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What the stars say about your Valentine

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Capricon (Dec 21 – Jan 2)
Guess what? Capricorn are big spenders. However, you tend to salt money away for a rainy day, though many of you would hide their spending habits.

Capricon (Dec 21 – Jan 2)
Guess what? Capricorn are big spenders. However, you tend to salt money away for a rainy day, though many of you would hide their spending habits.

Capricon (Dec 21 – Jan 2)
Guess what? Capricorn are big spenders. However, you tend to salt money away for a rainy day, though many of you would hide their spending habits.
Valentine intimacy: Come on! This is a fresh year, a new start and another brand of valentine’s day. Show it. Be innovative and funny, create a new game for your valentine.
Tarot: unhappy queen. This predicts that an ex-lover wants to start a new. Think twice before you act! Think of something that will make him dream of you every time he closes his eyes.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 20)
You are ever dreaming of a wealthy world and lots of money. And once you have it, it is party, party, party. Aquarians also make good financiers. There you are! You have it all. Money and ability to make the valentine’s day a blooming bonanza.
Valentine intimacy: You can pin your heart on hers and all her hopes on you. Be Mr Lover –– the charmer. Forget the old missionary view of valentine. Be romantically explosive.
Tarot: Bishmon, the messenger of good news is saying your valentine has more to dish out than you expect.
Present: Present to him a gift of passion that will keep him thinking for many days and love you forever. Go for the red tent, and ‘cut the tape’ you will be in the red-hot-love zone.

Pisces (Feb 21 – Mar 20)
Since money and business seem not to be your top priorities, now is the time to exhibit that money is not all you need for happiness.
Valentine intimacy: The meaning of true love is openness and mutual commitment. Enjoy your valentine’s day to the highest. Go!
Tarot: a ring. It’s simple, straight, the ring is definitely requesting for a love agreement.
Present: A home made red chocolate. What a memorable and luscious present to perfectly open your valentine’s window of love?

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)
You would like to have all the money in the world. And when your wallet is fully moneyed, your spending spree can shoot.
Valentine intimacy: You think you are a priceless ram. This Valentine day, someone may have what you had never seen before in love.
Tarot: Venus, the queen of love predicts a beautiful person is eyeing you romantically. Seize the moment if you have been waiting.
Present: Be simple but revealing to make this valentine’s memorable. A sensor excel razor is good.

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)
When you have money, you want goodies to be inside your house or at least next to you. You can show money and melt it as well.
Valentine intimacy: When love is in air, why not fly up your partner and your self into the love zone.
Tarot: You are in a love triangle, divided between love and fantasy.
Present: Don’t strive to show money to a cowboy. Remember cowboys are expensive. Design him a valentine card yourself. This will cause love “tingles” that will let your heart go mapping his mind.

Cancer (June 21 - July 20)
No wonder you are known as the “homemakers.” You are not the money, money... character, but rather the most organised. Your money is often wisely budgeted and spent.
Valentine intimacy: Don’t try to think jealousy or be rigid inside you. Try to think voluptuously romantic. Unveil your innermost side of love
Tarot: A star tells of joy. You are certain to have a wonderful Valentine day and welcome surprise.
Present: A double red mohair blanket

Scorpio (Oct 21 - Nov 20)
Most of you chase money fervently.
Valentine intimacy: Regardless of your cash, show love and not money. Operate from inside your heart. Get serious...Get romantic.
Tarot: Being lovelorn is no good news. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid. All you must do is to avoid putting your love is a “cold climate.”.
Present: Your gift must reveal why you were created to have him as your “chief comforter.” show that you care about his beauty and style.

Virgo (Aug 20 - Sept 20)
You are known to be workaholic and money minded. You have an obsession for owning money ... and lots of it.
Valentine intimacy: You have rivals, they too can love. Use your full arsenal of love to be a new lover that you were known to be before.
Tarot: A mirror. The ‘mirror of love’ is saying, your valentine wants you to rewind before you replenish your commitment.
Present: There is no better present for him than a flower. Red roses are the traditional symbols of love. - why not declare your undying, love to him with the charming flowers.

Leo (July 21 - Aug 20)
You are like a king, getting money and making it comes naturally. Therefore, you have enough cash at your disposal whenever you try to get it. Leos are capable of paying the bills on time.
Valentine intimacy: Love is waiting for you at the corners. But are you ready? Make sure yoy don’t hide!
Tarot: Queen. A mysterious female has a romantic deal for you. She could be your romantic liaison.
Gift: What about this! Hide a bottle of Champagne underneath the pillow.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
Oh! Sagittarius? Smile. You are the most money wise family (star).
Valentine intimacy: Be the lovebird of the day. Don’t worry about shading off... it’s the day to exhibit love.
Tarot: White swords. Somebody wants to get into your heart.
Present: Eyeglasses will help him see clearly what you are to him and what you require of him as a valentine.

Libra (Sept 21 - Oct 20)
When you have money in your wallet, you feel better sharing it with friends. Valentine intimacy: Fear seems to be deterring you from a making a real love commitment. But you have to understand that love is a gamble. However, go on and take the worthy risk.
Tarot: Heart. It stands for the power of love. Don’t be blindfolded by Valentine’s day magic –– if you are not sure.
Present: What a better way to perfect your Valentine’s soul than with a provocative but lover’s passion for life. Surprise him with mid-night valentine love bells.

What the stars say about your Valentine

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