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Museveni orders on Bafuruki

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The immigrants in Bunyoro will not be forced out, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

The immigrants in Bunyoro will not be forced out, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

By Abdulkarim Ssengendo

The immigrants in Bunyoro will not be forced out, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

“I hear people saying that Banyoro are going to chase away the Bafuruki. There is no one who is going to chase away Bafuruki in Bunyoro, because some of them rightly acquired their land,” he said.

The President urged the people dividing the Banyoro and the immigrants, locally referred to as Bafuruki, to stop it.

He also strongly advised the Bafuruki “to stop politically antagonising the indigenous Banyoro, who welcomed and assisted them to resettle at the time of their migration”.

“In Uganda now, no local council chairman or any other local leader will chase away people from their land as long as they acquired it in respect of Uganda’s laws”.

He said the only people who can be chased away from Bunyoro, are those who encroached on government land like forest reserves.

He made the remarks on Saturday during a thanksgiving ceremony for the Kiruhura RDC, Mary Kemerwa, at St. Mary’s Cathedral Rushoroza in Kabale district.

Kemerwa, who was hailed by her children for her determination for having gone back for further studies, thanked Museveni for paying her university tuition.

She also thanked him for the good policies on women emancipation and education for all.

During the function, Kemerwa also gave away her daughter, Elizabeth Kebirungi. Museveni gave Kebirungi three cows, and promised to give sh10m to St. Mary’s Cathedral for renovation.

Museveni explained that the Banyoro had peacefully lived with the Bafuruki for decades and that the Government would restore this relationship.

For the last decade, a rift has developed between the Banyoro and immigrants over political, economical and land control.

Meanwhile, the President said he was unhappy with leaders who block investors from establishing factories in Uganda.

“I have a problem with leaders who are fighting investors who want to establish factories in Uganda” Museveni said.

He gave the example of Mehta Group, which some leaders blocked from establishing a sugar plantation in northern Uganda in 2007.

Museveni said the imminent Commonwealth summit in November 2007 forced him to keep quiet.

The President also advised the youth, teachers and parents to focus on courses which create employment. He said he had asked the education ministry to promote career guidance.

Museveni orders on Bafuruki

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