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Soap review

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ANTOINETTE tells her maid about a son she had with a different man and passed him off as Guadalupe’s.

ANTOINETTE tells her maid about a son she had with a different man and passed him off as Guadalupe’s.

Catalina is served divorce papers
ANTOINETTE tells her maid about a son she had with a different man and passed him off as Guadalupe’s.

Amelia overhears and wants to know who the son is. Jessica gets a new Will for Carmelo, now he has to get Guadalupe to sign it.

Guadalupe’s lawyer asks they change the clause in his Will which gives Sebastian’s wife access to some property. Petra reveals that Carmelo is Antoinette’s son. Catalina is served divorce papers.

Sebastian and Amelia spend a day at the beach and she tries to kiss him, but he reprimands her.

Catalina’s family is asked to leave the apartment or Sebastian will throw them out. Catalina is asked to attend the bargain meeting for the divorce.

Sebastian does not want to go to that meeting. The priest finds the letter and gives it to Guadalupe, who fears to read it so gives it back to the priest.

Carmelo goes with Guadalupe to change his Will and Jessica is there to help.

Pedrito rescued, Jennifer arrested
RIGOBERTA tells the Don his daughters are dead, he is Luisa Fernanda’s grandfather and Pedrito is his great grandson.

Racon, one of Solazano’s goons, calls Luisa Fernanda and demands a ransom. They insist that Carlos Eduardo drop off the $5m. He goes alone to the park to meet the kidnappers. Solazano arrives and learns of their plans and thwarts them because he did not authorise it.

When Jennifer learns about the ransom she rushes to warn Luis Alejandro. Meanwhile, no one picked the ransom. Luis Alejandro and Jennifer rush to get Pedrito from Solazano. Racon calls Carlos Eduardo again to take the ransom and this time he goes with Alfredo. The police follow them and when Racon shows up, they arrest him.

Carol and Armando follow Luis Alejandro and Jennifer with the boy to his home. They grab Jennifer when she tries to leave and the Police arrive in time. They find Pedrito and Jennifer is arrested.

Valentina’s remains buried
BERNADA and Father Damian rescue Trinidad from Cosme. Remedios eavesdrops on a conversation between her husband and Bernada.

She learns that he raped Bernada and they got a daughter Trinidad. Remedios attacks Cipriano and asks for a divorce. Valentina’s remains arrive, but Bernada believes her daughter is still alive.

They bury Valentina next to Santos’ grave. At the burial Maria Teresa thinks she has seen Santos, but everyone thinks she is mad.

Alecio and Remegio find Domino and bring the horse back to the Storm, but Enrique orders them to take it away.

Santos tells Argemiro they burned Valentina and he will return to take revenge.

Demetrio tells Santos about the rumours of Maria Teresa going insane. Ricardo tells María Teresa if she does not her medicine, he will put her in an asylum.

Santos and Argemiro arrive in Puerto Bravo.

Soap review

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