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Added 11th July 2008 03:00 AM

ALPHA, 18, student in Jinja searching for a financially stable sugar mummy, 35-45, for love. Email

DAIZY, 18, a student in Jinja searching for a sugar mummy above 35 for love. Email

ALPHA, 18, student in Jinja searching for a financially stable sugar mummy, 35-45, for love. Email

DAIZY, 18, a student in Jinja searching for a sugar mummy above 35 for love. Email

I AM in mid 20's, luv classic r&b, soft rock, reggae music and painting. I need a financially stable lady for love and assistance.

ALPHA, 18, student in Jinja searching for a financially stable sugar mummy, 35-45, for love. Email

DAIZY, 18, a student in Jinja searching for a sugar mummy above 35 for love. Email

UGANDA GUY, 20, seeks a finacially stable, loving, God fearing, white woman,18-23, for a relationship and to finance his studies.Email

EUNICE Tuhume needs a man to show her love. Call 0772-832500

EDUCATED, principled and financially stable married man, 30, wants an understanding, patient, mature lady, 22-36, for a secret and satisfacting affair. Call +256-777-380508 or e-mail

MUGANDA man, 33, residing in Entebbe is looking for a nice looking, financially stable lady, 25-39, for love. Call 0755511886 or e-mail:

UGANDAN working in Iraq wants a beautiful, nice looking, Munyankole, Christian lady,22-25, preferably in second or third year university for marriage. Email

CHRISTIAN, 29, wants a sugar mummy for love. Call 0702884122 or email: Radio presenter, 25, looking for a working lady, 27-40, for love. Email

TENDER, loving, affectionate, trust worthy, honest and God-Fearing guy looking for a lady with similiar qualities. Email

LAW STUDENT, Dan, 22, searching for a sugar mummy living in Kampala or Entebbe for hot sex. Call 0752269281

HANDSOME Makerere University student, 23, looking for a female partner to help me with my studies. Email

EMPLOYED, HIV+ lady, 39, with children wants a Christian, loving, caring, working and financially stable guy, above 40. Email or call 0775508318 HIV+ MUSLIM LADY, 29, seeks a Muslim, understanding man, 30-50, for marriage. Email

EMPLOYED, HIV+, Ugandan guy, 31, living in South Africa wants a woman of the same status, 22-30. Enclose your recent photo and write to: Max P.O.BOX 61439 Marshalltown 2107 Johannesburg South Africa or email

VIRGIN GUY, just left university, in search of a girl from western Uganda. Call 0782749803.

SINGLE UGANDAN girl, 24, searching for a loving man, 25-35, to settle down with. Email

LADY, 32, wants an educated, employed and serious man, 34, for marriage. Email

RONALD, single, educated and employed, 38, looking for a mature, honest, independent, presentable, working and God-fearing lady, 26-30, for marriage. HIV test is a must. Call 0773974910 or write to

UNDERGRADUATE student from Makerere University looking for a Muganda light-skinned and cute lady, 18-26, for love. Email

LONELY Muganda man, 28, searching for a light-skinned Acholi lady for love. Call Jeff on 0714612238.

UGANDAN guy, 22, searching for a white lady for love. Contact Reagan on

SINGLE working man, 47, looking for a professional, mature, graduate, christian lady, 34-45 for love. SMS to 0775-958-885 or email

MUGANDA male, 33, seeking Muganda, financially stable, nice looking and loving lady, 19-35, for love. Call 0755511886.

HIV+ man, 42, want a hardworking lady from western or central Uganda for marriage. She should be hard working. E-mail

EDUCATED, God-fearing, financially stable gentleman, 38, searching for single, God-fearing ladies for marriage. Email

FINANCIALLY stable sugar mummy, 28-32, is needed to sponsor my education. Email

INDEPENDENT, hardworking, open minded and handsome young man, 28, wants a white or African lady for friendship. Call +256702236388 or email:

HIV+ lady, 40, still in good shape is looking for a serious man of same status. Email

PRETTY single lady working as corporate needed by a single, employed, Christian guy, 38, for marriage. HIV test is a must. Email

GUY, 37, living in Kampala wants a lady, 25-35, for a secret affair. Call 0775164894

MUK finalist, 24, wants a financially stable sugar mummy for sex, love and financial support. Email and leave your phone contact no.

GRADUATE teacher, 31, searching for a professional lady preferably an Atesot or northerner for marriage. Email

CAMPUS GUY, 23, wants a hot, sweet light-skinned, working, driving girl, 20-28, for love. Call or text on 0752-348605. Email FEMALE God-Fearing (Born again) Christian, Gishu, 32, with a diploma in business studies and working in Kampala, looking for her first love. Must be 33-38, Born again from a recognised Pentecostal church, graduate with well paying and stable job and ready for an HIV test.

MATURE UGANDAN lady, 45-50 needed for serious intimacy leading to marriage. SMS to 070340585

EMPLOYED gentleman, 28, working in Kampala, caring, loving and honest wants a serious lady for marriage. Contact or SMS +256702470000

WHITE SUGAR mummy, 20-40, needed. Contact me on jansao

COLE, 36, finance consultant wants white lady, 25-33, a good Catholic or if not, atleast a good progressive Christian.E-mail me at

SUGAR MUMMY, who is God fearing, trustworthy and honest needed. Contact

SUGAR MOM needed by Nick, 23, ready for exploration. SMS 0752966557

JIMMY, 36 employed in Kampala, wants lady, below 32. Email

STUDENT seeks hot, starved chic, below 25, for romance and friendship. Call +256777047949

I AM female, 30, educated and God fearing, searching for a man of same value, working 32-39, and trustworthy.

MOSES, 40, seeks financially stable working lady with good social status and large bums. Email to

RONALD, 19, S.6 drop out wants financially stable lady for love. She should be willing to sponsor me in driving school. Call +256775309793 or Email

CATHOLIC LADY, 28, and employed, seeking a gentleman of integrity, 28-35, from east or northern Uganda. Call 0752393241.

I AM joe, 24, in need of sexually starved sugar mummy. Reach me on +256782115402

YOUNG, Sincere, Genuine man, likes dining out, seeks lady, 18-25, with good personality. Contact +256 753 429 587 or SIMON Peter, 29, a marketeer searching for a white lady, who is loving, honest, humourous and preferably a non smoker. HIV test a must. Call 0752849813 or

DERRIC, 23, just started working wants nice looking, God fearing, 18-23, for love. Call 0752672213 or

CHARLES, 22, student wants a brown or a white lady 17-20. Contact me 0753928706. or E mail

I AM looking for a lady, 17-20, for a serious relationship. Email to

UNEMPLOYED male, 24, wants lady for love. Email

I AM searching for a girl, 18, to love. Should be from India, US, or UK.

29 YEAR-OLD guy wants a lovely white woman, for lots of love and care.

PRESENTABLE Munyoro, working graduate needs a Munyoro lady at university or other higher institution for a relationship.

KENYAN guy searching for lady, 20-25. 0774577285

MALE, medium height 72kgs working with AVC wants lady, fairly tall and fat(big size), 30-45, able to drive at least class A motors, with at least a diploma.

GEO, a researcher, 31, wants white woman, 20-40 for love without strings attached. Contact

I WANT a strong sugar mummy, muscular and able to kick. Contact or

23 YEAR OLD Paramedical finalist needs a beautiful, medium sized girl, 20-22, from eastern Uganda. Call 0782759993.

DAVID 35, wants a financially stable lady. Email to

I AM 29, looking for a working Muganda Christian man, 32-35, for marriage.

I AM Banfra based in Asia but Ugandan looking for a Muganda, Muhima, Muteso, Munyarwanda, 20-30 for marriage. HIV test a must. Contact

FAITHFUL White lady, above 18, wanted by 25 year old all rounder. Call orSMS +256-775-139576 or WORKING lady, 26, wants single working male, 28-34, for a serious relationship. He should be financialy stable and Christian.

SCHRODER, 21, university student, fluent in English, French and German needs a financially stable girl-friend, 20-28. E-mail to Please,attach your photo.

STUDENT, Muslim, 20, wants tall slender Arab Muslim lady, 18-23. Email to

UGANDAN, 34, wants a working Muslim lady, 38-49 marriage. Call or SMS 0703064142 or email

CAMPUSER, 3rd year, needs lady, 20-30, for a discreet relationship with no strings attached. Send photos to

SINGLE CHRISTIAN, 27, medium size, seeks a Born again white American man, 30-40 for a serous relationship.

Meeting Point...

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