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Meeting Point...

By Vision Reporter

Added 30th January 2009 03:00 AM

LONELY LADY, 42, HIV+, wants working male, 42-50, of same status for marriage.

HIV+ female, 36, wants a Born-again Christian male, 39-45, same status, for marriage.

LONELY LADY, 42, HIV+, wants working male, 42-50, of same status for marriage.

HIV+ female, 36, wants a Born-again Christian male, 39-45, same status, for marriage.

LONELY LADY, 42, HIV+, wants working male, 42-50, of same status for marriage.

HIV+ female, 36, wants a Born-again Christian male, 39-45, same status, for marriage.

TREB, single, 6feet, 80kgs, medium size, humble and honest wants a rich, light skinned lady.

MALE, 40, living and working in USA wants a mature good looking lady.

MALE, 38, wants a lady from kampala, not more than 40 years, for a secret sexual affair. sms 0755718609.

WORKING Guy, 30, loving, wants a lady, 25-29. Send email to:

NSUBUGA nicholas, self employed, wants a working lady for marriage. Send email to:

MALE, 36, wants a pretty lady, 25-40, for a sexual affair. sms 0777135896.

JACK Stevens, 45, working, wants a beautiful lady for only fun and friendship.

SINGLE woman, 30, attractive, wants a kind man, 35, especially non Ugandans.

ALEX, 25, wants a white woman, 20-45. or SMS +256777521661.

SINGLE lady from northern uganda, 44, wants a Born-again lonely man, widower or divorcee, 50+, for marriage. HIV test a must.

AGABA Devis, 30, wants a mature lady, 30-47, for love.

MALE, 23, wants a sugar mummy.

SINGLE student wants a girl for marriage.

MALE, 22, wants a financially stable sugar mummy, 25-32. Send email to: CHARLES 30, wants a financially stable HIV+ single lady, 20-30, for a stable relationship. Call +256773144563

LADY, 28, HIV+, with one kid, an Atesot, wants a partner form eastern or northern Uganda, 30-35, of same status. Email:

LONELY guy wants a lady, 20-30, within Kampala, for a secret sexual affair. Call 0781438018.

FINANCIALLY stable male Munyankole, 36, wants a lady of any age, tribe, religion and financially stable for a secret sexual relationship. Contact: or 0755021198.

MALE, 26, wants a tall educated Born-again munyankole / munyarwanda lady, 23-27, for marriage.

HANDSOME male wants a beautiful, romantic and caring lady for marriage. Call 0718152152 or

ALEX, 34, HIV+, wants a lady, 27-39, same status, from the northern uganda. Send email to:

STUDENT, 23, wants a sugarmummy. Send email to:

HONEST and straight forward male, 24, wants white lady, 18-32. 0752-348605.

EDUCATED and financially independent Christian businessman wants working lady, 23-30, from the west or central Uganda for a long-term relationship. Email:

ERIC, tall, brown, handsome, 21, wants a nice, loving and caring sugar mummy, 30+. Call 070334977 or email

MATURE man wants a lady for love. Sms 0718152152,

EDDIE wants a financially stable lady. Send email to:

WORKING gentleman, 28, wants a nice looking lady, 25-27.

WORKING single mother of three, 38, wants a Catholic male, 40+, from central Uganda. Call or SMS 0702 731 889

ERIK, 25, wants a faithful white lady, 25-35. Call 0714139576 or send email to:

MALE student, 19, wants a rich lady for love. Send email to: or sms 0773393145.

MERCY, 34, mother of three, HIV+, from northern Uganda wants a Godfearing and financially stable white man of similar status for a relationship. Call 0781479038 or email

FIONA, 33, wants a financially stable Godfearing man, 35-40, of the same status, for marriage.

UGANDAN, 26, working in the middle east wants a woman, 20-35, for a relationship. Send email to:

A MUGANDA lady wants a male, 30+. Send email to:

LADY wants a God-loving single man, 35-45.

LADY in S.4 vacation wants a working man to give her love.

PITA, 28, working, wants a lover, 19-22, for a relationship. Send email to:

LADY wants a male for love. Send email to:

EDUCATED working Male 36, HIV+, wants educated and working lady, same status, for marriage.

JOZY, 31 , wants a nice looking lady, 20-25, medium height, devoted Christian, educated, hardworking and caring lady. Call 0755643626 or

MALE, 22, wants a white lady 18-28. send email to: or Call +256782049347.

LADY, 27, wants an educated working tall white male for marriage. Send email to:

MALE wants an educated and working lady, HIV+, below 32, for a relationship. Send email to:

STUDENT, 22, wants a simple Asian lady, 18-22, living in Uganda for marriage. Send email to:

MALE, 30, educated, working in Lira, wants an educated lady, 22-25, living in Lira. Call 0779617463 or send email to:

DEO, 39, married and staying in kampala wants a secret love affair with a financially stable lady staying in kampala. SMS 0755792093 or

MUSLIM man wants an educated muslim lady, 18-25, for marriage. Send photo to:

TALL, slender, dark , outgoing, student, 22, wants a white guy living in uganda for love.

SINGLE mom, 35, wants a mature Christian Gentleman, 40+. Send email to:

FEMALE wants a single, mature Christian muganda man, 38-45, for a relationship. contact

GOD-FEARING, working lady wants an understanding, single male, 38+, for marriage. HIV test a must. Send email to:

SINGLe lady, 35, with two kids, wants a God fearing, Muganda man, 40-45. Send email to:

GUY, 25, wants a rich mature lady for love. call 0752500674.

ASHY, 19, a virgin, wants a lonely female for love and fun.

MALE, 40, tall handsome wants a working mature lady for secret sexual affair. Call 0775164894.

KETRA, 25, good looking, medium size, employed, wants a good looking employed Christian man, 28-32, at least 5.5ft tall, for marriage.

MALE 20, wants a romantic, caring, loving and financially stable white lady, below 30. Email:

MUSLIM man, 35, wants an understanding lady for a relationship. call 0755811631 or email

BLACK skined lady, 26, tall wants a financially stable muslim man for relationship. Send email to:

MALE, 50+, well educated, wants a mature, presentable, educated and financially independent lady, with own car, for a relationship. Email:

UGANDAN male, 40, working in Europe wants a stress-free relationship with a sexually active and independent working woman, 25-50.

ARINDE rodlick, 28, employed, munyankole, 1.74m tall, wants a single employed lady, 20-25, speaking English, runyakitara or luganda. Call 0772 625973 or email on

BEN wants an outgoing white lady.

FEMALE, 25, wants a white guy, 28-34, for love and sex Contact: +254710807007.

Send your request to the editor, intimate, The Newvision p.o. box 9815, Kampala or e-mail to:
Requests with photos will be given priority

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Meeting Point...

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