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How men cheat on their women

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What methods will a man utilise to conceal his affair? And how many lies will he tell to maintain these sordid relationships?

What methods will a man utilise to conceal his affair? And how many lies will he tell to maintain these sordid relationships?

What methods will a man utilise to conceal his affair? And how many lies will he tell to maintain these sordid relationships? It seems technology has made the game of cheating much simpler to play with the innovation of cell phones, etc. But regardless of scientific advances, one simple fact remains, man must forever keep his lies straight, because with one slip of the tongue, his world could come tumbling down around him.

The most commonly preferred places are the bars, night clubs, and lounges. These modern day meat markets provide the perfect stalking grounds for any man with the desire to ‘temporarily resign’ from his existing relationship. Nowhere else can such an alluring combination of women, alcohol, and immorality be found under one roof.

He feels right at home in this perverse jungle where cordial admiration is but visual assault, and the art of good conversation has been degenerated to nothing more than a prerequisite to sex.

Considering that those women who frequent these establishments are fully aware of the unsavory characteristics of night life, one might wonder, “why do they continually go back for more?”

Well, men have formulated their own ideas. They believe these women are either desperately lonely, extremely bored, or simply hard up. Are they right?

Every weekend they pile inside over crowded clubs wearing tight skirts, heavy make-up, and way too much perfume. Their piercing stares and suggestive body language declares, “Tonight is the night.” There is no doubt many of these women, while not openly admitting it, are romantically entertaining thoughts of finding that special man, Mr. Right.

Unfortunately, this obscure fantasy plays right into the hands of the hunter who will most certainly use it as another weapon to get what he wants –– uncommitted sex.

Some women do eventually wake up and realise the club is no place to meet a decent man. After years of putting up with the exhausting and childish games associated with night life, they grab their coats and purses vowing never to return.

However, this rude awakening is of no concern to the hunter, who is confident that next week will bring countless others. They will be lined up halfway around the block in the cold and rain, desperately waiting to get into the club, like lambs being led to slaughter.

The attitude of many women is, men will lay down with anything with a heartbeat. That indictment may well be valid, if the cheating man is only interested in a one night stand.

However, if he intends on maintaining an ongoing affair, specific requirements must be met, one of which is empathy. The other woman must be willing to accept his current relationship without “rocking the boat.”

Most cheating men, especially the married ones, will come right out their situation. This will allow her to make a judgment as to whether or not she can go along with the programme.

Respect and consideration for his wife or girlfriend is absolutely necessary, if the relationship has any chance at longevity. Sexual inhibition is another of these prerequisites. If the other woman won’t allow him to be sexually adventurous, then what the hell does he need her for? He can be bored at home.

Men have the idea in mind that when they find this other woman, she will be perfectly willing to do all those things they were was too afraid or uncomfortable to ask from their wives or girlfriends. This includes doing the wild thing in raunchy places.

Loyalty is also an important attribute. The cheating man, despite his own infidelity, needs a woman whom he can trust not to “Run the Streets.” If he calls at 12:00am on a Saturday night, she had better be there. He does not want to hear any nonsense about her going out with girlfriends. In his mind, she is his personal sex slave who must make herself available 24 hours a day.

As the relationship develops, she is restricted from pursuing other intimate associations, and is expected to be completely loyal to him. Any breach of this unwritten contract will prompt him to terminate the affair and go hunting elsewhere. Women see this as extremely hypocritical since he himself is cheating.

The cheating man depends on smooth talk, good looks, and the low morals of his victims to accomplish his goals. But determining whether a particular woman has the characteristics which will suit his purpose is not such an easy task in the night club environment.

Loud music, incurable perpetrating, and the woman’s nosy girlfriends make the particular woman drown. This leaves him with little else to go on except a woman’s attire. More precisely, what she’s wearing and how she’s wearing it. This is the first indication as to her level of availability, class, and morality.

But short tight mini-skirts are commonplace wherever you go and the perception is that most of the women in the club are dizzy, promiscuous whores looking for action.

This hasty assumption has been the cause of many heated verbal exchanges. A man who is only out for sex, will not distinguish between the hoochies and the respectable women who are simply out for fun.

From his perspective, the woman wearing revealing a outfit which shows off her “tangible assets” is sending a specific message: “I’m available and want to be approached.” Again, some men may perceive it as an invitation to touch, grasp and be disrespectful.

How men cheat on their women

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