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We wish you success

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Added 28th October 2005 03:00 AM

GOOD LUCK LISA!!! Love, Aunt Florence, Yvonne, Agasha, and Miriam.

GOOD LUCK LISA!!! Love, Aunt Florence, Yvonne, Agasha, and Miriam.

GOOD LUCK LISA!!! Love, Aunt Florence, Yvonne, Agasha, and Miriam.

Baluku Willy Sir Tito Winyi P/S,Hoima. Best of luck boy, Go get the best of ability Best wishes for your forthcoming exams from Onyuta

All the best to Musiime Lutgard from her uncle

Bonny Sekiziyivu of Kbiri Primary School. This is a very challenging moment in your life. We pray for you to succeed in your P.L.E, your Dad and Mum Mugwanya (Kabowa)

On behalf of all children in Uganda, Children’s Vision wishes all candidates especially Michael Christopher of Labourline Primary School, Gulu, success in their exams.

To all P7 candidates of Sir Tito Winyi P/S, Hoima. Best wishes in your forthcoming exams. From David Onyuta, Kampala.

Nelson Adralia, Montessori PS Arua. Time has come to say bye to Primary Education. DAD and Family wish you God’s blessing and success in your PLE.

Success wishes to Natasha Asaba of Namagunga Primary School from Mummy and Daddy

Success is not limited to a few people but to everybody if you believe in yourself. Success to all P7 candidates of Wakiso Social Service Center. Joseph Kawubiri, Nepal (Asia)

To Jonathan Ariong Maraka, St Kizito's Boarding PS. Lira: We wish you success and guidance from God. From sisters Janet, Alleluya, June and brother Ezekiel.

Hi Bradley, may your efforts yield success. Best wishes from the whole Buhwezi

Tusiime Immaculate, Good Samaritan P/S,Hoima. Best of luck in your exams girl. Prove to the best of your ability that you can succeed. Good Luck from Kenny D, Kampala

Dear Marian, we wish you the best. We believe in you. Success wishes from Mum, Dad and Maureen.

Success wishes to Nansubuga Cissy of Bukaya Primary School. From Diana of St. James, Jinja.

Joseph Atuhaire of Seeta Parents School. May you do well and achieve the best in your exams. Happiness is a direction not a place. From Kobugabe Lucy

Hi, I am Byekwaso Stephen wishing my sister of Mengo Primary School success. Nulu, you can do it.

Nsubuga Charles Lwanga Felix. We wish you success in your coming exams. Love; Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters.

Derrick Muhinda of Sir Apollo Kagwa Primary School. Success wishes in your exams from your sisters Rita Morgan, Lydia Kisembo and your mum

Daisy Bwango and Melo Lutara! You have come a long way. Let God lead you through the light. Success in your exams! Uncle Chris, Sharone and Elaine.

Marion Gidudu of Nkonkonjeru Primary Mbale. PLE makes you a conqueror of primary level and determines your future. Be hopeful. In Jesus, there is success. Yours, Dad, Mum, Brothers and Sisters.

Success to Nanyonjo Beyonce and Nsamba Tonny of Bukaya Primary School. May God guide you in answering your exams. From Waiswa Daniel, St. James SS, Jinja.

To Joan Raciu of Froebel P/S, Seeta. May your intelligence and hard work lead to success. Pray and be confident. All the best in you PLE. Mum and Johanness.

To Sara Nyangoro, Taibah Junior School. Success in your exams. You can do it! Believe that! You will pass with flying colours. From Kristie Akiteng.

Success to all P7 candidates of St. Jude P/S, Hoima and other schools in the country. I wish God would help us to pass the exams. From Bob Alinda, St. Jude P/S, Hoima.

Hard work and determination lead to success. All the best to Lydia Kabagenyi from Infant Preparatory School, Kasese from Teacher Erius.

Success to Sekaziga Bahisha Jonathan and all P7 students of Shimoni Demonstration School. May God grant them success in their exam. With God everything is possible. From Bahisha Viola.

Patience and Evelyne of Seeta Parents School, may you reap heavily in your forth coming exams. From mummy Patience

We wish you success

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