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Added 18th October 2002 03:00 AM

Respect people
Fellow Ugandans don’t look down upon house helps. This act is very common among children.

Respect people
Fellow Ugandans don’t look down upon house helps. This act is very common among children.

Respect people
Fellow Ugandans don’t look down upon house helps. This act is very common among children. If you undermine them because you think you know more than they do, then you are mistaken. Some of them are better at managing homes than you. Secondly, they are striving for their future. You never know they may have stopped going to school because of lack of school fees. So respect them as you would respect other elders.
Dorothy Nakyagi
Namagunga Boarding
Primary School

My friend Sebanobe
My friend is called Ibra Ssebanobe. He is in primary four. He performs well in the exams. I love my friend as much as I love myself. There is tis a proverb that says: A friend in need is a friend in need, I advise all people to get some friends because they help us to solve problems. You may get a problem which you cannot tell your mother or father for fear of being beaten. You can share this problem with a friend and get a solution. So go out and make friends

Simon Kyambadde P.4
Nateete Junior School

Bathe as a hobby
Fellow children, you should try to keep your bodies clean by bathing daily, this is a good habit which should be practiced by anyone who wants to be healthy and clean. I don’t think you need to be forced to bathe because it is for your own good. So children bathe daily. Let this be one of your best hobbies in life.
Mustapha N. Zurah
St. Thereza, Namagunga

Work hard please
I would like to advise my fellow candidates to work hard in the Primary Leaving Examinations. I am doing so because our parents have paid money in Primary level especially me the pupil of Kirinya Parents boarding primary school since primary one.
I would like to advise you fellow pupils to make your parents happy.

Immaculate Nsangi
Kirinya Parents School

I like my teachers
My fellow pupils, I would like to appeal to you to comb your hair and not to ashame your parents who are ministers, officers. You may even get diseases. You may be walking along the streets and people wonder from which shaby family you come.
Regina Nakansere P.5
Namagunga Primary
Boarding school

I like education
My class teacher is Miss Berna Walugembe she teaches me English. Miss Rebecca Nabudde teaches me mathematics, Miss Dorothy Mugabire teaches Social Studies. Mr. James Kabengwa teaches me science. Teacher Dorothy teaches very well and so does teacher Kabengwa. In our class we are twenty pupils. I like my teachers in the school. I like education too.
Bridget Namara P.4
Nateete Junior school

Keep promises
Fellow children, you should learn to keep the promises you make. when you promise to do something, make sure you fulfil your promise. Making promises encourages people to be honest Remember a promise is a debt.
Esther Kakiiza P.5 Cranes
Namagunga Boarding P/S

Respect our Anthem
Dear children, you should respect our national anthem because it is very important in. Some children sing the national anthem when looking elsewhere with their hands carelesly thrown about.
So be careful because if you were standing near a policeman, you could get arrested. Stand at attention when singing the national anthem!
Sheila Nankunda
Kirinya Primary School

Poaching is bad
Poaching is the killing of animals in game parks without permission. It is bad to kill animals, if you kill animals without permission they will arrest you.
Ayoureen Khainza
St Clare girls Boarding P/S

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