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Fond memories of my father

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FATHERS occupy a central part in our lives but we so often take them for granted. On the occasion of this Father’s Day

FATHERS occupy a central part in our lives but we so often take them for granted. On the occasion of this Father’s Day

FATHERS occupy a central part in our lives but we so often take them for granted. On the occasion of this Father’s Day, Jude Katende and Stephen Ssenkaaba talked to some people about memories of their fathers

Dr. Sam Okware, the director-general of the Uganda National Health Research
My father was a family man, very compassionate and inspiring. He valued education so much that he sacrificed everything to take us to school.

He was a jovial, yet serious man who always took us to task whenever we did not perform well in class. Whenever we passed highly, he would go around the village showing our report cards to whoever he found. Because of him, I am what I am today.

Ashraf Ssemogerere of the Diamonds Ensemble
I grew up wishing to become an Al Haj. Haji Zakaria Serunjogi, who brought me up, instilled religious values in me and the rest of my siblings. I grew up in a big loving family under the care of this loving, but strict man.

He always scrutinised our report cards and looked out for teachers’ comments on discipline first. Because of him, we grew up to be responsible citizens. Three of us have since made the holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

He taught us not to discriminate people basing on their ethnic or religious background and encouraged us to work hard. Unfortunately, he went missing during Amin’s reign.

Kamugisha Anatoli, the managing director of Akright Projects
Dad instilled in us good values and involved me in his business. Whenever he left you in a shop and discovered that the money in your possession was more than what he left you with, he would cane you for cheating customers.

“In case of a loss, he would caution you. He emphasised hard work. Even for school fees, we would work and he would pay us a salary. Whatever we achieved at school was because of him, especially the practical part of it.

Gilbert Wavamunno,
sales director Spear Motors

“Fathers always set examples for their children. A father is someone to look up to, someone who inspires you to work hard. You learn a lot.

In my case, being focused and knowing everything is possible if you put your heart to it. I know with hard work and honesty, you can achieve a lot.”

Edward Musinguzi, the managing director of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation
From him, I learnt being straightforward. Honesty and integrity have brought me this far. Humility is also vital, especially when relating with others. Working hard for a purpose, the fear of God and appreciating that there is someone
above are virtues I have learnt.

Dan Kitakule Alinange, the corporate
communications manager, Uganda National Roads Authority

I learnt how to prioritise whatever I do in life. You set your mind on something and do it well despite the challenges. Whatever I do now, I measure myself up to my dad because he set the bar quite high. Although I am not yet there, I hope to work harder and surpass where he reached.

Samson Ssenkaaba (Xenson)
artist and musician

I was blessed with a caring father. Although he was not my real father, Dr. Frederick Ndugwa raised me well. He managed to send me and the rest of my relatives to school. He was a spiritual man who encouraged us to love and fear God.

He made sure that we went to church on Sundays. Many of my relatives, especially my aunts and uncles also played an important role in my upbringing. I also thank them. Even though I spent too much time in boarding school, I always enjoyed the brief moments I had at home.

Fathers are very important in our lives because they provide and guide the family and set the moral foundation for the rest of the family.

Tshaka Mayanja, musician and producer
I learnt to stick to my promises; when you start something, you have to finish it.”

Boney Katatumba, the Honorary Consul of Pakistan
My dad was a model. I picked the best things from him such as never telling lies, being time-cautious, open-minded, fair and helpful. He had about 20 adopted children, but we treated them as our brothers and sisters. He was a medical doctor, trader and farmer. He did not have time for complaints. I never complain too.

Fond memories of my father

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