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Bell cruises with Queen Victoria

By Vision Reporter

Added 16th December 2002 03:00 AM

The venue: The ferry, The Queen Victoria, Friday December, 13.

The venue: The ferry, The Queen Victoria, Friday December, 13.

Timothy Bukumunhe

The venue: The ferry, The Queen Victoria, Friday December, 13.

The occasion:
Bell Larger Sunset Cruise

Most Memorable events of the evening:
To drink as much Bell and other UBL products between 4:30pm and 7:30pm when the Queen Victoria docked back at Port Bell.

The dress code:
Whilst the invitation card read flamboyant, only a few bothered to adhere to it. However, there was a stunning display of sunglasses. Just about everybody donned a pair and if prizes were to be given out in that department, the trio of Enid Bitarabeho, Aisha Sekalala and Grace Bataringaya would have scooped first prize.

The crowd:
Mark Muyobo, John and Thomas Katto. AfricaOne’s Ada Magezi. New Visions David Waweru, Capital FM’s Alex Ndawaula and wife Dru and workmates Christine Mawadri and John Mwalimu. MTN’s Tom Bragaw, Rita Okuthe and Aggrey Kagonyera. Annette Nakalema, former WBS newscaster, Simon Kasyate. Jessica Keyeune, Laura Walusimbi. Kawalya Kanyerezi, Okello Aliker with wife Ann. Steven and Susan Kavuma.

The celebrity count:
Klaus Holderbaum the German Ambassador and his wife. Crane Bank’s Julie Epenu, lawyer Alan Shinoubi, WBS man Elvis Sekyanzi, Dr. Ian Clarke and daughter. Designer Sylvia Owori, UMA man Dr. William Kalema, singer Kawesa

The paparazzi count:
They were all there: From the New Vision, Kalungi Kabuye, James Akena, society belle Tina Turyagenda and Angela Nampewo. From the Monitor: Evelyn Kiapi and Moses Serugo. WBS’s Showtime Magazine crew were there too as well as UTV.

Noticeable absentees:
The tabloid, The Red Pepper, The Monitor’s Eddie Chicco, former Miss Uganda Victoria Nabunya, Crane Bank’s Sudhir Ruparelia, MTN’s Erik van Veen and Philip Besiimere.

Who took centre stage:
The singer Kawesa did! The man sang his heart out and put on a rather splendid performance, at one point running through the crowd to their applause.

Length of queue to a drink:
The two service points ensured that there was no need to wait that long to get served. All had their fair share.

The drink:
UBL products –– Bell, Tusker, Pilsner, Pilsner Ice and Smirnoff Ice. There was also an assortment of wine, spirits and soft drinks.

On the canapé tray:
Muchomo was in plenty. Chicken, pizza, fish fingers, some eggs with a blue-ish paste were all there.

The sounds:
While Kawesa was the guest artist, Silk Mobile provided the general sounds while Simba Sounds did their bit too.
What everybody was talking about:
Would The Red Pepper turn up on a canoe like they had threatened to do? Are the Ogopa DJ’s worth watching? Is there enough drink on the boat and why can’t the cruise go on until midnight and beyond?

Wrap-up time:
7:30pm when the Queen Victoria docked back at Port Bell. Guests though did not leave empty handed. T-shirts with the Bell logo with the words ‘Guest on Sunset Cruise’ written on them were given out.

Bell cruises with Queen Victoria

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