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2010 a year of surprises, frowns and humour

By Vision Reporter

Added 31st December 2010 03:00 AM

Wedding of the year
Talk of a wedding of any politician and we all imagine hotels and fancy celebrations in spacious gardens. But Alex Jurua, Apac’s Resident District Commissioner, gave us the wedding of the year.
On January 6, the bedridden Jurua in Ward 6C, Mulago Ho

Wedding of the year
Talk of a wedding of any politician and we all imagine hotels and fancy celebrations in spacious gardens. But Alex Jurua, Apac’s Resident District Commissioner, gave us the wedding of the year.
On January 6, the bedridden Jurua in Ward 6C, Mulago Ho

Wedding of the year
Talk of a wedding of any politician and we all imagine hotels and fancy celebrations in spacious gardens. But Alex Jurua, Apac’s Resident District Commissioner, gave us the wedding of the year.
On January 6, the bedridden Jurua in Ward 6C, Mulago Hospital, wed Josephine Akello, with whom he had lived for 26 years. Jurua was battling bone cancer and had had his right leg amputated.
The ceremony was presided over by Fr. Martin Andama and guests included hospital staff and patients. They shared four crates of soda and generous portions of wedding cake. The couple has 11 children.

Murder mystery
On the dawn of Saturday, January 30, a man was fumigating Tom Nkurungira’s residence and discovered a decomposing body in the septic tank. The victim was identified as Brenda Karamuzi, 26, who had a deep depression on the forehead, suggesting a hard blow from a blunt object.

Further search of the house revealed blood stains on the wall and floor, although it was clear that there was an attempt to clean up. Three bags containing a Visa ATM card and NSSF card belonging to Karamuzi were also discovered in the ceiling. Nkurungira, the main suspect, was arrested. Although he was suspected to have been having an affair with Karamuzi, her family insisted they were just friends. Preliminary investigations revealed that she was last seen on January 24 in Nkurungira’s company.

Karamuzi was the public relations officer of AYA construction firm. Nkurunjira is still on remanded at Luzira prison.

Romance shock of the year
Evangelist and singer Judith Babirye, on February 6 went public about her separation from her husband of four years, Samuel Niiwo. She said she had left Niwo in November because he was a philanderer, controller and wife beater who had neglected his parental and household obligations.
The last straw was when he chased her around the house, grabbed and hit her in full view of the neighbours, because she had asked him why he was bad-mouthing her among his relatives.
Niwo denied the allegations but conceded that he had not done well in the area of finance and was living off his wife. Attempts have been made to reconcile the two, in vain. Babirye says her life is much better and her business has improved. Niwo wants his wife back and believes there are some pastors who were ‘confusing’ her and advising her against reconciliation. He threatened to commit suicide if she did not return to him but Babirye stood her ground.

Love gone sour
On February 23, Private James Agaba returned home in Kinawataka in the morning and shot dead his lover, identified as Deborah. He then turned the gun on himself and died from a single bullet in the chest. His neighbours described him as a reserved man and said he could have killed her over rumours that she was be unfaithful.

More love murders

On 10th, Jane Nyiha, a second year Kenyan student at Kampala International University, stabbed her Kenyan boyfriend David Musunga in the throat. He was a third year mass communication student, while Nyiha was a student of public administration.
Their landlord, John Male, said they had been living together for a long time. Neighbours said Musunga had spent almost an hour knocking at the door as the girl ordered him to go away, so he spent the night at a friend’s house. He returned in the morning and the two fought. Neighbours heard him groaning and were shocked to find him in a pool of blood. He died on arrival at the hospital. Neighbours said the two were Born-again Christians.

Confidence of the year

After protracted media reports of Eagles’ Production director and singer, Geoffrey Lutaaya and his love affairs with other women, his fiance, Irene Namatovu, also a member of Eagles Production, decided to formalise her marriage to him. On April 9, she introduced him to her parents in a colourful ceremony. She then told the media that she believed Lutaaya had never cheated on her because the evidence presented was not convincing. She brushed off the women who were claiming to have children fathered by Lutaaya as money-hungry vultures. Likewise, Lutaaya, who had been taken to Police by one Yesigye over child neglect, agreed to look after the chid but still claimed it was to buy freedom and that he was not the father of the child.

Kitooke marries new bride

Haruna Kitooke Mubiru of Eagles Production married the daughter of tycoon Guster Lule Ntakke, Stella Nakyanya Ssonko. It marked the end of speculation after Ntakke’s family swore to squeeze Mubiru, when they discovered that he had made their daughter pregnant. His condition was that Stella converts to Islam, which she did. She is now known as Raudha, and is Mubiru’s second wife.

Straka, Caesarman separate
They met in 2008, planned a 2009 wedding which flopped and separated in 2010. Straka dragged Caeserman to police accusing him of stealing her computer and introduced him as a former boyfriend. In turn, Caeserman accused her of stealing his money and ‘calling herself his manager’. The Police termed the squabble a love gone sour.

Doctor kills wife

Dr. Apollo Nyangasi, the chairman of the medical workers’ union, had a fight with his wife Christine. Their neighbours in Kireka say they heard a gunshot. It was on July 24, at about 6:00am. Christine, 44, was found unconscious in a bathtub and rushed to Mulago hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Her husband of 15 years was arrested. Christine’s brother, Kamba Higenyi, said the couple’s relationship had been strained for a long time. They had misunderstandings over property and fidelity. The doctor had fathered a child outside wedlock. Nyangasi, who denied causing his wife’s death, is still on remand at Luzira Prison.

Eagles Production singer Grace

Ssekamatte ditched Christianity to become Muslim, got a new name, Sulaiman, and married a London-based lady, Sophia Nakiwala. But Nakiwala was apparently already married to Farouk Kigenyi in London and they had two children. She reportedly told him that she was coming to Uganda for a last funeral rites ceremony, only to end up introducing another man to her parents. Her parents said they knew Ssekamatte as the husband because Kigenyi had never been introduced to them.

More high profile infidelity

Pastor John Mulinde, the head of the African Prayer Mountain based in Seguku and the World Trumpet Centre, hired security operatives to monitor his wife’s movements before departing for a conference in the US. On September 15, his wife Sheila Jasmine was nabbed with a hair stylist, Jeff Mugisha, at his home in Kisaasi. However, Jasmine disowned her husband saying he was not worth the title. She said she had moved on and that ‘their’ child actually belonged to Mugisha. On return, the pastor chose to deal with his marital problems behind closed doors. Up to now, no dependable source can testify about their reconciliation.

Wife killer sent to gallows

Former Mukono Police chief James Aurien, 58, was sentenced to death for killing his wife, Christine Apolot in 2008. He was sentenced by Justice Lawrence Gidudu at Mukono High Court. Aurien shot his wife at Lugazi Barracks after accusing her of committing adultery on April 20, 2008.

Aurien being led to Luzira prison. Inset is his late wife Christine Apolot

Suicide pact or murder?

University students Alex Kisakye and Harriet Atugonza were burnt to death in their room on November 3. They were both third-year students of business administration at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. Neighbours found the metallic door of their room locked from the inside and said while the room was going up in flames, only Atugonza was seen trying to escape. This raised questions about whether it was murder, or a suicide pact. Police are still investigating.

Teen suicide
A 17-year-old Rukia Namubiru, a Senior Two student at Ntambi Memorial Secondary School, hanged herself after her boyfriend dumped her. Her cousin, Magidu Bukenya, said she loathed being laughed at at school for having wasted her time with the boy. Family members said she sneaked out of the house on Saturday night and her body was discovered on Sunday morning.

Singer Nantongo busted
Singer Sophie Nantongo’s secret finally came out, when her husband Hajj Kagoma Mubiru caught her cheating. Apparently, when he snatched her from Shaban Nsubuga one week to their introduction ceremony, their love never ended. Nsubuga kept sneaking into the Hajji’s home and Nantongo said the child she has with Hajji belongs to Nsubuga. Hajji Mubiru ended the marriage.

Rich lady snatches man
City tycoon Christine Nabukeera, owner of Nabukeera Plaza, snatched fellow businessman Livingstone Luwaga from his wife, Florence Nalubega. Nalubega settled for a car, a house and a business in exchange for her man, with whom she has four children. Retired Archbishop Nkoyooyo wed Luwaga and Nabukeera at Namirembe Cathedral on November 6.

Candidate shot over woman

Former Buganda minister and DP candidate, Matthias Mpuuga was found with Harriet Ndagire in La Nova lodge, Masaka by her boyfriend, John Ssempiira, who shot him in the thigh. Then, in an unlikely pact, the three agreed to keep it secret from the Police and paid lodge workers to clean the blood and keep quiet as they took Mpuuga to hospital. By the time the Police found out about the incident, Mpuuga had been transferred to Kampala. Ssempiira and Ndagire have been arrested and investigations are going on.

2010 a year of surprises, frowns and humour

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