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Meeting Point...

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ROBERT MAKUBUYA, healthy, 32, wants lonely beautiful white lady for a romantic relationship. Send sms to 0772489856

MUGANDA girl, 26, slim, wants White man, 28-50 for a relationship. Call Penny on 0754366437

ROBERT MAKUBUYA, healthy, 32, wants lonely beautiful white lady for a romantic relationship. Send sms to 0772489856

MUGANDA girl, 26, slim, wants White man, 28-50 for a relationship. Call Penny on 0754366437

ROBERT MAKUBUYA, healthy, 32, wants lonely beautiful white lady for a romantic relationship. Send sms to 0772489856

MUGANDA girl, 26, slim, wants White man, 28-50 for a relationship. Call Penny on 0754366437

WELL-EDUCATED New Zealander, (6'4"), single and working in ICT, wants vibrant, literary woman for relationship. He loves development issues, German cinema, Jane Austen’s works and French food. Red shoes and the ability to mix in a variety of social circles are a definite plus. Send witty email and attach photo.

SINGLE KAMPALA man wants serious and caring lady, above 18. Call +256782320443

UGANDAN working abroad, tall, light skinned, 32, wants light, tall, average weight lady, figure eight, at least a diploma from eastern or western Uganda. Send photos to

BRITON, 35, hydraulic engineer in Jinja wants smart young Ugandan lady, 20-23 living in or around Kampala for marriage. Send recent picture to

SOULMATE (lady) sought for marriage.

MALE, 30, wants educated, working lady, 20-28, presentable and committed. Call 0774585163 or email

LONELY Feisal, 25, wants beautiful Indian, Somali, Arabian, Ethiopian or Rwandan lady, 18-28 and good mannered. Mail photo to

ROBERT, 32, wants horny, financially stable sugar mummy ready for HIV test.

MUGANDA in Entebbe needs very fat lady, 22-42, with big breasts and wide behind, nice-looking, smart, financially stable, lover of motor sport. Call or sms 0755511886 or 254 711509590 in Nairobi.

MUSLIM, HIV+ mature man seeks HIV+ lady for marriage.

GUY, 20, wants financially stable lady, 20-35, reliable and ready to be loved. Contact, 0774169877 or 0754308709

EMMA, 25, wants loaded mature lady, 30-40 to explore the world of love with. Contact and 0782885510.

CAMPUSER, 20 wants romantic woman, 25-35, for real love. 0712519591.

KAMPALA MAN, 38, wants secret, satisfying sex with a lady willing to meet most of the expenses. Email

HUMOROUS GUY, late 20s needs white lady for love and travel through the African wilderness. Email

NAOME, 25, Mutooro, seeking lonely white man, 37-65, living or working in Gulu, Kitgum, Arua, Kampala or Soroti. 0714600258

WHITE LADY needed, below 35, from Canada, USA, England, Holland or Japan. I am 28.

FREDRICKS, 25, wants Rwandese lady, 18-22, slender, God fearing and loving.

UGANDAN lady, 26, single with a kid, working, wants single serious man, 34-44 and working. Only emails with photos will be replied to.

WHITE MAN, Catholic, 26-30 from USA or Canada needed.

AFRICAN, 30, living in Europe, seeks single American or Afro-American, Norwegian or Belgian lady, Christian, 25-35. or call/sms +32 488 094240,

YOUNG MAN, 25, height 5.5 needs lover from western or central Uganda, 18-24.

NICE looking dude, 20, searching for a sexually starved beautiful sugar mummy, 30-45 probably from western Uganda for love and financial support.

BLACK GUY, needs very cute girl, 18-21. +256782677048

UGANDAN LADY, 25, searching for a lonely married financially stable man, 35-50, for a fun filled secret relationship with no strings attached. Kenyans and whites working in Uganda preferred. HIV test a must. Contact

MALE STUDENT, early 20s, looking for white woman, 18-30, from US, UK, Canada and the Carribean, smart and outgoing.

UGANDAN artiste, IT consultant, 24, self employed, wants an educated lady, 18-24 for marriage. Contact or +2560773435204

MAKERERE University finalist, 26, wants educated, devoted, beautiful, unbleached Muslim girl in Kampala for marriage. Call Rakeem on 0772423747.

GAINFULLY EMPLOYED, 30, wants friendly, outgoing, open-minded, white lady for romance.

UGANDAN, 28, living in UK wants loving, enthusiastic lady, above 18 for love. Contact

I AM 30, living in the UK, looking for a working lady for a serious relationship.

TINA, 21, medium size and height, at the university, wants white man living in Uganda, 30- 45 for serious love.

SMALL, chocolate brown girl, 20, in Kampala, wants white man 20-25, from America or Germany for a long term relationship. People of Asian or Indian origin don’t dare.

JOHN, 34, Canadian expatriate currently in Uganda on an assignment, would like a young, beautiful Ugandan lady, willing to relocate to Canada. Only replies to with photos will be seen.

PATRICK, 29, tall, kind, loving and working, searching for a beautiful caring, and working lady, 22-35, for secret love. Call 0782922177 or e-mail

GENTLEMAN, 25, wants white English-speaking lady, 24-26, for serious relationship.

DECENT lady wants peaceful soul, 42, caring, sincere, understanding and financially stable. Email to

UGANDAN male, 24, working at Entebbe Airport wants mature and loving lady. Call 0775160818 or email at

I AM 27, searching for sugar mummy, below 38 and beautiful. Contact me on

POOR ARTIST, 22, living in Kampala searching for sugarmumy, 20-40, who can take care of me. Call +256-752-83-6628

I AM 27, graduate, searching for a sugar mummy, less than 45, who can fund the relationship. Call 0782562098

UGANDAN Born again student, 23, orphan seeks romantic lonely, caring, and God fearing lady, able to help me with school fees beginning next term. Call +256 0777041862, +256 0775253354 or email

JOE needs sexually starved lady for fun with no string attached. Call 0775135100

I AM Jeffings, 22, chocolate brown, handsome, medium sized searching for financially stable woman, 25-35, willing to sponsor my studies. Call 0782101019 or

MARTY, 22, campuser wants sugarmummy for hot sex and care. Call 0775633638

ANITA, 24, wants serious man, educated and ready to support her. 0703133613 ROBERT, gainfully employed living in Kampala, searching for a Christian, and dignified lady, 23-30, ready for marriage. Call 0773229554 or

COOL MUSOGA graduate, 27, wants beautiful lady, 18-25, working and intelligent.

GHANAIAN male wants single graduate Ugandan lady, responsible, honest, humourous for marriage.

UNIVERSITY student, 22, wants a wife, above 34. Email

FEMALE, 22, in need of male, above 30. Call 0774011561,

ETHIOPIAN, 20, staying in Kampala, wants single white man, 20-35 from USA, UK, or Canada and HIV-. Email to

CASUAL WORKER, single, 28, wants financially stable sexually starved sugar mummy, fat, wide bums and willing to help me find a job. Call or SMS 0712955352

TASH, 23, brown, living in Kampala wants serious man ready to stay with her. Call +256777084784

ROGERS, 26, searching for a sugar mummy ready to assist me in my studies. Contact me on 0774582737 or 0703036782 or e-mail

UGANDAN lady, 25, working in Kampala wants mature man, ready to settle. Email to

STUDENT, 25, searchin for lonely woman who is finacially stable. Email to

GODFREY, 29, wants mature sugar mummy. Reach me on

CARING GUY, 30, wants lady, 19-30 for serious love. Email

HIV+, 36, working, God fearing lady, looking for a God fearing working male, financially stable from western or central Uganda, UK, US, or Canada for marriage. Email

NICE LOVING university student loooking for a gorgeous single financially stable sugar mummy for a serious relationship. Call 0703019361

UGANDAN working for the US outside Africa is coming home soon for vacation and wants a beautiful woman, 25-38, who wants to be satisfied sexually. Write to

VIRGIN CAMPUSER, 23, is searching for a virgin lady, 22-27, for serious relationship. Contact 0775340540 or

I AM 23, searching for a white lady, 25-35, understanding and caring. I am ready to tour around the world with her. Contact

GUY, 23, wants sexually starved lady, 25-35, willing to meet all expenses. Whites have first priority. Contact or SMS 0782786009

LADY, 22, wants caring man for a serious relationship. Contact 0712890692, 0782792446 or Email

JOSE, 26, looking for a lady, 18-28, caring, loving, God fearing and ready for HIV test. Send an Email to

LONELY Feisal, 25, wants the most beautiful Indian, Somali, Arabian, Ethiopian, Rwandese, or white lady, 18-28 and God fearing. Send your details and photo to

CHRISTIAN, 48, HIV+ wants a mature lady of same status for marriage. 0775458654 or

MUGANDA GIRL, 21, brown, 5.2ft tall 48kgs, wants white or Asian (not Indian) soulmate, 21-55, willing to pay half my tuition fees and other requirements. Call me on 0754314339.

JOSEPH, 35, tall, handsome, educated, single, never married, stable income, mixed Ganda and Nkore, looking for a lady, 26-38, working, with stable income. Email

JOEL, 24, student, wants lady below 28, beautiful and caring. Call +256714123995 or

GRADUATE, 28, working wants young, beautiful, brown, and educated lady, 18-25 for a serious relationship.

HANDSOME guy, 33, tall, well educated, well established, living in USA, originally from western Uganda wants tall, VERY beautiful lady from western Uganda, 21-30 Email

GUY, 32, wants mature lady, good looking and self-reliant for a secret affair. Students not eligible. Contact me on:

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Meeting Point...

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