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Straka Mwezi loses Morning slot
WBS Late Show presenter Straka Mwezi (r) will no longer host Sisumuka, Beat FM's breakfast show effective Monday.

Straka Mwezi loses Morning slot
WBS Late Show presenter Straka Mwezi (r) will no longer host Sisumuka, Beat FM's breakfast show effective Monday.

Straka Mwezi loses Morning slot
WBS Late Show presenter Straka Mwezi (r) will no longer host Sisumuka, Beat FM's breakfast show effective Monday. Sources at the Kisementi-based Luganda radio station tell us that management gave her matching orders on Thursday. She was, however, given the option of choosing one programme to present over the weekend or leave the station. Straka presents Sisimuka with Katongole Omutongole from 6:00-10:00am daily. She also does Ekiggunda Kya Reggae, a reggae special from 3:00-5:00pm on Saturdays. Management accuses Straka of incompetence, persistent late-coming and insubordination. It is not certain whether She will take management's offer or not, but Diamond Production singer Rebecca Jingo is taking up her place tentatively. Meanwhile, we hear she turned down a job offer at Nation TV preferring to stay at WBS TV while Karitus Karisimbi, a Capital FM presenter and EATV and WBS TV was rejected.

Kiganda's wife is a tough woman
Pastor David Kiganda's wife, Hadija Nassejje, is a tough woman. At the height of her adultery scandal, when Kiganda was pushing for a divorce from her, she, vowed not to quit the couple's posh home in Makindye. Nassejje claimed she has contributed a lot to the building the house over their 20-year marriage. Scouts, who keenly followed the ordeal, say the beleaguered wife was overheard saying, if the offended man of God was fed up of her, he had to quit their home and find a place to stay. Nasejje also reporetedly argued that she had to raise their five children in a decent place. In the wake of the fracas, Kiganda had publicly expressed his skepticism about his being the biological father of the children in question.
Byarugaba eyes Makindye West seat
News reaching us is that Presidential political aide Moses Byaruhanga has started vigorous, though covet campaigns for the Makindye West seat come 2011. Byaruhanga's presence has been felt in almost all corners of the constituency with some residents already singing praises to his name. We are told all this has come in the wake of Byaruhanga mobilising finances to repair a road in Buziga, a zone in the constituency. Scouts tell me Byaruhanga's popularity has soared so high that he is getting invited to officiate at most community functions like Nigiina, where he has been contributing generously.

Belinda Kyambadde off the shelf
After a year of dating, Belinda Kyambade, Power FM's programmes' director and Ben Katende, who works with Shell, Kenya, are tying the knot. Kyambade, a cousin to former Sanyu and Power FM presenter Jim Carlos, met Katende during her leave in Kenya in August 2005. The two jump the broom early January 2007. Kyambade will quit Power FM and move over to Kenya with her man.

Kassim Ouma pursues Juliana Kanyomozi
Word reaching us from the US, where singer Juliana Kanyomozi is recording her new album, indicates that US-based Ugandan Pugilist Kasim Ouma, "the dream" who first met Juliana Kanyomozi last month at the UNAA Convention, has been hot on the singer's heels. We know that the boxer was visibly smitten by Kanyomozi, but little would anyone think it would lead to something else. Scouts tell me that what held the boxer's relentless pursuit was the arrival of producer Steve Jean, whom we hear has since tight-marked the singer so much that they even share a hotel room!

PGB fiercely alert
The Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB) boys seem not to leave anything to chance while guarding mzee Museveni these days. After the thrashing they probably got after an unidentified woman beat the security cordon and took to the heels in the direction of the President on Independence Day last year, we would expect any sloppiness now, would we? This year, at the 44th Independence celebrations at Kololo on Monday, the PGB boys were quick to swing into action when a Burundian traditional dancer tried to advance towards the president during a performance. As soon as the somersaulting dancer touched the red carpet holding with a small drum and sticks, the guards were there to intercept.

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