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NRM first to register

By Vision Reporter

Added 1st November 2003 03:00 AM

THE National Resistance Movement (NRM) yesterday became the first political organisation to be registered.

THE National Resistance Movement (NRM) yesterday became the first political organisation to be registered.

By Felix Osike
THE National Resistance Movement (NRM) yesterday became the first political organisation to be registered.

The Certificate of Registration signed by the Acting Registrar General, Kyomuhendo Bisereko, reads, “I certify that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has this 31st day of October in the year 2003 been duly registered pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Political and Organisations Act and regulations made thereunder.”

But Democratic Party (DP) lawyers who lodged an objection to the Registrar General concerning the NRM name, objectives and constitution last month, have protested the registration, saying it was illegal.

“It is not possible. The registrar must give us a written verdict. He has to summon us. There is no way it can happen — that we were overruled in absentia,” said lawyer Erias Lukwago.

He said the law allows a party which is not satisfied with the Registrar General’s verdict to appeal to the High Court.

Bisereko confirmed the registration but declined to comment on the matter. “It is DP, which filed the petition, ask them,” he said before he hung up.

The NRM application was gazetted October 6 and the public was given 14 days to inspect its documents before it was registered.

Other political parties such as the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) lead by exiled former president Dr. Milton Obote and the Conservative Party (CP) have contested the legal requirement to register.

The headquarters of the NRM shall be on plot 10, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero in Kampala. Its motto is Peace, Unity and Social Transformation for Prosperity.

The organisation’s colours are a combination of yellow, blue, green and red and its symbol is a yellow bus, a thumbs-up and an open book.

According to its constitution adopted in May, the NRM is described as a national, broad-based, inclusive, democratic, non-sectarian, multi-ideological, multi-interest and progressive mass organisation formed to transform Uganda from a poor peasant society into a modern, industrial, united and prosperous society.

The NRM was founded as a liberation movement which brought President Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986 after a protracted struggle.

Membership to the NRM is open to all Ugandans who are prepared to abide by its constitution and code of conduct.

All those subscribing to its ideals and principles automatically became members upon registration. New members are required to take oath of allegiance to the NRM.

Membership ceases if a member dies, resigns, joins another political party, is dismissed, campaigns for a candidate sponsored by another political organisation or party or campaigns against the official candidate of the NRM.

The NRM shall have policy organs like the National Conference and the National Executive Council, administrative organs at all levels and special organs representing interests groups.

It will also have the Parliamentary Movement Caucus and other caucuses at lower levels.

NRM first to register

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