by shoving him off and throwing the plate she was holding at him. Thank God she did not know how to punch. But she started a quarrel that lasted long. She said she regretted having married an immature man who played like a boy, and for that, she hated herself.

Since then, she forbid him from touching, kissing, or even looking at her. No sex. Many times, she pushed him out of bed in the middle of the night, saying he was smelling bad. Jonah loved his wife and could not wait to be the father of her baby.

So he would feel shattered whenever she refused him to do anything for her, especially during the times when she would stay in bed, crying all day.

Dr Drake Ahimbisibwe, a gynecologist says, “Pregnant women suffer mood swings due to increased production of hormones. Normally, only the ovaries produce the hormones estrogen and progestene. After conception, the placenta also begins to produce the same. These excess hormones can lead her to doing several unexpected things, but she will return to her usual disposition after giving birth.”

Excess hormone production affects each woman in a different way. For some, it motivates them to dislike their husbands. It motivates others to desire sex all the time. For many, it distorts their sense of smell. For others, it makes them feel like they are fat and unattractive - the more reason to lash out at the man responsible.

Any man can confront a woman who insults him. But shouting back at a pregnant wife can bring any of these three possibilities; she might start crying and blubbering inconsolably; turn angrier and more violent or she just keep quiet.

A quiet wife is very dangerous because you never know what she is planning. A man who is not confrontational might decide to keep away from his irritable pregnant wife. So, after work he will stay in the pub till the wee hours, dreading to find his wife awake.

How to handle her

Meddie Kajumba, a clinical psychologist, gives some tips on handling a hating pregnant wife
  • Understand that she is needy. Whether she needs you by her side, me-time, or she wants a sweet, she needs it there and then. So, try and be extra sensitive by giving her what she wants. If she wants you to leave her alone, do so. If she sends you to the supermarket to buy mayonnaise, do not come back home with margarine, instead. Do not take it personal if she yells at you.

  • Some women suffer mood swings because they feel less attractive. So you should continue to tell her that you love her and that she is beautiful.

  • Be hygienic. Do not pick your nose, bite your nails, dump your dirty stockings in the living room. Always take a shower before sleeping.

  • Participate in the pregnancy like discussing about clothes for the baby to be.

  • Let her know how her actions are making you feel, but nicely!

  • Above everything else, it is important that she eats lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • If all that fails, ask her mom or her best friend to talk to her. If the worst comes to the worst, try to find a way of getting her away from you for a few weeks. that way, she will return when the hormones have subsided and she can appreciate you the better.
  • When her mood swings to hatred

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