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Male wants a lovely, caring and outgoing female, 25-35.

Male wants a lovely, caring and outgoing female, 25-35.

Male wants a lovely, caring and outgoing female, 25-35. Call 0755464339.

Lady, 32, HIV+ wants a man for marriage. Send email to:

Carolyn, 32, HIV+, wants a mature and serious guy for marriage. Send email to:

single MALE, 26, wants a single lady, 19-27 for a relationhip. HIV test a must. Contact:+96407709823974.

Graduate munyankole male, 30, wants a married lady, 25-42, working around Kampala for a secret relationship. Email:

Rhona, 34, Catholic Muganda wants a responsible, faithful and honest man for marriage. HIV test a must. Contact:

Nicole, 20, small with chocolate skin colour wants a sugar daddy, 40, for a secret relationship. Call 0773910464 or

Habita Muhamed, 28, a Muslim Musoga wants a beautiful woman for love. Call +256777496663, 0701-976673 or send email to:

male student, 24, wants a white lady, 18-30, from Europe or America. Call 0701152478 or email

geofrey, working, wants a Mukiga or Mutooro lady for marriage. Call 0715411411 or e-mail

Gentleman, 25, wants a white lady, living in Kampala.

student, 19, wants a girl, 18-19.

Mickey wants a sugar mummy. Call +256712041939

Lady, 27, wants a single

graduate Christian male, 33-35, HIV-, for marriage.

man, 35, living and working in Norway wants a lady, 25-35, from western Uganda for marriage. Send photos to:

male, 23, wants a financially stable white lady, 18-23.

male, 41, Born-again, tall and handsome, HIV-, wants a rich Born-again lady, in Kampala, NewYork or London for marriage. Call 0782792448 or email

lady, in 30s, wants a financially stable educated male and HIV+ for love.

Robert, a student, wants a lady. SMS 0714671297.

single HIV+ man, 29, working, wants a lady, 19-26, of same status. Send photo to:

Francis, 33, God-fearing, accountant, Munyankole, wants a God-fearing lady.

Jacko, 30,student, wants a sugar mummy, 40-65. Email:

maria, 24, wants a white man, 28-38, from USA, UK or Germany for marriage.

male, 33, HIV+, wants a loving and Christian lady, 25-30, of same status. Send email to:

lady, 30, wants a soulmate.

lady, 31, slim and tall, wants a white male, 40-50. Email:

SINGLE light skinned male, mid 30s, wants a rich business lady for a secret affair. Email: or sms 0711 884122

engineeer in Indonesia wants student or working lady, 22-30, ready for travel. Email:

working born-again male, wants a lady, 24-27, of same faith, preferably Muganda for mariage. HIV test a must. call 0779730007 after 10:30pm

JOZY, 31, wants an educated caring and hardwoking beautiful lady, 20-25. Send email to:

student, 22, wants a financially stable HIV- sugar mummy. Call 0751035418

male wants a sugar mummy. Call +256755159732.

lady, HIV+, 26, wants a caring man of same status for marriage. 0755206028

student wants a financially stable lady. HIV test a

business lady, 40s, wants a single loving and Catholic male, 40-45, for marriage. Contact:

Titus, 36, financially stable, wants a woman, 25-35, for a secret relationship. Email:

working man, 28, wants a Munyankole or Mutoro girl, 25-26, for marriage. Email:

female in Kampala wants a male. Call 0779604185

male wants a sugar mummy for love. Call 0718017602 from 7:00pm.

student, 23, wants a lady, 25-35, currently staying in the north for sex. Send email to:

Mercy, 38, humble and trustworthy wants a loaded and sexy woman, 30-35, with a home for marriage. Email:

employed male, 27, wants a good looking and employed lady from the central, north or eastern Uganda for marriage. SMS 0772195928.

Single male, 26, HIV- wants a caring, God-fearing white lady. 0779-633605 or email:

tk, a lady in kampala wants

a man to take her out. Contact: 0718095607

pish wants a sugar mummy. or sms 0718094802

mother of two, 30, working, educated a financially stable married man for love.

female, 25, HIV+, wants single male for marriage. Email married male, 35, wants a married lady, 25-40, for secret love. HIV test a must. male, 29, self employed, wants a white lady for love. Ask for Dan on 0712568680.

AN ENEGETIC YOUNG male, 24, wants a financially stable lady, 18-32, for secret love. Email:

JAMIE, 28, wants professional career lady, for an affair. Call 0772195928

lonely lady, 26, HIV+, wants a handsome and working male of same status for love. Email: or call 0755206028.

Johnson, 22, wants a rich working lady for love and sponsorship. Send email to:

muganda muslim, 25, wants a Muslim lady, 18-23, HIV+, for marriage. Call 0779297694.

ZT wants a man to have fun with. Contact 0775 115733.

Mature lady, mid 30s, HIV+, wants a financially stable man, 47, of the same status.

lady in Kampala wants a man to take her out. 0773956894.

Edcated man, 31, hiv+, wants a lady, HIV+, in good health for company. Call: 0782136180.

student wants a sugar mummy

S.K, 48, educated, employed, wants a single educated and employed lady, 26-32. Send sms to 0777 827124.

Paul, 21, wants a rich sugar mummy for love.0779185412
I am a lonely bachelor seeking to get in touch with a lonely Musoga lady who is an accountant by profession.

Contact: 0779 391747 0751 659532

I am looking for a working class lady who is well traveled. She must be loaded and sexually starved. I am in my early 40’s, responsible and respected. She should be ready for a secret relationship.

Interested party contact frank 0773 850500. Email


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